Best Beer Ads: Learn From 20 Best Ads How to Sell Beer

Looking to advertise your beer online? Look no further. Collection of best beer ads is here!

Today, I will help you to sell your beer online in the most profitable way. Learn from the best beer ads. The competition to gain audience attention is cruel, But my tips will certainly boost your beer business.

The target audience for beer ads is huge. I mean, who the heck doesn’t drink beer. But surveys reveal that 57% of beer connoisseurs buy beer from Liquor stores and 32% prefer a beer at a pub or bar.

People usually don’t buy beer from online vendors. Also, your beer ad can be banned if it doesn’t incorporate alcohol advertisement rules.

Looks tough, right? But I have it all figured out. You sit back, relax and read till the end to advertise your beer like pros.

Are beer ads legal?

The answer to this question lies in your geography. Ummm let me explain.

If you live in the USA, you can advertise beer legally without any special consent. But if you are living in a country like India, you cannot advertise your beer at all.

It also depends on which platform you want to advertise beer (Facebook, Google, etc.). Every platform has its own set of protocols regarding alcohol advertisements.

In general, Yes, you can advertise beer but don’t drink it in your commercial. Don’t speculate. Follow the given general rules while shooting a beer commercial:

  • If you are drinking beer in your ad, Don’t chug it quickly
  • Don’t advertise beer drinking as a dare or challenge
  • Your ad should not be deceiving and should educate users about the product
  • Read ad policy of platform you urge to advertise
  • Beer advertisement should clarify the type of beer (ale, stout, etc.)
  • The ad should contain the Name and address, including city and state, of the advertiser.

Now you know the ground rules; so, Let’s take a look at some of the best beer ads to learn from the best. I will discuss the 4 Best beer ads examples for every major advertising platform.

Best Beer Ads for Google

Google abide by the local laws to advertise beer. In the USA, you can advertise beer on Google without any major restrictions.

Google gives you a small square/rectangle (like billboard) place on the Google search result page. To make your ad work it should be either visually appealing, funny, and shareable or value for money.

Let’s take a look at some best beer ads for Google.

1. Amstel Beer Ad

Amstel created this clever ad that says “We’re not saying you have a beer belly. We just decreased the amount of calories and carbs because we could”.

Without showing nutritional data and healthy figures they explained that their beer is low on carbs and calories and you can drink a lot of it. The product can be clearly seen which is also a good thing to do. People expect to see what they will buy.

2. Heineken Beer Ad

Heineken is one of the best beer brands in the whole world. And their advertisement strategies are top-notch.

Beer is supposed to be fun and chill. Heineken makes sure to make their ads funny and smart. This “made to entertainment” ad for Google is a real gem. The ad is very minimalist and yet successful.

They used music CDs to depict a beer bottle and quote the ad “Made to entertain”. It says you can enjoy your endless music with a Heineken beer because it is made to entertain you.

3. Boca Maldita Beer Ad

Boca Maldita created series of “Some days you just want to forget” beer ads that were a complete hit. As I said, Beer is all about fun and your ad should also give those tipsy vibes.

This ad is a little controversial as it tells that you won’t remember things after one bottle. But who cares? We live in the USA and it’s okay to forget a rule or two sometimes. Don’t take this sarcasm seriously

This ad was not banned because it specified amount of alcohol content. Here are some more Boca Maldita beer ads:

4. Pilsner Urquell

What is the best way to tell your beer has lemon? Cut you beer like lemon! LOL

The Pilsner ad team was probably drunk when they created this ad. It is very simple and brainless. But the purpose is served. They peeled their bottle like a lemon (using graphics software) and wrote “lemon inside” to catch attention. That’s really smart and effective for Google ads.

You must have noticed that all these ads have a clever element which describes the attributes of their respective product. This is important because the attention span of online users is less than 3 seconds. If your ad is very descriptive and formal you won’t catch user attention on Google.

Best Beer Ads for Facebook

Like Google, Facebook ads policy for beer abides local laws. For the US, anyone above 21 can be shown a beer ad on Facebook.

The difference between Facebook and Google ads is that Facebook ads can contain a caption. You can use captions to add flavor and tell more about your product.

Let’s learn from the best.

1. Lucky Luke Beer Ad

Just read the caption for this one.

It is short and compact, but you can see a welcome message, a discount, and an offer. This is what an ideal Facebook beer ad should look like.

The first text of your caption should be impactful. This ad calls out all the beer lovers tired after work to have a freshly brewed pint for a 25% discount. It is eye-catching and compels customers to come and visit at least once.

2. Lazy Yak Beer Ad

To promote their beer, Lazy Yak organized a competition to post an entry doing whatever you want. The winner gets a full box of 12 Lazy Yak beers.

This is also an interesting way to upsell your product super quick. Giveaways and competition related ads spread faster and they promote your brand. You are not selling your beer in this ad, you are selling your name which can help you in long run.

3. Pour One Forward Beer Ad

Beer is all about good vibes and fun with loved ones. At least for me.

Pour One Forward advertised their beer with a cause. They invited their prospective customers to join the charity drive and drink fresh beer.

The main product to advertise is beer, but they used a good cause to support it and connect emotionally with their customers. This is a great way to advertise your beer.

4. The Hills Cider Ad

I included this ad to share different types of Facebook ads. This cider company used carousel ad to advertise their pear cider.

There is nothing special about the ad expect the fact that cost of the cider is clearly mentioned in the ad. This can catalyze your sales.

Because most of the ads do not mention the price of their product on the display page, many users do not even bother to open the ad if the product’s price is not mentioned. Thus if you don’t have good ad ideas, make sure to mention the cost of your beer.

Best Beer Ads for Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram, and they have the same protocols for advertisement.

A little difference between Facebook and Instagram ads is the “type of audience.” Instagram has a more youthful and hype-based audience.

Let’s see what kinds of beer ads are best for Instagram.

1. Club Basil Beer Ad

Club Basil launched their new beer and used Instagram story feature to advertise it before launch.

They used the surprise element to attract more customers. This is a strategy brands use to make their ads engaging. You can use different emotional elements to make your beer ad interesting.

2. STBC Beer Ad

STBC launched their mango-flavored beer on Instagram. They used very eye-pleasing and high-quality graphical ads.

The ad mentions all the ingredients used and a nice caption. Including your product composition is important, and this is a very innovative way to do it.

3. Fire Stone Walker Beer Ad

This ad by FSW received 1000 likes in just 3 days. Reason? Targeting the curiosity.

FSW targeted their prospective customers with a surprise hook. This excites customers and boosts sales at the time of launch. This ad also mentions a collab.

Collaboration with different brands on Instagram helps you to target a lookalike audience. It is suggested to collab with beer brands active on Instagram. This will make you more visible on the internet.

4. HUNTER Beer ad

Hunter is an Indian beer brand. They use conversational captions to tap into the user’s interest.

Good graphics, a solid caption, and the right platform are required to launch a successful ad. Hunter used story ads to slide into customer’s “tap-next” period smoothly.

I have discussed different ad formats for beer and the best platforms to leverage ads for business. But I have some good ad ideas left in my inventory. So, here are some extra ad ideas for beer.

Ideas to advertise beer online

Here are some videos and image based ads for beer. They have unique elements which you can incorporate in your ads.

Miller Lite Beer Ad

RJ Rockers Beer Ad

AB InBev Beer Ad

MAriachi Shot the Night Beer Ad

Heineken Beer Ads

Utenos Beer Ad

Using Stickers to Advertise Beer

Bonus video ideas for beer ads

I care for my readers and here are some interesting video ad ideas for beer. They are my gift for you to read so far.

These ads are copyright to their respective brands and are attached for informational purpose.

Carlson Draught Best Beer ad

Budweiser Finest Beer Ad

Kingfisher Ultra Elite Beer Ad

All of these ad templates for beer are unique in their own way. The only thing they have in common is that they catch user attention instantly.

Please don’t copy them directly; instead, modify them and make them your original ad. Users connect more with innovative ads. So, invest some time to plan your ad campaign.

F.A.Q about advertising beer online

People have various questions about beer and advertising it. So, I collected the frequently asked question about beer advertisements. I will answer them in brief to avoid a lengthy article.

Why can’t beer commercials show drinking?

Drinking beer encourages viewers to drink it. This is not allowed to advertise under alcohol ad laws. However, you can drink it slowly as you are tasting it.

Involuntary drinking or drinking in a competitive manner is prohibited from advertising. If you want to drink beer in your ad, make sure to follow all the protocols.

How do you drink beer for the first time?

If you are under 18, hold your horses immediately. Don’t drink beer. If you are an adult with a beer-friendly belly, drink your first beer in a cup with ice and proper snacks. LOL!

It is advised to live an anti-intoxicated life. I don’t know if that’s a thing or not. But stay away from any external substance for true happiness.

Can I advertise beer on Instagram?

Yes, you can advertise your beer on Instagram. Instagram abides by local laws for advertising products on the platform.

Learn more about your local alcohol advertising laws before advertising beer on Instagram. Then, if your ad is rejected, you can fix the troubles and apply for a review.

Wind Up

Phew! We did it!

You have seen various templates for beer ads for different social media. However, I couldn’t help but notice how all the ads were targeting the audience’s emotions.

Curiosity or Surprise, beer ads are expected to engage viewers and convert them into leads. The audience is massive, and with the right marketing skills, you can skyrocket your beer sales through online channels.

I wish you all the best. Signing Off!

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