Automotive SEO Companies: The 8 SEO Hacks That Tripled My Sales in 7 Days

Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your website so that it ranks higher on Google. And if it ranks higher on Google, the Website generates more traffic and hence more sales. Automotive SEO Companies are the companies that does SEO for you!

For any business to be successful online, It must have an online presence. SEO lets you achieve that. Don’t worry I am not here to lecture you on SEO and inspire you to be a writer.

I will reveal strategies that tripled my automotive sales using SEO and 1 Facebook ad campaign. The major driving force was SEO because my client’s website ranked on the first page of Google. Their sales tripled in just one week.

Our initial target was to get 50 leads and 15 customers. However we crossed that mark in no time. Once our page was ranked on Google, We had 982 leads and 52 customers. All thanks to SEO.

There are 100’s of components of optimizing an Automotive website using SEO. But I am here to save your time and time. Yes, a lot of time because time is money!

So let’s get going into SEO hacks for automotive companies.

1. SEO keywords for automotive companies

In SEO language, A keyword is a word or phrase that a user searches on Google. When I break down any paragraph in 2-3 words that is the keyword for that paragraph.

It is safe to say that Google rankings are highly affected by a number of keywords you can incorporate in your content. More keywords mean you will answer more search queries and eventually you will rank on Google. Which is our primary aim.

We researched 128 keywords for automotive sectors and used them in a series of blogs and useful content. By the time we finished SEO optimization for our clients, These keywords were generating traffic like crazy.

Follow these steps to strengthen your keywords game and enter SERP’s

Step 1: Gather Keywords

Obviously, the first step is going to gather keywords. For that, you will have to research what your audience is looking for.

Use Google Trends and Answer The Public to gather information on search queries.

Step 2: Competitive keywords for Automotive SEO Companies

You must be aware of the fact that everyone online is using SEO and want to rank on Google. Is that a bad thing?

As an SEO writer, I would say NO. Instead, it is a blessing. You can always look for what keywords your competitors are using. They ranked by using those keywords so you can use them too, along with your unique keywords.

Use Competitive Research tool to spy on your rivals and hopefully beat them in sales.

Step 3: Insider keywords hacks for Automotive SEO Companies

Every SEO writer does what I have told you to do. But only a few rank on Google. We do a little mix and match with keywords for our clients. But this is not easy work as it will appeal visually.

Mix different keywords together and try to form a meaningful and working set of keywords you can use to maximize reach.

Looks like a kid’s work right? But!

  • Your grouped keyword should be a keyword
  • It should be inspired by your region and locality
  • Don’t use repeated keywords

Or you can use Keyword Grouper (paid) to do the work for you.

2. SEO optimized content for Automotive SEO Companies

You have now all the effective keywords. Now is the time to use them and start the real work.

I will mention ways we used to optimize our client’s website and triple their sales in just 7 days.


You are an automotive dealers. Why you need blogs to sell cars?

Because the car is an important investment for many families. They tend to research a lot before booking a test drive or buying a car from a dealership. So, If you can answer their question on your website and showcase your product in between. Boom your SEO is working.

Write blogs on user queries using keywords.

  • How to repair your car without professional help
  • Diesel or petrol car?
  • Should I buy a new car or secondhand?

Answering some basic user queries through the heading of your blog will enhance your SEO many folds. Don’t force to include content in one blog, try to create various small blogs to answer multiple queries specifically.

We published 16 blogs in 1 month before completing our SEO on our client’s website. (You can post more or less, just keep them unique and informative)


Blogs don’t have to answer questions all the time. You can create a separate section for answering frequently asked questions regarding the specification of your products and other general questions.

If someone searches mileage of Skoda Fabio on Google, and you have answered this in your FAQ section. You will be shown in search results of that person.

My personal tip to you would be: Don’t overdo anything or make it crowded for your audience. Don’t write a blog with 2000 words, Don’t write in big paragraphs (Use 2-3 line paragraphs), Don’t use complex English words and Don’t make any false claims. You can do a product comparison with other companies but don’t include controversial information.

3. Local SEO for Automotive SEO Companies


Like I mentioned we published 16 blogs for our clients and out of which 10 blogs were optimized to occur in local SERP.

As an automotive company in USA, Florida your primary audience is people living in Florida. They are the easiest ones to become a customer. No one looks for an automotive in a different state (Excluding crazy rich people).

It is important to attract global visitors but it is extremely important to appear in search results of locals. Follow these strategies to appear in local SERPs:

Google My Business account

List your company in Google My Business account to attract potential customers near you. You must have heard people saying “Restaurant near me” or “Bar near me” and the nearest service pops up on google map.

This happens because those companies are listed on the Google My Business account. It also optimizes your website. Because If anyone speaks “Automotive companies near me” and your company is close, You basically told Google that We are an automotive company in Florida. Google will use this information to optimize search results for future users searching for an automotive company in Florida.

Headings, Metadata and Optimization

Don’t sweat after reading these terms. We make things simple for you.

  • Use headings with the name of your state or region to appear in local SERPs.
  • Use keywords that locals will immediately open
  • Mention news and updates about your locality
  • Use location pages

4. Automotive SEO for mobile phone

When we launched our client’s website, We made sure that it was optimized for mobile phones.

More than 68% of searches on Google are made through mobile phones. So having a website that doesn’t run well on mobile phones is a deal-breaker.

Imagine you have displayed a beautiful car outside your dealership and a person passing by Googled your name. It would be a shame if your website doesn’t open in less than 3-5 sec. And don’t expect them to go home and search it again on PC/laptop.

Competition to rank on Google is rough and having a website optimized for mobile phones helps you to sustain yourself in the market. You will not do it yourself and it is a cheap addition to the overall website development.

So make sure if you launch a website or have a running website, Make it mobile-friendly.

5. Automotive social media handle

There is a thing called Backlink. This is an important SEO concept. When more quality websites direct users to your website, Google takes it as a positive sign. And rank you higher.

We don’t have to go to the details of backlinks. But it is important to get only quality and relevant Backlinks. All the unnecessary backlinks can hurt your reputation in eyes of Google. Use Google Disavow tool to audit and remove bad backlinks.

To get quality backlinks for our clients, We created their social media handle on every active and relatable social media handle. We also registered our clients on websites where users look to buy cars and compare them.

Social media platforms used: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Other websites: Edmund, Cars.USA, True Car and many others.

These websites are best in Google’s ranking and linking your website with these can help you optimize your website. Refer to this video to learn How to generate quality backlinks:

6. On-Page SEO for automotive companies

Again this is a technical category for SEO and includes various components. We will share all the necessary ones that can help you increase sales just like our recent clients.

Before we accepted the project to optimize our client’s website. We observed the following mistakes (you might have made the same one)

Broken Links

Our client’s website had many broken links. Basically, any link that has expired or is incomplete is a broken link. (Sometimes you miss a word and the link becomes nonfunctional)

Google bots chase every link and content before ranking your website. And broken links waste the time and energy of these bots. Hence it affects SEO rankings in long term. Make sure to analyze your website properly and renew any broken link.

Optimize Images

Quality of images should be top notch in order to rank higher on Google. Don’t use vector and sample images. Original high quality images add fire to your SEO ranking.

Most of the users don’t read everything. But they don’t double think before watching every image. Use keywords in the image. So it is important to use engaging images and hold your visitors onto your website.

Website Speed

It is important to have a fast and responsive website. You cannot afford to be slow in this fast moving word.

Use dotcom tools to analyze your website speed. The easiest way to increase your website speed is to use compressed JPEG-type images.

7. C-T-A buttons

Install many C-T-A calls to action buttons on your website and other social media. This is a common mistake our clients tend to do. They don’t provide effective c-t-a buttons.

It is imperative to install buttons that can book a test drive, inquire about price rates, claim discounts and pay directly for a car from the comforts of their home.

Having all these features on your website can make a visitor stay longer on your website and that is something Google notices, every time some visit your website.

Here is an example of popular c-t-a buttons for automotive company website:


This is a very important component of installing a c-t-a button. You collect personal data like email or phone numbers and then use this data to retarget the audience. If you will stick to potential customers, someday they will come to you for plastic surgery.

Give freebies like small discounts or combo deals in trade for this data. Having this data can be very beneficial if you plan to advertise someday.

8. SEO tools

Last but not least we used various tools and it doesn’t hurt to share these tools with you. I don’t suggest you use all of them and get confused. Use tools that you feel can be really helpful for your automotive companies.

Here is a list of business tools for SEO:

  • Google Analytics: Analyze data about marketing tactic and their working.
  • Google Search Console: Helps you catch errors and anything wrong with your website.
  • Bright Local: Point out the consistency of your website across various directories.
  • Ahrefs: Does SEO for you and use this site to create and optimize content.


I said no lecture on SEO and still, this blog turned out lengthy. Not my fault. I only included essential information. We used all these 8 strategies to triple sales of our clients in just 7 days after the launch of the campaign.

An important conclusion is that it can take weeks or months for you to rank on Google, But don’t stop. Pay a content writer to daily write something for your website. Increase your resource library and believe me, Once it works there is no coming back. (Unless you abandon your SEO work)

This all might seem to be a theory you skipped in your computer class. But its practical application can literally triple your automotive sales.

Be patient and upload quality content.

If you are planning to use ads visit this post by me:

Feel free to drop comments for queries.