Bathing Suit Ads On Facebook: How to Stand Out and Increase Sales

Own a Facebook page? And now looking How to advertise online? You believe in your product and want to sell it on Facebook? Bathing Suit Ads On Facebook?

If you just said Yes to the above questions then look no further.

Today I will clear your doubts on How to promote Bathing Suit Ads On Facebook?

As simple as it looks, It can be complicated. But what makes it simple for some and difficult for others? Is your outlook.

Today I will try to create an outlook that will help you connect to a larger audience without special efforts. In layman’s terms get ready to analyze current trends and using them for your profits.

To stand out and create a sustainable Ad you must keep in mind the following points:

  • An Ad must be a part of a campaign.
  • Your campaign must have some achievable goals.
  • Your goals must satisfy public needs.

So now, As my readers are aware of their goals. I must you buckle up and achieve them.

Ready? Let’s Go!

Is Bathing Suit Ads On Facebook worth it?

Before I go all in and explain why Facebook ads are necessary. You should have confidence in Facebook and its algorithms.

Facebook owns the personal data of 2 billion+ users. This data is derived from user activities and surveys conducted by Facebook and 3rd party websites. The data is then used to meet the demands of users. And create uninterrupted services to enhance user experience.

This data is an exclusive collection of user details like the User’s age, sex, relationship status, hobbies, education among other important details.

Just imagine if you know this much in prior to interacting with someone. You can achieve multiple things:

  • Predict what they might like
  • Guess what interests them
  • A common ground to communicate
  • Why they want to spend money on something

The above reasons are enough for a seller like you to advertise a product and expect the viewer to buy it.

So does it feel worth it? To pay Facebook and get access to the above information before you Start selling bathing suits on Facebook.

As a consultant, my answer is obviously YES.

So let’s prepare on: How to stand out and increase sales of bathing suits on Facebook.

How do I create a catchy Bathing Suit Ad On Facebook?

Creating a Facebook business page and setting it up is an easy thing to do. You can find plenty of articles to help you get started on Facebook.

Here is the official guide by Facebook:

If you scroll Facebook or Instagram for 24 hours. You can see as many as 8000 Ads in a single day.

I am here to help you bring value out of Facebook Ads. Help you stand out.

So to create a catchy Ad let’s do some role-play and become customers ourselves. This role-play can be confusing. So to avoid any confusion, When I will communicate with readers like me. I will put it in italics. Just for this heading.

So let’s get started.

Why someone will visit my Bathing Suit Ads On Facebook?

As a customer looking for a Bathing suit, the First thing that will make me click an Ad is the product itself.

I believe you have an exciting product before you advertise on Facebook or Instagram.

Second, If the product is not unique at first sight. I will visit an Ad If it’s value for money. Like buy 1 get 1 free or there is a heavy discount.

Third, I will never click on an Ad that doesn’t follow my standards. This basically means the graphic of Ad, Caption of Ad, overall presentation should be appealing.

Example of bad Ad:

The designer tried to create a vintage Ad. But Do you think someone on Facebook or Instagram will see this poster and immediately CTA? I won’t.

Role-play is now over. I believe readers have a faint idea of the components of a catchy Ad. In the follow-up, I will explain how to incorporate this information and come up with a working Ad.

How to promote Bathing Suit Ads On Facebook?

A successful ad is backed up by a solid campaign. A campaign includes your aim, resources available, the idea of approach, and the plan of action.

Here I will discuss how to create a successful campaign to promote bathing suits on Facebook

Step 1:

Your aim for this campaign is to connect with the maximum audience. More people see your Ad, more people will know about you.

Your prime audience is people living near the beach. and swimmers.

Your most important goal is to sell your products. obviously

Now that we have recognized our objectives, Let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2:

Now you would require the following resources:

  • A super product
  • Models
  • Graphic designer
  • An exotic location
  • Photographer

Apart from these physical resources, You would also require a theme.

What do you want to convey through your Ad? Do you want to focus on selling your product or spread a message.

Once you have selected a theme. (Which can be anything depending on how you want your product to be seen). You can make arrangements accordingly and move onto the next step.

Step 3:

Let’s talk about the idea of approach now. As discussed, Your idea of the approach is related to your selected theme.

You can approach your viewer as a salesman i.e. your Ad will extensively focus on the utility of the product and its advantages.


You can approach your audience as a guide cum helping hand i.e. your Ad will describe how to improve quality of life and the role of your product in it

Let me show you how this 2 approach can produce 2 different Ads for Facebook or Instagram.

This Ad by Andie revolved around the idea of spending quality time together with friends and family. They suggested traveling to the beach once a week with loved ones helps to strengthen the bond. And with context to this idea, they promoted their swimsuits. Clever right?

This Ad by Kortni Jeane Swimsuits focused on their product and gave a heavy discount to attract viewers. Their caption says “FLASH SALE, Our Four Seasons Collection is back for 24 hours only! Grab your favorites while supplies last”. The caption is a part of your idea of the campaign.

This caption alone indicates how popular the product is (Grab your favorites while supplies last), and why you should click this Ad (Flash sale).

A campaign can be a combination of both, One where your caption is all about connecting with your audience, and the image/video part of the ad can focus on displaying the product.

Step 4:

Here comes our final step before we are ready to launch an Ad. The plan of action includes selecting suitable Facebook products as per the requirements of the campaign. Facebook offers different types of Ads (Video, Slideshow, Image, etc.), Instagram (owned by Facebook), Audience, Pixel, and so on.

Now let’s discuss products used by Andi & Kortni Jeane Swimwear. And the results produced.

Andie Swimwear used the Video and Story Ads feature to promote bathing suits. They also advertised on Instagram because it contains a relatively young audience. They also partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner QuickFrame. QuickFrame helped Andie’s to create engaging ads and tested each ad for two weeks before launching it officially.

Results obtained:

Kortni focused on creating video Ads for Facebook to promote bathing suits. They used a custom audience and lookalike audience which helps you create a record of your audience and later direct your ads to them. In a lookalike audience, Facebook helps you find an audience similar to your primary audience.

Results obtained:

What bathing suits ads are not allowed on Facebook?

Facebook Ads has strict standards which must be followed before advertising any product on the platform.

Facebook bans ads related to nudity or promoting sexualization. Any ad that fails to meet the graphical demands of Facebook Ad policy is removed without warning.

This is a good initiative by Facebook to nurture a healthy community. But this can cause trouble to promote certain items. Including Bathing suits. Special caution must be given to how much skin is revealed. If Facebook mods spot excessive cleavage or skin reveal, they ban the ad and refund some amount of money.

An easy hack to prevent a ban on your ad is to use mannequins or use objects to hide the excess skin. 🙂

How much do Facebook ads cost in 2021?

I purposely put the cost of ads in end. Now you know all the services you need. So let’s discuss charges you will pay to Facebook for advertisement.

Facebook has a very simple model to Advertise. Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). CPC allows Fb to charge you for every time someone clicks on your Ad. CPM on the other hand charge clients, every time viewer leave an impression. ( primarily a thumbs up or relevant emoji).

Cost-per-click (CPC) vs Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

Facebook costs around 1$ (including tax) for every time a user clicks on your Ad. Basically, you can buy 1000 clicks for 1000$. If compared with the real-life scenario. It is similar to paying a helper 1$, Each time they bring a customer into your office. You can pay Facebook to advertise 1 post or your page or your website. I will advise using the CPC model because it ensures visitors visit your website at least once.

Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) is a relatively cheaper plan to increase mortgage leads. Facebook will charge you 7.5$ (including tax) in return for 1000 expressions. Sounds Good? Maybe you should read more. An impression does not imply a successful lead. Anyone who saw your Ad can leave an impression without directly visiting your Ad. This is not the best model for you.


Study time is over and now go and start working on creating a campaign. Develop it with your creativity or hire a professional to build you a solid working project.

There is no need to hurry. Facebook isn’t running anywhere. If there is a need re-read the whole article. But don’t waste your money in a hurry.

Facebook is a very competitive marketplace and in order to sustain longer, you must build a foundation backed up with knowledge and resources.

I know you will perform well! Trust you instincts and go with your gut.

Happy Advertising! Signing Off.

Drop your valuable suggestion or queries in the comment box.