Best Condom Ads: 7 Out of 10 Condom Companies Don’t Advertise With These Ways. Are You One of Them?

Best Condom Ads Banner.

Condom being a highly sensitive topic makes it difficult for condom companies to advertise their product. Though still companies search for Best Condom Ads to advertise their product.

But, I, Your Ads Consultant have found and made this post to advertise your product.

It is necessary to provide awareness about AIDS and the prevention of pregnancies. Safe sex and amazing sex are what condom companies have in their USP.

So let us learn how can we advertise this controversial product with “protection”

Always use protection GIF.

Best Television Ads for Condoms

Television has always been a source to advertise condoms. You can spread awareness of a disease like AIDS. It is also helpful to aware people to be safe from unwanted pregnancies.

It is aired all over the nation. This becomes helpful to make your product reach a wider audience.

But make sure there are best practices to be followed while airing your ad.

Best Televison Condom Ads Videos

Here are some of the best ad examples for television condom ads.

These were the type of condom commercials you can create and send them out by brodcatsing them on Television.

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Best Facebook Ads for Condoms

Facebook not totally allows condom ads but if you follow the best practices by Facebook. You can advertise your condoms on Facebook and have more sales.

Best Practices for Facebook Condom Ads

The best practices you must follow while advertising on Facebook are –


Advertisements promoting sexual and reproductive health products or services such as contraception and family planning must target people over 18 years of age and must not focus on sexual pleasure.

Phrases Not Allowed

  • Use our gel to dramatically improve your sex life
  • Condoms, sex tips, and more. Pleasure guaranteed!

Phrases Can Be Used

  • All local health centers now provide free condoms.
  • Use our brand condoms for safe sex.
  • New moisturizing lubricant can relieve vaginal dryness every day

These were the best practices to be kept in mind. If not your ad will be banned or even your ads account.

Best Facebook Condoms Ads Examples

Best Facebook Condom Ads Example.
This example by Moments Condoms without any sexual content and following Best Practices.
Best Facebook Condom Ads Example.
Jonny Condoms providing offer code to increase sales and following all the best practices.
Best Facebook Condom Ads Example.
Another example by Moments Condoms with pictures depicting sex but not showing any sensual images.
Best Facebook Condom Ads Example.
An irresistible offer like free delivery with the Call To Action for it helps you get more clicks and sales.
Best Facebook Condom Ads Example.
Trojan Brand Condoms with awareness ads were really amazing.
Best Facebook Condom Ads Stats.
This is the results it got from running the ad.

These were the ads inspirations you can take from the already working profitable ad campaigns. Now make your own with creativity and capture your audience.

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Best Snapchat Ads for Condoms

Snapchat luckily allows condom ads and has the most amount of young people which is your target audience. This will help you to get more “swipe ups” and increase your sales.

Best Practices for Snapchat Ads for Condoms

On Snapchat condom ads are allowed. But the content must not be provocative or sexually explicit.

Snapchat does not allow condom ads to target the following countries/regions –

Bahrain, Ireland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Monaco, Oman, Poland, and Qatar.

Age targeting is required in the following countries:

Norway: 16+.

Australia, Chile, Egypt, Lithuania, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, and Turkey: 18+.

Best Snapchat Ads for Condoms Examples

Here are few examples which you can use to advertise your condoms on snapchat –

Trojan Snapchat Ads for Condoms.
A simple ad by Trojan shows no amount of explicit content and follows the ad practices.
Magnum Snapchat Condom Ads.
Another Ad by Magnum Condoms with a box and information is also following Snapchat Ads Best Practices.
Durex Geo-filter for Snapchat.
Durex did something different by using Geo-Filter to advertise. This is not surely taking you anywhere to a landing page. But it is a good example to create brand awareness.

These were the Snapchat Ads for condoms. Follow the best practices and use creative ways to market your product.

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Best Google Ads for Condoms

Unfortunately, you can not use Google Ads to advertise your condoms. This is what Google’s Advertising Policy says –

Google Advertising Policy for Condom Ads.

Best Condom Ads for Print Media

If you want to leverage print media and advertise there. It will be really helpful for you to tap more audience. Here are some ad creatives which you can use not only for advertising on Print Media but also to post on Social Media.

Here are the ad inspirations for you –

Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.
Best Condom Ads for Print Media.

You can take inspiration from these and use your creativity to create amazing advertisements to market your condoms.

Concluding Best Condoms Ads

This is it! You can leverage these and use them in your own ad campaigns.

Though condoms are a sensitive topic still you can use best practices and advertise them. Using fewer sexual visualizations is the “right” way.

Try it out and advertise. And as Nick Taylor said in “Thank you for smoking” –

“That’s the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you are never wrong.”

CTA (If you feel you have a fear of getting banned running condoms ad campaigns. Or, you are confused about how to advertise. Don’t worry. I am your ads consultant and I have got you covered. Dropdown your query and I will contact you.)

Taking off for now, Your Ads Related Helping Guide.