Affordable SEO Packages: Free Guide To Save You From Cheap Ones

Are you in search of Affordable SEO Packages for your business? Well, you have to go nowhere else from here.

I know it is difficult to find a decent SEO agency that fits the budget of your company. And with the presence of black hat strategies, it has become a more challenging job.

SEO is a necessity that you must have in your marketing arsenal. Many packages are a great way to start SEO when you don’t know about it. Also, they are budget-friendly.

But before opting for an affordable SEO package. You must know that it is a crucial business decision and must be taken with care.

This includes knowing the difference between cheap and affordable SEO. You don’t want your next pick to make your website reputation miserable.

So without further delays. Let’s get started –

What is Affordable SEO?

Affordable SEO is majorly provided to small businesses. So that they can enter the game of SEO. Because your search engine presence is necessary.

When someone searches about your business on Google. They shouldn’t see just the Google My Business listing and social media accounts. You need a website that attracts customers with listing services and products provided.

This is why you need a website that is optimized for search engines. Having a website alone is also not worth it unless it attracts customers.

This is where affordable SEO enters. You can start small and as your budget grows, you can always add more money to your budget.

If your budget is too small then you can do it yourself. Here are SEO Guides that might help you to do SEO yourself.

Therefore, if you don’t want to manage your SEO yourself. Your business should invest in affordable SEO services. This will benefit you as you don’t have the knowledge which means having a helping hand from an expert can only do good. Also, it saves you time and money.

But don’t fall for cheap finding affordable. What does this mean? Let’s learn –

Cheap and Affordable SEO Packages Difference

SEO does not provide an instant guarantee that it will appear on Google. Google has a set of code rules that websites that want to appear in search results have to follow.

These search engine guidelines generally describe best practices and quality assurance guidelines. These can help ensure that websites appear in Internet searches. Some people think that understanding these rules is not so important because they pay for services that optimize their business.

White Hat/Affordable SEO

Well, not all marketers adhere to the white hat approach. The term “white hat” search engine optimization refers to a search engine optimization strategy that corresponds to the terms used by Google or other major search engines. Some examples of white hat SEO are:

  • Publish or provide high-quality content and services
  • A fast-loading website
  • Mobile-optimized websites
  • Use descriptive meta tags with keywords
  • Website optimized with keywords

Black Hat/Cheap SEO

The other way is Black Hat Strategy or what you can call a cheap SEO service. Here is a detailed guide about what is black hat SEO.

They provide fast ranking in search engines by charging less. This attracts so many small companies who don’t know about SEO.

SEO takes time and no one can guarantee rankings. Those who do will do good to you in short term. But you are in it for the long game. Right?

Many companies have become victims of these cheap SEO packages that claim to provide instant returns.

Also, using such ways affects website reputation in the eyes of search engines which becomes the worst. The black hat strategy gets blocked by Google and other search engines and it even deindexes your website permanently.

That being said, a clear understanding of affordable SEO packages is necessary. Picking those who use only white hat digital marketing strategies in their services.

But how can I choose an affordable SEO package without mistaking it for cheap? –

Guide To Choose Affordable SEO Packages

To pick an ethical SEO company you must assure with these three checkpoints –

Check Reviews

People have always believed that word of mouth is the best advertisement. Companies can invest a lot of resources to produce compelling advertisements that can be spread, but investigations continue to emerge. New customers are obtained by getting recommended by people they trust and people they know. Unfortunately, not all products or services are available through personal recommendations.

The next thing consumers can trust is reviews. The past customer experience is always a good indicator of what customers expect from a new supplier. If one of the most famous things about social media is the number of comments you can receive from people around the world who have used a particular product or service. But not everyone has the time or patience to browse Facebook posts, Reddit posts, tweets, or YouTube videos, which provide two cents in a verified SEO package.

Get Free Consultation or Audit

Like many other services, SEO providers are usually happy to provide a free consultation. These audits are designed to educate interested parties and help them understand how well their companies keep up with the competition.

It can also help companies or clients understand the overall performance of the site and what needs to be improved. Hence, shows the knowledge of your SEO provider. Take audits from at least three agencies. This will help you know which one showed a detailed analysis of your website by communicating it to you.

Also, it will help you know that does the package is backed by a white hat strategy.

Customer Support

Talking about communication. Customer Support is also something you should take into account while choosing an affordable SEO company for your business.

You need quick responses to your queries and someone there to answer them in layman’s language. If they speak in technical jargon. It will be difficult for you to understand.

Hence, customer support becomes an indicator of a good and affordable SEO company.

But where can I find an Affordable SEO Package? –

Our Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business

As I mentioned in the very beginning. You don’ have to go anywhere else. We at provide affordable SEO packages tailored to your needs. Therefore, our services include –

Website Audit

We provide free SEO audits for all new customers, including detailed reviews of your website, keyword analysis, current rankings, internal and external SEO metrics, and competitive analysis. We also provide feedback on your website structure and inform you about the areas where improvement is needed. By checking the loading time and speed of your website so that no area related to SEO must hinder your rankings.

We show you a report containing your ranking for the keywords you need and identify problem areas that may prevent your site from ranking correctly or crawling. An SEO review of your website is essential to determine what changes need to be made to improve your ranking. And visibility in search engines.

Keyword Research

If you are not targeting the right keyword phrase, search engine optimization is useless. Keyword selection is the most important part of website optimization.

Certainly, we research keywords for you based on search volume, competitiveness, and relevance. We will work with you to include important and relevant keywords. List of valuable terms for your business based on the keywords that your target audience is actively searching for. This strategy is 100% tailored to your company and its goals, so it is one of your most important keywords.

In addition, we are carefully optimizing all existing pages and posts. In the eyes of Google, the oldest content usually has the highest SEO ranking, but it needs to be adjusted. We will significantly optimize your website so that your page appears on Google and the other search engines.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization checks the technical SEO challenges of the website, such as metadata, loading speed, mobile usability, media, content, and internal navigation. The analysis performed analyzes each of these elements and possible implementation options if there are signs that they have not been met according to the standard requirement.

Technical SEO is very important when ranking a website. Our on-page search engine optimization service can fully optimize your website to gain the greatest impact.

Hence, we optimize individual websites to achieve higher rankings and generate more relevant search traffic. Including positioning, optimization for keyword density, meta tags, title tags, Site map, duplicate content/tag detection, etc.

Link Building

Backlinks are the core of SEO, which is why we create high-quality, targeted backlinks to make your website rank higher and get more traffic.

By creating high-quality link-building strategies for trusted links, content distribution, social media marketing, directory listings, etc. You can gain credibility in the eyes of Google crawlers.

Competitive analysis

This analysis provides a report for your company to compare it with your competitors. This data helps determine the customer’s unique value proposition and how it differs from the competition.

Collecting information about what your competitors are doing well and where that information is important.

Also, ensuring that the company’s products and marketing activities remain relevant and exceed industry standards.

Google Analytics and Search Console

Google Search Console is the gateway between your website and Google. We will adjust, adjust, optimize and monitor the presence of your website in Google Search through Google Search Console.

We will also set up Google Analytics for reporting as described above. Therefore, we will use Google Webmaster Tools to send you a detailed analysis of your site’s performance.


You should be aware of SEO companies that don’t share what they do for your website optimization. You must be aware of the adjustments. If you are not. It can be a warning sign that they can be using a black hat strategy Which will further lower your ranking instead of increasing.

Therefore, we provide you with high-quality reports, allowing you to understand what happened to your activities in real-time. With transparency in keyword performance, backlinks, etc.

Our reports cover –

  • Every month we will bring you a detailed report on the SEO services we provide.
  • We describe the work done, including new content, link building, and other adjustments.
  • You have a dedicated campaign manager who is always ready to answer your questions.

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