Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads: Get More Customers in Just 10 minutes

In this hyper-engaged world, Everyone expects maximum returns with the minimum investment. This happens rarely in real life. Even with Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads.


Within just 10 minutes of your time, you will understand How to expand your carpet cleaning business online.

You own a carpet cleaning business or you are a cleaner, This post will help you upsell your cleaning service. And attract carpet cleaning clients with Facebook ads.

I know the Facebook niche looking for carpet cleaning services is limited. But don’t worry a bit. I will clean all your questions through this post in just 10 minutes.

Okay, let’s start the stopwatch now!

How do I advertise cleaning services on Facebook?

Before we focus on creating specialized ads for cleaning services. I should introduce you to the business side of Facebook.

To advertise carpet cleaning services on Facebook, You will have to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

To create a Facebook Business Manager Account:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Create new account”.
  • Enter a name for your business, your name, and a working email address.
  • Fill in particulars of your business and hit Submit.

Once your business account is created, link it with your website or Facebook page.

Now create a Facebook advertising account following these steps in order:

  • First, in the left menu, click on “Accounts”, then “Add Accounts”.
  • Now select “Add Account.”
  • Select “Create a New Ad Account” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Voila! You are ready to advertise now!

But if you want to know more in detail follow this blog:

How do I advertise myself as a cleaner?

Being an independent cleaner can be rough. Your income is derived from your personal efforts and sometimes it’s difficult to work and promote yourself.

Facebook ads come in very handy at times like this. You can let technology find your leads. And do the physical work yourself.

Facebook ads for carpet cleaners function best when:

  • Your ads highlight a concern and offer a solution
  • The ad is short and includes on point details
  • You appeal more like a human and less as a cleaner
  • The ad visualizes problem or solution

To understand how to incorporate the above strategies keep reading!

How do Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads get clients?

Facebook has something that works for everyone. Facebook Pixel and Custom+Lookalike audience.

Carpet cleaners can attract new clients by installing Facebook Pixel and then using the audience feature. It may sound too technical but is a piece of cake after you read this heading.

Facebook Pixel:

Facebook pixel is a snippet of code that you can easily add to your website to take Facebook marketing efforts to the next level. here’s how to do it

You can link this tool with your landing website. Later you will be able to know when someone views your website or take any action like visit a page or buy something.

You can use this information to evaluate the best time to post an Ad, retarget the audience, and even create a “Custom Audience”.

Learn about the audience here. (Remember I am on a 10-minute limit)

3 Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads tips:

Now let’s talk about working ways to create carpet cleaning ads for Facebook or Instagram.

These tips are backed by data available online on carpet cleaning ads. (Google trend, views on existing ads, case studies, and ad campaigns)

So let’s hop into the main content. Making it easy for skimmers!

Tip #1 Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads with Offer

This is the easiest and most effective strategy to generate carpet cleaning leads.

Throwing in a carpet cleaning for cheap with other cleaning services can guarantee sales. Every time someone books a home cleaning session, sell carpet cleaning for an affordable price.

It is known that holding up with existing customers is easier than creating new ones. So creating an ad that covers larger purposes can help you funnel leads.

“Keeping carpet cleaning secondary but still offering it with a discount” is a clever way to advertise. and generate some secondary sources of income.

Tip #2 Produce Quality Ad

Spilling the tea here, Facebook is wicked. Not really but in some ways it is.

Sometimes Facebook will not show your post even to people following you. So to reach the unknown masses you have to pay for ads. Or slowly you can lose your existing customers.

But even after paying for ads, you must realize, Users, are intensively scrolling through their feeds looking at content personalized for them. It is a challenge to catch their attention.

Hence it is very important to invest in great ads. Good is average nowadays aim for great

Ideas for quality carpet cleaning ads:

  • Before and After ad

Posting an ad with a before and after cleaning image can generate curiosity in viewers. Make sure to click some high-quality images of any carpet you clean. Before and after.

  • Kid and clean carpet ad

89% of homeowners subscribed to home cleaning services are parents. And showing a happy baby on top of a clean carpet can attract natural attention.

  • Mention Guaranteed Satisfaction

In a small corner of your ad. Sneak in a banner of trust. Offer full satisfaction after cleaning. Creating a trust element can help to convert leads into customers.

  • CTA ad

Creating a call to action (cta) ad with a very engaging caption also accounts as a quality ad overall. People don’t mind reading a 2-3 line caption. And if you can connect using your small caption then your aim is successful.

Tip #3 Post Diverse Content

Online, To measure success people look at your views and followers. Using your ads to generate leads and increase traffic are our #1 goals.

Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads do not need to be all about serious work. Diversify your ad portfolio. Incorporate videos and customer testimonials in your Ad. (you cannot put a baby or clean carpet every time in your ad)

  • Video Ad

What’s better than showing your audience How you clean. Video ads are more vulnerable to go viral. And anything that goes viral comes back with good news.

Engaging video ads are a hidden category of Direct CTA ads. They don’t appear to be a CTA ad but are made to tempt viewers to visit the landing page. Where you sell your services.

Helpful tips for carpet cleaning Video Ads:

  • Create a small time-lapse of your cleaning. (Viewer will watch till the end to see the result)
  • Add a fun element to ads. (Adding a character always helps)
  • Shoot friendly ads. (Show viewers how effortless it is to get a clean carpet)
  • Customer Testimonials

Using customer reviews in ad caption or body itself can prove to be beneficial. Using positive review which appreciates services offered by you is a diamond to be displayed.

Fusing a video ad with a review is a bullet very few visitors will dodge.

Shooting an ad where a family discusses your work after you are gone can act as an informative ad.

Similarly, there are a million ideas to create a working ad. Just be creative and post diverse ads to target maximum users.

How do I make my Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads stand out?

There are only 2 answers to this question.

Create a remarkable ad or use Post Boost.

I have suggested ways to create a great ad. So what else is there?

It is SEO.

The only reason you are reading this article is that google found it relevant for you. Similarly, Facebook also looks for relevancy before showing your ad to someone.

Search Engine Optimization helps you create engaging content for the audience along with relevant content for Facebook algorithms.

To achieve this, you will require certain keywords. That will help Facebook to recognize the nature of your Ad. Collect around 5-10 keywords. Research the keywords.

To find keywords that will help Facebook to rank you better, Visit content optimizer & keyword tool from cognitiveseo . This online tool will provide you keywords to effectively reach your targeted audience.

SEO comprises of balanced inclusion of entities represented in the above image. SEO optimized allows you to generate more leads hence more buyers.

You can hire pros to develop SEO-friendly content. Or simply follow this link to understand quick SEO hacks and techniques.,you%20rank)%20in%20search%20results.

The second way is to boost a post on Facebook. I do not suggest this method. I am here to save your money by educating you and boosting a post to increase your expense. Boosting an ad cost almost double the rate of a normally paid ad.

But if you are willing to boost an Ad follow this:

Carpet Cleaning Facebook Ads that work

Tick Tock Tick!

I believe I am left with 1 minute before I wrap up my post.

So let’s make it valuable and learn from ads that are successfully generating results.

A-1 Carpet Care Ad:

This ad by A-1 Carpet Care promotes carpet cleaning along with a cause.

Mothers are often ignored and not appreciated for their efforts by society. And this ad rewards mothers specifically.

It lacks human presence but is empathetic. Everyone who enters for the giveaway can be a potential customer. Use suggested tips to engage them and stay connected.

Also, Caption is short and relevant to the ad. It is the reason that this ad generated 57 leads in just 2 days.

Advanced Dry Carpet Care:

This Ad is very detailed and easy to read. All the services and contact details are mentioned. And are spaced well.

This cute baby walking on a clean carpet can steal any heart. Like I said babies attract couples instantly and spread good vibes. This ad is very cleverly designed.

It includes almost everything shared in this post. I expect my readers to match this level of image ad.

You will be flabbergasted after knowing, This ad generated 97,345 leads in 5 months of time.

Freelancer Ad:

This poster was posted by a freelancer to invite carpet cleaning customers. This ad used the before after strategy. The difference is very clean and the price for each room is mentioned.

People willing to hire cleaning services seek straightforward ads like this. This ad was not paid advertised and yet managed to rank on Google.

So if you feel like creating a “before-after” ad, inspire by this ad. Clean and simple never fails

Wrap up:

Times up! and I am done.

I included everything you need to know. To increase your global reach. Get every carpet cleaned in your region through your ads.

All the tips will increase the success of your ad campaign.

My Extra tip: Move with how the trend is moving or set your own trend. There is nothing in between.

I know you have one question. I was here to save your time instead I explained so many technical things and again gave you a task you intend to skip.

But you can work on Facebook ads at night and work in the daytime. This way your night work will reap your expected results.

Wish you all the best and I hope all my readers learned something new and useful.

Drop a comment to appreciate or ask a query!