Church Ads Examples and Will These Ads Examples Change The Way You Advertise?

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Churches need Church Ads Examples for reaching people to be together in the name of the lord. It is no more limited to traditional ways. Now we can target people where they currently are. This includes social media and search engines.

Hi! I’m your Ads Consultant. I’m here to help you advertise your church.

Here are the ads examples which will hep you get the inspiration and build your own.

I believe that people need holy places like churches and all other religion-based holy places. In this fast-moving world, people need to take a break and rejoice in their relationships and even themselves.

So you as a church should reach them and there are different platforms available. Let us see what they are –

Church Advertising Ideas

As the fast-moving world. Contact with Newspaper and billboards are broken somehow. People spend their time searching for the smallest things to even talking to their friends and families.

This is why it is important to tap these platforms with your advertising campaigns.

But passing on flyers are still effective which you can use and get more people to the church.

Let us see what different Flyer ideas can be used –

Church Advertisement Flyer

According to 75media, Up to 78% of consumers would check the information in the brochures hanging in front of their homes, and a total of 23% of consumers read the information carefully.

This means using them can be really helpful for churches to invite and get more people.

Here are some examples of flyer inspirations –

An example of flyer for Church Ads.
You can use the Church details on the backside of this poster.
An example of Church Ads.
You can use a detailed flyer inviting people to do something new.
An example of Church Ads.
A night prayer of two-hours can be a church flyer advertisement inviting people to attend it.
An example of Church Ads.
An invitation flyer is the most common and drives the most amount of people to attend a church service.
An example of Church Ads.
Easter related flyer invitation can also be used like this example.
An example of Church Ads.
Pastor seminar invitation can be sent through door to door flyer distribution or you can hand them when people visit church.
An example of Church Ads.
Bible study with the pastor is another example of Flyer Ads.
An example of Church Ads.
A high visual graphics always entice people to read the flyer.

This was about flyers, let us know what is the next best advertising platform –

Facebook Best Church Ads Examples

Facebook is a wonderful place to target a religious audience. With detailed targeting and location-based targeting. Facebook is the cheapest as well as one of the go-to advertising platforms for every advertiser.

You can also use Facebook and post ads. I have created a whole article dedicated to Facebook Ads For Churches – How Replacing Traditional Advertising Works?

If you are aware of how to run ads and you are in search of inspirations for Facebook Ads. Here are some of the ads which will help you to create your own around –

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

Facebook Church Ads Example.

These were the Facebook Ads examples. Now let us learn about the last advertising platform.

Google Best Church Ads Examples

Google is the most used search engine in the whole world. Searching for “Churches near me”. Google is the only search engine one searches for.

So why not use Google Ads to target them?

Google Ads can be really helpful to target people based on location and their search intents.

Google Ads has already been used by the churches. How they have done it?

Let us learn from their ads as an example –

Google SERP when searching for "churches near me".
Google Ads that pop-up when searched for “churches near me”
Google SERP when searching for "churches near me".
Another example of search “churches around me”
Google Maps results when searching for "churches near me".
You even show up in Google Maps which is mostly used for location-based searches.
Google Display Ads for Churches.
You can also use Display Advertising by Google which appears in Google Partnered networks like YouTube etc.
Google Display Ads for Churches.
These also pop in between websites using Google AdSense. This makes your reach more wider.

Google Grant for Church Ads Examples

Google Ad Grants Logo.

As your Ads Consultant related to Google for Churches, if I did not mention Google Ad Grants for Churches on the Google Ads page, I would be ignored.

Eligible 501c3 non-profit organizations can receive Google advertising subsidies and provide churches with up to $10,000 per month in free advertising costs!

How to apply for Google Ads Grant?

It is an easy part to sign yourself up. If you are eligible for Google Ads Grant. These are the following steps to follow while applying –

1. Sign up for Google for Nonprofits

In addition to Google Grants, Google also provides other benefits to nonprofit organizations through its Google Nonprofit Program. After signing up for Google for Nonprofits, you can also access YouTube’s nonprofit programs, Google One Today, and more. This application is very simple, so please look forward to questions about your tax identification number, anti-discrimination policy, and general contact information, and organizational information.

2. Register for Google Grants

After Google processes and approves your non-profit application (it may take several months!), you can access Google Grants through your Google account. All you have to do is decide whether to subscribe to Google AdWords or AdWords Express, which is a lite version of AdWords and requires less management. For best results, we recommend that you choose AdWords.

3. Create your AdWords account

Follow Google’s instructions to create an account. Before creating your first campaign, ad group, and keywords, you need to fill in some basic information.

4. Get your account verified from Google

Once set up, you need to submit your account to get Google verification with your account ID (you can find the ID by clicking the person icon in the upper right corner of your account) Google will review your account to ensure that it meets the AdWords guidelines, and you will receive approval ( Or any error) notification resolution) via email.

Applying for and managing Google Church Grant can be a major investment in digital advertising time, energy, and expertise.

Concluding Church Ads Examples

These were the inspirations and ad examples which churches are already using.

You have seen so many people use different platforms to advertise their church activities. I hope this article has brought you to the conclusion to start Chruch Ads.

CTA (If you think you are not master in showing Ads on any platform. Don’t you worry! Your work is to help people who will arrive at church. Mine is to send them there. Drop your mail and a line or two. I will contact you.)

This was it. Signing off your Ads Consultant!