Best Shoe Ads – The Unbelievably Easy Way To Attract More Customers

When it comes to shoe advertisements. Most of the shoe ads this enticing that I have myself made a purchase. Well, that is just because I’m a sneakerhead.

But shoe ads really are increasing sales of many big shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. Now the question is how you can make ads and run profitable ad campaigns?

Hey! I am your Ads Consultant. I am here to show you the Best Shoe Ads and how you can take inspiration to build your own.

So let’s start with looking at Shoe Advertisement Ideas from the successful ad campaigns.

Best Shoe Advertisement Ideas

Learning from the already run ad campaigns and taking inspiration from them to build their own. It is the best way to increase your sales through advertisements. Companies like Nike etc. are spending a lot of their dollars to advertise. This is one of the reasons why they have more sales.

Let us now see what adverts they create that are so popular –


Talking about Nike, here are the advertisements which were successful ad campaigns. Nike’s Advertising Strategy includes making adverts that connect emotionally with the customer. This is why most of their words in their ads hit directly and make a sneakerhead like me so enticed to make a purchase.

Let us look at what they include –

Nike Women training shoes with an amazing subheading of “This shoe works if you do”. Phrases like these make the buyer more motivated to make the purchase.
A raining season advert or I should say the most clever ad. Using the own logo to make people know about from whom to buy shoes this monsoon.
Though this Advertisement is old of when Iron Man was released. But we are talking about the words here.
Football fans are interested in the studs and an ad of this enticing visual image makes them motivated to make their purchase from Nike.


The competitor of the shoe dog stands Adidas. They are amazing with their ads as well. Here are some ad copies of Adidas’ most successful ad campaigns.

Let us look at them –

With the new and high technology era. Adidas’s this ad shows the shoe creating itself with robotic hands putting the parts at their place.
“Choose!”. They have made their logo out of their shoes now you choose. This is an amazing advert by Adidas.


Mizuna is a running shoe and sports equipment company. Their Advertisements are also amazing when it comes to delivering the message of their product.

Let us look what adverts their ad campaigns included –

This was an advert for women running shoes to choose between two different places to run on. This advert was to empower women. Targeting such issues of the world is also an amazing way to make your ad campaign connecting to people.
A shoe made up of muscles so that all your muscles are activated while running with at the same time giving you max comfort. “Only we study your body so thoroughly before making a running shoe”


CAT is known for its heavy duty shoes. There advert clearly depicts it in their ad campaigns. Let us take a look at it –

“Nothing kicks ass like a steel toe” with a shoe-cum-a fighting machinery shows the strength CAT Boots hold.


Converse shoes sell themselves but still their exciting colors make the advertisements light up. Look at this ad by them –

A person can even sleep with their shoes on if they wear Converse All-Star. An amazing campaign to show the USP of your shoes.

This was it with the adverts of the most profitable campaigns. Now let us learn some quotes which can be used to enhance your ad texts.

Best Shoe Advertisement Quotes

Here are some of the famous Shoe quotes which you can incorporate in your advertisements.

I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.

Bette Midler

When the feet are comfortable, so are the mind, body, and soul.

Donald J. Pliner

One shoe can change your life.


I spend most of my time wearing uncomfortable things, so for me, it’s all about trainers.

Cara Delevingne

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.

Christian Louboutin

For more quotes you can visit Marie Claire’s Quotes. Let us now learn how ads are shown on Google.

Best Shoe Ads on Google

Google Ads has always been a high-performing and result-driven ad platform. From places like a shoe store around to fining running shoes. The first search is always on Google.

If you are not leveraging it by now. Don’t worry here are some inspiration of how Google Ads for shoe ads work.

These are the search results I got when I searched for shoes. These are the ads shown to me. Now you have to take inspiration from how the headline and meta description is. This will help you enhance your Google Ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Ads of the product are an amazing feature for a shoe company like you. You can show your product images with the reviews. This helps customers to easily purchase with few taps.
You can also add your product to the Google Shopping Platform. This will help customers to know the reviews and product images.
Here is another example of how I searched for sneakers and these results popped up.

YouTube Ads

Leveraging Google’s Video platform – YouTube to show your display ads. These will be helpful if a person shows interest in shoes. Showing them video ads before they watch a video can help you increase your sales. You can also show ads as suggested products. Like this example –

YouTube ads when I searched for Puma Shoes Review. They showed me the puma shoes that will work if I liked the reviews and can directly make the purchase.

To make amazing video ads. Here are some inspirations for you –

To make your attention grabbing ads with less equipment. This is an amazing tutorial video I found for you –

We are done with one of the best platform for shoe advertisements. Let’s now move to the second one.

Best Shoe Ads on Facebook

Facebook Ads are the ads that appear when one is scrolling down the feed. And seeing amazing shoes in the feed makes a sneakerhead like me interested and seek options to buy them.

Let us learn from different Facebook Ad Campaigns run by shoe companies –

DC Shoes

DC shoes advertisement for the re-stocking of their high-tops.


A woman running in the ad is always helpful to empower women to wear the shoes and run.
New Air Zoom Pegasus launch campaign with a dad and his daughter shows these are for everyone.
Carousel Ads can be used to show different products. Also an extra discount for app downloads.
A story ad again empowering women of every religion to buy as these are 100$ and below.


An ad featuring some celebrity can always make a campaign turn profitable. This was an ad by Stan Smith X Orignals.


Another celebrity feature but this time sports icon Neymar Jr. which can be helpful to advertise sports shoes.


Clarks ad empowering culture and at the same time branding their shoes can be really helpful to connect to people and increase the sales.


Gucci shoe advertisement depicting their product in the best way possible.


The converse is again with the amazing color which doesn’t really need advertisements but amazing advertised with carousel ads showing the new Chuck 70.

Unlacing Best Shoe Ads

This was it!

I have unlaced the Best Shoe Ads for you. Now it is your time to fit yours and create an amazing fit ad campaign for your shoes. Lace-up and advertise.

These were the inspiration but once you take these to your drawing board. Some good stuff will turn out.

This was me. Your Ads Consultant as well as the sneakerhead who was really amazed by the shoe advertisements that I literally made on order.

Waiting for your ads to make the purchase.

Happy Advertising. ^_^