2021 Complete Guide on Facebook Ads for Gyms

Running Facebook Ads for gyms is like working out: you don’t have to, but it always works good.

For this guide, I’ll disguise myself as a gym owner. And my gym will be called Pikachu Fitness. Because why not?

I will consult my viewers, As a gym owner. How to get started with Facebook Ads.

To understand how to generate leads from Facebook Ads. Stick till the end. I will also include the Best Facebook Ads for gyms.

Let us analyze the fitness industry before we dive into the main content. (to understand our audience and later using Ads to specifically target them).

How large is fitness industry?

The global fitness industry is worth $96.7 billion in 2020, with more than 184 million gym members in total.

By 2021 The world holds over 250,000 gyms and fitness clubs. 15% of Americans are subscribed for a gym membership.

According to Google Trends (https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=fitness), In the past 12 months, Denmark and Switzerland searched word “fitness” more than any other country. Fitness-related queries increased by 1000% in just one year. I analyze the above data as a positive indication to advertise online.

As a gym owner, I (like you) would like to know my potential clients before jumping straight into Facebook Ads.

What is the target market for a gym?

Before I will post an Ad on Facebook. I should realize 2 billion Facebook users are not going to be my target audience.

Studies show 76% of people prefer a gym less than 2-3 miles distance from their home. Additional data reveals, 34% fitness related queries are directed from women aged 20-34. Nearly 68% of people who subscribe for a gym membership are obese or unfit.

Now to break this data down. If I have to use Facebook Ads to promote Pikachu Fitness. I will specifically target women aged 18-35 living not more than 5 miles apart from the gym location. And. Users following fitness-related posts.

Facebook allows hyper targeting which can help me achieve my goal in a very cost effective way.

Now that I know my audience let’s break down the strategies to promote Pikachu Fitness. (I feel I should open it for real now)

How do I advertise my gym on Facebook?

Now come the main question! How do I Use Facebook Ads to promote my gym?

My gym is one of the biggest financial investments. Things cant go wrong even a bit. Ads will determine my initial income. And even if you have a well-established gym. You will invest in Ads.

A friend of mine once said, If you are doing it, Do It Right. He also said Use Facebook Ads for Gyms to generate instant leads. (laughs)

To create a solid Ad I will follow these 4 Expert tips to advertise on Facebook

1. Upload shareable and emotional content:

Facebook Advertisement is very emotionally driven. To connect with your audience. Create Ads that are either sentimental or relatable to connect with your audience. 82% of Ads that generate an instant lead or an impression are humorous or emotional.

If I will promote Pikachu Fitness. I will make sure that my Ads are a collection of both laughs and bonds.

Following memes and incorporating them into your Ads can bring instant leads. Memes trend in no time over any social media. Here is a sample fitness post inspired by memes.

This post is not directly promoting your name. But this will generate traffic. People would visit your page/website. Tada!!! that’s how I will operate for my gym.

2. Use Facebook Pixel:

Facebook pixel is a snippet of code that I can easily add to my website to take Facebook marketing efforts to the next level. After adding Facebook Pixel (here’s how to do it), you can track your visitor behavior.

If I add this tool to the Pikachu Fitness website, I will be able to know when someone views my website or take any action like visit a page or buy something. Later I can use this info to evaluate What is the best time to post an Ad, retarget the audience, and even create a “Custom Audience”.

Hush that’s a lot of work But that’s how it works guys.

3. Display Your Gym:

This tip will not generate instant leads rather assured leads.

You cannot make people pay you if you are not real. Display your equipment, machines, and everything that a customer would like to see in person. Post your workout video made in your gym.

For Pikachu Fitness, I will upload an exercise routine for all days (chest, leg, etc.). For Ads, I will use my pictures or pictures of customers instead of stock images.

Like I said earlier, Facebook Ads are emotion-driven. Displaying your real self will make you more credible. This will help you Advertise.

4. Offer Free trial and Discount:

Unlike the last point, this tip will generate assured leads super quickly. Facebook data reveals promotional Ads are 4 times more effective than non-promotional Ads.

As for Pikachu Fitness, I would happily throw in 3-7 days of free trial for new users. Every time I will pay for an Ad, I will offer at least a 20% discount. Through this, I can expect 5-10 leads from every Ad.

If you are posting your Ad for 1 time, Squeeze in a gym shaker or gloves for new users.

I am certain Pikachu Fitness will grow almost instantly using all these tips.

How do Facebook Ads for gyms increase revenue?

Answer is pretty simple! Bringing in customers who will pay for gym membership.

But If I am paying for Ads and generate only 3-4 leads every month. How I am supposed to increase revenue?

I will surely introduce prime membership and offer personal training which can generate instant leads and hence will increase my revenue. I will also sell retail items and keep a small margin that will compensate for my investment in Ads. Pikachu Fitness should become a brand to be a valuable investment. Selling merchandise for custom orders can also help increase revenue.

Increasing membership price after some time will help the cause and slowly you will witness an increased revenue.

Best Gym Ads [2021 Most liked Fitness Ads]

It is very easy to Ad-vertise if you have a creative and interesting Ad. I urge these Ads were created by me.

Now Let me show you the Best Gym Ads I researched for my very own Pikachu Fitness. (sighs, lies, and tries you liked it)

Gold Gym’s Advertisement:

This Ad is humorous yet explaining what difference the gym can bring out of you. This post is extremely shareable and generated huge visitor traffic for Gold’s gym. Posts are cheaper to advertise and something like this would 100% return its investment.

That’s why I said play smart will pay smart. Cliché

JP Fitness Center Ad:

This Ad by JP fitness center targets potential customers looking to join a gym. The ad is very informative and includes every service they offer, their price, location, helpline number, website, and an Interesting Title. Visitors can clearly see all the information and inquire if the price fits their budget.

As a new gym franchise, Pikachu Fitness will surely promote itself using above poster.

Gold’s Gym Ad #2:

I swear I am not paid by Gold’s Gym though I wish they did. But their Ads are eye candy. I can bet if had these Ad ideas, Pikachu Fitness would be a big name. (Big name for a hypothetical gym is interesting)

This add imparts the following things in a very aesthetic way:

  • Women enjoying gym tell they are female friendly and women can enjoy their exercise time.
  • Includes all the amenities which instantly attract someone to the gym.
  • Provides specific locations and respective customer response numbers. This tells them they want to ease everything for their users by including everything in one place.
  • Tells the price and includes a solid quote resonating with graphics.

Crucial Aspect to Avert When Creating a Gym Ad:

Gold gym produces some of the best and creative Gym Ads. But sometimes they take humor too far. This can create a very negative impact on a brand’s reputation. I will not like that to ever happen with any of my readers.

So I present an imperative fact before advertising on Facebook and target fitness niche.

In this hypercritical world it is very easy to offend someone even if the intentions are good.

This Gold’s Gym Ad is creative. But it includes body shaming. This is no shape for a girl is an unethical statement. And mocks the obese niche. Experimenting with public toleration is a bad idea and one must take extreme care of the presentation. Else face repercussions.

From my eyes, my Ad should be motivating not demeaning. My Ad should represent either pure business or a warm hope. So as a hypothetical but equipped with information Gym owner, I would suggest: Be very careful of sentiments of your audience


My role as an imaginary gym owner is now over.

Pikachu Fitness is now over. welps

But I assume you the real gym owners understood something out of this 2021 Complete Guide on Facebook Ads for Gyms. Understand your audience, Be creative, Be cautious and Be YOU. Says who was disguised for the whole guide.

Make your every penny count and I wish you good luck before you start advertising your gym on Facebook.

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