Med Spa Facebook Ads: 6 Tailored Targeting Strategies

Opened a new med spa? Own a reputed med spa? Changed your med spa location? Now looking to advertise and generate some instant leads? How do Med Spa Facebook ads work? AdsLook no further.

I will break down different strategies to advertise Med Spa in this quick and easy-to-understand guide.

The fact that niche for Med Spa Facebook Ads is limited. I will only include tips tailored for Med Spa Owners. You must be thinking If the target audience is limited. Why use Facebook Ads?

Answer: Facebook has an active community of more than 2 billion users. Even If you selectively target 1% of total users. You will connect with 20000000 unique users. Mind is blown already?

Read till end and Learn How Med Spa Facebook Ads work to funnel leads in no time.

#1 Know Your Audience

To make a visitor your customer. You should know what they are actually looking for.

I shall be blunt here and clearly say not everyone looks for an online med spa. Says Google Trends. Worry Not! Once you know your audience it’s easier than it looks.

As a med spa owner its obvious you know the benefits of a med spa. Use the pros to target your visitors.

Anyone distressed or looking for a way to relax is your potential customer. Anyone who seeks long time health benefits can opt-in for a monthly medspa session. When users related to fitness, anxiety problems, anger issues among many comes into the picture. Your potential customers increase by 100 folds.

Targeting users hoping to improve their quality of life can generate leads in literally no time. I know the world is not a happy place for everyone, but let’s make it one

#2 Upload Diverse Content:

Our aim here is to connect with max visitors. Now that you have realized that your audience lies in a very broad spectrum. Its imperative to use this in your Ad-vantage.

Upload regularly on your Facebook page. Upload diverse content.

For instance, You can post about mental health and med spa for one week. And for next week you can post on How med spa is a real blessing for housewives to get some “Me time”. In this way you can expect multiple leads.

Slowly but surely you will develop a diverse customer base. Which can multiply significantly based on your user experience. Do not depend on Botox and derma fillers to find you a customer

#3 Quality Content:

What makes a med spa successful? Your services and your content.

I cannot comment or suggestion on how to improve your med spa services. But I can 100% guide you to create quality and effective Facebook Ads.

Now our focus should be on creating a zen-like vibe through our content. It is obvious that user expects med spa to heal them and provide peace of mind. Your content should resonate with what your customers expect.

To create a quality Med Spa Facebook Ad incorporate the following details in your content:

  • Use Positive quotes
  • Use only pleasing and subtle graphics
  • Caption your Ad with specific keywords (use words that your audience want to hear)
  • Attach a shareable video in your Ad

#4 Use Facebook Pixel:

Facebook Pixel is a multi-functional tool that allows you to collect user data and later re-use it to optimize targeting. This is a free-to-use tool and can be easily incorporated with your website.

Like we discussed in our #1 tip knowing your audience is super important. Facebook Pixel will spare you the efforts to research your potential customers. And will provide you the required data.

Visit this to know, How to use Facebook Pixel.

Next, I would suggest you use this data and optimize your Ad. For e.g. You can track which particular post/Ad directed most users to book a medspa session or buy anything from your website. Then you can boost that particular Ad and expect more traffic to your website. More traffic = More potential customers and increased revenue from Ad-sense.

#5 Irresistible Offers:

Facebook is a very competitive platform for sellers. Anyone with a product or service can advertise on Facebook. I believe everyone reading this will later use Facebook Ads to promote Med Spa they own.

So How to stand out from others? The best strategy to highlight yourself is: Provide irresistible offers.

Whenever you pay for an Ad on Facebook: Include a discount or a free trial. Shove in a new user discount to attract unique users.

The words ‘free”, “discount”, “giveaway” and “for nothing” are evident to generate leads 10x faster.

I would also like to add: Don’t throw in surreal offers. It might backfire. Many users avoid extremely catchy Ads offers. Because they will it is a click-bait and will waste their time for nothing.


  • Get a 70% discount if you are opt-in for laser hair removal. [ Offering a 70% discount without a special occasion don’t make any sense]
  • 48% discount is trending and 78%, 83% discounts are not trending on the same website.

#6 Customer Testimonials

Post customer reviews on your website/Facebook page. Customer testimonials are one of the easiest and trusted ways to prove your credibility online.

Everyone likes to associate them with the best. To tell a new visitor that you are good at what you do! Display positive customer reviews. This is a very obvious tip but what makes it tailored for you?

For MedSpa owners, It is imperative to read customer reviews and display the best descriptive ones at the top.

Some customers explain their user experience in detail and include some very positive remarks. Keeping them on top is the key to increase trust for future customers. Be careful. Don’t post fake reviews. They never help in the long run.

Authentic reviews will boost your self-confidence. And I hope my readers trust them before they reach out to people to trust you.


  • Research and understand your audience before targeting them.
  • Post content for everyone that can avail of your services.
  • Upload shareable and eye-catchy Ads.
  • Gather data using Facebook Pixel.
  • Give exciting offers in Ads.
  • Use customer reviews strategically.

All these strategies if grouped together can answer your every question: How to advertise my med spa?

Learn more about Facebook ads here:

I wish good luck to everyone who reads this article to promote their med spa saloon. For any extra queries hit me up in the comments and I will try to respond ASAP.