Bra Ads On Facebook: Make Great Facebook Bra Ads and Skyrocket Sales

A report by revealed: “In 2020, the global lingerie retail market was valued at approximately 42 billion U.S. dollars and it was forecast to reach a value of 78.66 billion U.S. dollars in 2027″. Bra Ads On Facebook also contributed a big chunk in this pie.

39% revenue of 42 billion USD was derived alone from online sales. This tells why you should not ask Do Online Bra Ads work? instead, ask How do they work?!

If you are a retailer/manufacturer looking at How to Sell Bras on Facebook. You are in right place.

This write up will cover the following topics:

  • Why advertise on Facebook and not Google?
  • The audience for bra ads
  • Optimum type of Facebook ads for bra
  • Facebook Pixel and Bra
  • Working Facebook ads for bra
  • What not to do while advertising bra
  • Conclusion

Sit back relax and let me guide you on How to create a working bra ad on Facebook.

Why advertise on Facebook and not Google?

If you are paying for something you should know what are you paying for. I bet with a female dedicated audience you are used to a lot of How’s and Why’s. But why Facebook?

The answer is: Facebook owns the personal data of more than 2 Billion users. This data includes age, sex, ethnicity, education, relationship status, product preference, and a lot more. Holy Berg!

This data is used to optimize Ads for every user and display products they might like. Unparalleled audience granularity allows Facebook hyper-targeting. For e.g. Facebook can show your bra Ad to 32-year women living in Texas, the USA near Houston.

Google offers the same features but Facebook is a more interactive platform for users. Bra ads have an average conversion rate of 47% on Facebook and 39% on Google.

This brief data explains why you should plan to opt Facebook for your product.

The audience for bra ads:

Recognizing your audience is a simple thing to do. But sellers don’t want to waste their time on research. Makes sense!

I know you would say I am a lunatic to research the Audience for Bra Ads. Women. Period. Heading over.


Ladies between 18-27 are the right ones for your Ad campaign. Why? You must Ask.

Because girls below 18 usually don’t own a debit/card thus they don’t really buy stuff online. Especially lingerie. Says Facts. And ladies above 27 trust conventional ways of shopping over buying online.

Because Facebook allows you to target literally anyone. Then why not use it for good. The smart kid right!

Optimum type of Facebook ads for a bra:

First let me list different kinds of type of ads Facebook offers.

  • Video Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Lead Form Ads

The above types of ads can be used to advertise any product. But you already know me by now! I prefer specificity. If I was a woman bra seller would be in trouble. LOL.

So, which type of ads are best to sell bra? and Why?

When I studied which company is selling the most number on Bra’s online. It is BrassyBra.

BrassyBra generated millions of dollars in revenue by selling their unique and innovative bras just on Facebook. They invested heavily in their campaigning and Facebook Advertisement. And they recently revealed that they used Dynamic Ads and Video Ads to promote their product.

Learning and Adapting from your best competition is the easiest and smartest thing to do. So I would suggest you focus your campaign on Dynamic and Video Ads only.

Now I will quickly discuss Video and Dynamics Ads.

Video Ads on Facebook:

You simply describe your product through a video. Or display it nicely on a video.

Video Ads can be included in video-stream, public feeds,s, and stories. In layman’s terms your Ad will be displayed in your audience, streams they watch, posts they watch all day, and stories. Attached image details more about video Ads.

Dynamic Ads on Facebook:

Dynamic Ads display your product and price. People using Facebook Ads to sell products use Dynamic Ads because once set up machine algorithms do all the work. And you do all the work to count money. Yes, I know it will reflect in your bank account.

Follow this helpful guide by Facebook on launching a dynamic Ad:

Facebook Pixel and Bra:

First, Let me be clear. Facebook Pixel will not sell your bra. Neither the heading makes any literal sense. But of course, there is a reason why Facebook Pixel can be a blessing for your business.

Bra is a daily use commodity. And you can expect a buyer to use the same brand if they are comfortable with it. Here Facebook Pixel comes into play.

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you can connect with your website to track your visitor’s behavior. It collects the following data:

  • Pages visited by every user
  • Brought item and quantity
  • Links that directed the visitor to you
  • Personal details of buyers (If they purchase a product)

This data proves to be very useful in following ways:

  • You can contact your buyers using email or text messages and notify them about new products. Every time you want any.
  • Create a custom and lookalike audience using Pixel’s data to increase your audience.
  • You can create Ads focused on most selling products.
  • You can invest more in campaigns that directed maximum audience.

I purposely used “You can” in every strategy. Because Pixel will not do these things for you. Only “You Can” or hire someone to do it.

If you feel this is not an exciting tool. Then ponder why Facebook is charging you for Ads and became a billion-dollar platform mostly through ad revenue. (Hint: User Data)

Working Facebook ads for a bra:

Instead of guiding you on How to create working Facebook Ads for a bra. I focused my research on Best working Facebook Ads for a bra. I visited Facebook pages of best bra companies from around the globe. To present a variety of Ads that evidently generated leads.

I will break down each Ad in less than 150 words. This breakdown will explain:

  • Why the Ad worked so well?
  • What is there to learn?
  • How to incorporate precis in your Ad.

BrassyBra Ad:

This Ad deserves to be shown in full resolution. Period.

BrassyBra campaigned their Ads by promoting their bras on these beautiful women shown in the pictures. Unlike other big brands, they chose models to represent true women. Women that exist in all shapes and colors. This ad appealed to the female audience in a very smart and genuine manner. This Ad made women realize their love for themselves. And with a very strong message, they delivered their product and generate million dollar revenue in 1 year of opening.

You can give a similar touch to your Ad. The one that tells your customers that you are beautiful and your product just adds comfort. Product-focused Ads are great too. But an impacting ad can bring unexpected results. money money money

Similar Ad by Victoria Secret:

Victoria’s Secret pulled the same idea as BrassyBra but it lacked the appeal and connection. They picked supermodels saying “I love my body”. No offense but tell me something new. Many women pray to get a supermodel figure. Using supermodels to explain self-love is absurd.

I included this Ad to include some variety in aesthetics else I would comment: If you are doing something, Do it right.

Third Love Ad:

Third Love created this beautiful video ad that generated 500 thousand+ leads into their website. This Ad displayed the product on a very beautiful lady. But the main feature of this ad is its description. The caption is a customer testimonial that also explains the benefits of the bra.

It is so clever but yet loved by many ad firms for its intelligent approach. Customer reviews make an Ad credible and a product should come with a description. What’s better than a fusion! It was a rhetorical question

You can use a similar strategy of including multiple important entities in one Ad. Impress your customers in a subtle way is your target. And this Ad is a good example of how.

Kohl’s x Underarmour Ad:

Kohl and Underarmour are big names in the sportswear industry. They collabed and created a sports bra. They created an obvious sports-related campaign and used Facebook to advertise it. This ad targets only fitness-related women but that’s not it. It also motivates viewers to stand up and run.

25% discount also attracts viewers. Sliding in a discount never hurts and always helps. And of course, it puts the main product in the spotlight which is always a good thing while advertising online.

From this Ad, you should understand the importance of displaying your product especially if it’s unique. I would suggest throw-in in a decent discount every time you Advertise on Facebook. Discount attracts middle-class viewers and they comprise a major portion of the audience.

What not to do while advertising bra?

Facebook Ads has strict standards which must be followed before advertising any product on platform.

This image by Harper Wilde was rejected by Facebook for promoting sexualization. Funny right? But this was not for Harper Wilde. When he read about Facebook Ad policies. He got to know that Facebook bans ads related to nudity or promoting sexualization.

This is a good initiative by Facebook to nurture a healthy community. But this can trouble the promotion of certain items. Including lingerie. Special caution must be given to how much skin is revealed. If Facebook mods spot excessive cleavage or skin reveal, they ban the ad and refund some amount of money.


In the end I would like to conclude by saying few things.

First plan a solid campaign which will include your product, your message, your innovation and vision.

Research a little and keep yourself up to trend. In order to attract new customers.

Contemplate before go all in and create an ad that will generate profits. And of course, follow all the given points to produce a balanced and working Ad.

Good luck and sell hard!

For any queries drop a comment down below.