Chiropractor SEO: Optimize Your Chiropractor Website for 30$ [Yourself]

Do you have a nice flashy website? That you feel can lock someone’s eyes with the first look? But not with Chiropractor SEO?

Not Enough!

Your digital marketing efforts cannot sustain with just an engaging website. You need a rock solid Chiropractor SEO practice. To interact with an online audience, You have to rank on Google. SEO is the most important element to rank better online.

SEO is the mediator between you and Google. And Google is the mediator between you and online customers. Hence you need SEO, to be heard amongst your prospective customers.

Chiropractor SEO firms charge 500$-1000$ (Price range in Chicago, Illinois). SEO is a long term branding plan. It is expensive. But today I present you the knowledge to become an SEO expert.

After reading this article you can optimize your chiropractor website for just 50$. You will save 10 times more money and can use it for chiropractor ads. (They can help you get quick customers)

So let us begin our session today which is absolutely free!! Laughs

What is SEO for chiropractor practice?

I don’t expect you to know anything about SEO. So, Let’s begin with basics and climb our way to optimizing the content of your website to generate traffic.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This basically means, To explain to Google what does your website offers and what is it all about.

Google ranks every website and content to present the best and most relatable search results to its users. And SEO is the technique of telling Google “Yes people want to read me”. When Google gets a clear picture of your ContentLocation, and Services, It will show your website to people looking for it.

Google’s algorithms are known to work very effectively. Online, If you can make Google understand that you are a Chiropractor in Illinois, USA who offers the best services in his/her area. Google will show your website to anyone looking for chiropractor related consultation or appointment or surgery in Illinois, USA in your area. (or The USA itself, depends on your SEO and target audience will discuss in detail)

This is where SEO for Chiropractor comes into action.

How to do SEO for chiropractor?

This is an educational blog and I don’t want to waste any second of your precious time. So let’s jump right into the main content.

SEO has numerous components, I cannot possibly discuss them all in one article. So, I will include the most important and influential SEO practices you can learn and rank on Google. Once you are ranked expect turbulent sales in your business.

Basic SEO knowledge for chiropractors

Keep these following points in your conscious while optimizing your chiropractor website using SEO.

  • No Plagiarism in your content
  • Remove duplicate pages on your website
  • Launch a responsive and fast website

Chiropractor SEO for mobile phone

Basic SEO starts with hiring developers to create mobile friendly website.

As the name suggests any website that opens easily on mobile is a mobile-friendly website. More than 68% of Google searches are done on mobile phones. And Google answers these searches with mobile-friendly websites.

Imagine you have displayed a beautiful chiropractor sale banner outside your place and a person passing by Googled your name. It would be a shame if your website doesn’t open in less than 3-5 sec. And don’t expect them to go home and search it again on PC/laptop.

You lost a potential customer just because your website doesn’t load nicely on your mobile phone. Competition to rank on Google is rough and having a website optimized for mobile phones helps you to sustain yourself in the market.

So make sure if you launch a website or have a running website, Make it mobile-friendly.

Broken Links

Basically, any link that has expired or is incomplete is a broken link. (Sometimes you miss a word and the link becomes nonfunctional)

Google bots chase every link and content before ranking your website. And broken links waste the time and energy of these bots. Hence it affects SEO rankings in long term. Make sure to analyze your website properly and renew any broken link

Optimize Images

The quality of images should be top-notch in order to rank higher on Google. Don’t use vector and sample images. Original high quality images add fire to your SEO ranking.

Most of the users don’t read everything. But they don’t double think before watching every image. Use keywords in the image.

So it is important to use engaging images and hold your visitors onto your website.

Website Speed

It is important to have a fast and responsive website. You cannot afford to be slow in this fast moving word.

Use dotcom tools to analyze your website speed. The easiest way to increase your website speed is to use compressed JPEG-type images.

We are done with basic level SEO. The above tips are some basic things you can fix on your chiropractor’s website. These tips are easy to execute and cost no additional money.

Advanced SEO knowledge for chiropractors

This section contains imperative SEO practices that directly and heavily affect your Google ranking. I will discuss 4 components of advanced SEO and some paid tools you should use to achieve the desired results.

This is not a paid promotion at all. And If you have enough time you can do SEO for free. But it is time consuming work and the referred tools can save time and deliver better output.

  1. Keywords
  2. SEO content
  3. Local SEO
  4. Link Building

Keywords for Chiropractor SEO

The keyword as the name is self-explanatory: Important word. For Google, a keyword is like a query or google search that the user performs. A website that includes that search or keyword is shown at the top.

It is important for Chiropractors to know what their potential customers are searching for online. It is essential to research your keywords to bring maximum customers.

Take help from keywords researchers to help you find relevant keywords. This is a very cheap service and you can visit ahrefsKeyword planner(Google), and other keyword research tools to create only essential content.

Ahrefs cost 7$ for a one week trial. You can find as many as 100 keywords for your chiropractor website.

Total spent: 7$

SEO content for Chiropractors

Optimize your website with everything a user wants to know about Chiropractor practice. Use familiar words and keywords to bring people to your website.

Use customer testaments modified with keywords to bring your new customers. Create or hire someone to write blogs about the pros and cons of Chiropractor treatments. Publish multiple blogs on your website to incorporate everything a customer would be curious to know before getting an adjustment. This way you can generate organic traffic and a high ranking on Google.

People ask questions like, Do Chiropractor adjustment work? Is it costly? Is it painful? and so on. Create headings that answer these questions and that’s what SEO content is.

You can also add a FAQ section to display the most asked questions and answer them for everybody.

Use Ubersuggest to optimize content for your website. You can do an SEO check, Rank tracker, and competitive analysis. It cost 20$ for 1 month.

Ahrefs can do all the things, but its is 70% more costly than Ubersuggest.

Total spent: 27$

Local SEO strategy for Chiropractors

As an Chiropractor in USA, Illinois your primary audience is people living in Illinois. They are the easiest ones to become a customer. No one looks for an chiropractor practice in a different state (Excluding crazy rich people).

It is important to attract global visitors but it is extremely important to appear in search results of locals. Use the below tool to appear in local SERPs:

Google My Business account

List your company in Google My Business account to attract potential customers near you. You must have heard people saying “Restaurant near me” or “Bar near me” and the nearest service pops up on google map.

This happens because those companies are listed on the Google My Business account. It also optimizes your website. Because If anyone speaks “Chiropractors near me” and your company is close, You basically told Google that We are a Chiropractor studio in Illinois. Google will use this information to optimize search results for future users searching for a Chiropractor in Illinois

Google my business account is a free to use tool that helps local SEO optimization.

Total Spent: 27$

Link Building

There is a thing called Backlink. This is an important SEO concept. When more quality websites direct users to your website, Google takes it as a positive sign. And rank you higher.

We don’t have to go to the details of backlinks. But it is important to get only quality and relevant Backlinks. All the unnecessary backlinks can hurt your reputation in eyes of Google. Use Google Disavow tool to audit and remove bad backlinks.

To get quality backlinks for our clients, We created their social media handle on every active and relatable social media handle.

Social media platforms used: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Google Disavow tool is a free to use tool.

Total spent: 27$


That is it!

You spent 27$ to build an SEO Optimized website which can generate you ad and customer revenue worth thousands of dollars.

Fighting to climb SERP is tough. It is a lot of effort put in. You might see the results of these later in the future. But the audience you will be having through SEO has a high LTV (Life-Time Value).

Use the given tools to produce A1 quality results with your hard work. Why to spend more when you can become the Chiropractor SEO Expert yourself.

Signing off and good luck.

Drop comment incase of any query or suggestion.