5 Facebook CBD Ads Hack to Sell Your CBD Products: Without Getting Banned


CBD or Cannabidiol is increasing its application in a multitude of products. Candies, sleep aides, CBD supplements and oils, CBD cosmetics, and a lot more. CBD ads too!

While CBD-based products are rolling out non-stop, You have some restrictions to advertise them on Facebook or Instagram.

You must wonder why on earth is that so? CBD products are not banned but promoting CBD products on Facebook is kinda banned (It’s complicated)

Don’t sweat!

Today I will clear all your doubts before you sell CBD products on Facebook.

This guide will shine light on Facebook CBD Ads and tricks to promote your CBD ads on Facebook.

Before I jump into hacks to sell your CBD products, I will answer some frequently asked questions on Facebook and CBD ads.

Ready? Let’s roll!!!!!! I mean Let’s go!!!!!

Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

The one word answer is YES!, while tricky, they are doable.

I will discuss How to advertise CBD on Facebook in later part of guide.

It is tricky because there are high chances that your ad will not be approved by Facebook if it contains any mention of CBD at all. Even your ad video and poster are subjected to this rule.

It is also advised not to make any serious medical claims regarding CBD-related products. Because products focused on health and medicine are carefully inspected by the Facebook team. And if your product gets linked to CBD during inspection, Your ad will be rejected.

They are doable because you got me! Continue reading

Why does Facebook not allow CBD ads?

CBD became legal in 2018 after the revision of the Farm Bill. And Facebook has not updated its Ad policy since then. (regarding CBD ads).

Call the Facebook team lazy or orthodox-minded, But CBD was illegal, So Facebook doesn’t allow CBD ads. This is a weird answer. But this is the truth.

Facebook only opposes direct use of the word CBD in ads. Facebook doesn’t oppose the use of CBD to enrich the quality of life. So there is a lot of room to improvise and advertise CBD-related products on Facebook.

Will I ever be able to use CBD Facebook ads?

Given the time, Facebook is under constant pressure to allow CBD ads.

Marijuana, CBD and hemp is legal in almost every state of USA. And people are adopting CBD related products in mass.

So, You can expect Facebook to allow the use of CBD and hemp on Facebook and promote CBD products on Facebook.

How do I advertise my CBD on Facebook 2021?

Earlier in this article I said its doable. Now I will explain How!

There are only 2 things you must take care of while advertising CBD on Facebook.

  • Don’t make any serious medical/health claims in your ad.
  • Don’t use the word “CBD” in your ad or landing page at all in any section of the ad.

Follow these tips and you will be able to advertise CBD on Facebook.

5 Hacks to Sell Your CBD Products on Facebook

All the hot question are answered and let’s get to the main aim of this article.

I studied niche for CBD products and CBD Facebook ads, created this inventory of knowledge that you can incorporate in your CBD ads. To expect success in your business.

Let’s get rollinggg!!

Tip #1 : Native Advertising for CBD Facebook Ads

I am mentioning this from start: “Refrain from using word CBD in ads“. Then how to advertise?

Simple, Use words which can convey the benefits of your products and are related to CBD/plants.

Use words like Naturally derived, Plant-based, Organic, and Chemical-free. These words catch instant attraction and can act as bait to lure customers to connect outside of Facebook. (Where you can openly advertise CBD)

This is the only way to promote CBD ads on Facebook. Other methods imply on quality of the ad, which I will discuss. But make sure to play with words to trick Facebook and simultaneously promote your product.

You can use CBD images but cannot mention CBD. So the crux of this tip is: Be Creative and find synonyms of CBD which appeal to your audience.

Tip #2 Fuse CBD benefits with Product benefits

I know the catch factor of your product is the use of CBD in it. But to advertise on Facebook, You will have to create a new catch.

Mention benefits of your products to attract people. Don’t mention serious medical claims. Highlight the advantages.

You can mention the healing effects of CBD backed up by official research.

For example, if your product is a CBD-based night cream, you can mention the benefits of your product and the benefits of CBD. Like the anti-acne effect of CBD and the anti-wrinkle effect of night cream.

My point is Facebook is trying to limit your options, But you should use that to your advantage. Use a CBD leaf image in your video/poster along with your product. You will say everything without saying CBD.

You must be having fun reading these evil tips to promote your CBD products. But we better be smart to start.

Tip #3 Build Trustworthy CBD ads for Facebook

Duh! How can I skip this point!

CBD is rolling its way in modern culture but in a fun sense. To create a solid customer base, you must build trust with your audience.

Facebook CBD ads work better if there is faith. I will suggest some ways to explain reliability of your product:

  • Issue a no contamination certificate
  • Tell about the quality of your CBD
  • Mention % of CBD in your products

I know I said you cannot mention CBD in your ad but backing up your product with clinically proven data can help in the long run. When CBD will be legal (which will be soon), You will enjoy long terms benefits.

Other general ways to create a trustworthy Facebook ad are:

  • A smiling human in the ad emits good vibes and attract customers
  • Do a before-after ad to show results of your products
  • Don’t advertise as a pure businessman, Be empathetic
  • Do giveaways and draw live results

Follow the above tips in alternative ads to incorporate some variations in your ad, And Build trust.

Tip #4 Landing Page Hack for CBD ads

Your Ad is always connected to a landing page. Many sellers make their website homepage as their landing page. Which is not the best thing to do!

Create a landing page. (know-how here). Why?

Because if you are planning to link your website’s main page with your ad, Expect your ad to be rejected. Facebook bots inspect the linked website with your ad. If your website contains CBD or CBD oil references, then there are high chances that your ad will not be approved.

Create a landing page requesting following fields:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email

Now you must ask why will someone visit my landing page?

To achieve this you can do 2 things: Create an very attractive ad or give offers.

A good ad, that explains everything through a product video or poster generates automatic leads.


To avail of your mentioned offer, visitors will have to fill in their required information.

This is business

Later put every lead into your email list and get ready to follow up on everyone.

Tip #5 Learn from working Facebook Ads for CBD

This is an effective strategy and the easiest one.

What’s easier than learning from your opponents and it’s even more fun if you beat them. Research your fellow CBD product sellers and keep a check on their content. Use the smart things they do to advertise their CBD product on Facebook.

To make it easier for you, Lets look at 3 examples of CBD Facebook ads:

Ad by PlusCBDoil:


This ad sold 870 bottles of CBD oil just through Facebook ads. PlusCBDoil offered 15% off and free shipping on their product combo, which is a super deal.

They directed the users to landing page which explained various benefits of the product through a video.

This is how you drop a hook, wait and capture. Drop a discount hook, wait and show benefits of your product and you captured a lead.

This ad was not banned because the name of the company is PlusCBDoil. It doesn’t talk about CBD directly in the ad or landing page.

Ad by Honest Paws


These ads by Honest Paws is a no-brainer hit ad. Nowhere you read CBD or hemp, Instead the ad use word #1 organic. The ad explains the benefits of the product and CBD together to produce a better result.

You see the leaves in right ad? It gives a hint of CBD without directly referring it.

Facebook cannot ban ads where there is no direct affiliation with CBD. This ad is a good representation of Tip #1, 2 and 3.

Honest Paws use these strategies every time and succeeds with their Ad campaign.

Post by Borealis


Borealis produce CBD-based haircare, skincare, and immunity-boosting products. They use lead ads to promote their products on Facebook.

They use data and projections to attract potential customers.

Many people can trust you for what you have achieved and Borealis use their sales data to build trust and ultimately customers.

I know CBD oil written on the bottle is a concern but Borealis blurs the pure CBD oil part while uploading the same post on Facebook. Anyone, when they see this ad, will read Borealis on the bottle because of the small blur just below it.

These all are creative strategies companies use to promote CBD-based products on Facebook.

In the end, I would conclude this article by saying: Facebook doesn’t decide your success story, You create it yourself. So go and create an ad using the above tips to create a CBD ad for Facebook.

I hope my readers found this article helpful and informative.

Learn more about Facebook ads here: https://adsconsultant.net/facebook-ads-guides/

In case of any doubt, Drop a comment below.