ClickFunnels Consultant: Find a Certified Partner

ClickFunnels Consultant: Find a Certified Partner

ClickFunnels Consultant: Find a Certified Partner

ClickFunnels is emerging as a new platform to facilitate lead generation. It can help you acquire customers for a very reasonable price using sales funnels. But you will require a ClickFunnels Consultant to make full use of it!


Because ClickFunnels is very complex to use.

It allows you to perform advanced lead generation functions which can be complicated to handle. With a certified ClickFunnels Consultant, it is a piece of cake.

Moreover, It can be hectic for you to handle a business and also learn how to manage it online. A successful business is run by a team and a ClickFunnels Consultant can be a great addition to your business team.

Today, I will give you tips and tricks on How to find a good ClickFunnels partner. This article is not intended to teach you about ClickFunnels. So, If you are looking to get familiar with it, Click here.

Let’s get into it.

ClickFunnels Consultant: But what is a sales funnel?

sales funnel
Flow chart of a sales funnel

A funnel is a series of web pages created specifically to sell products and services. Unlike websites, a funnel does not contain “extras” in its structure. So, for example, you don’t have to create a blog or FAQ section if your primary aim is to sell something online.

sale funnel is a process through which you can sell your special product or membership, invite someone to a webinar or extract user data for a redeem offer.

Funnels let you create an engaging path which your audience can follow to buy anything. It is like you have a salesman dedicated to every step while shopping. Except the funnels are online entities.

Now, You must have a slight idea of what is a funnel in marketing. So, Let’s move forwards and talk about the real stuff!

Short note on ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels logo

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel tool used to create landing pages and manage your sales funnels.

Through ClickFunnels, you can create a funnel from scratch or use in-built funnels. ClickFunnels is a platform for digital marketing, selling, and delivering online products/services.

It enables ordinary people with little or no technical experience to create their own sales funnel without all the steps, services, purchases, etc. It will also handle all the complex aspects of creating a sales funnel for you.

website of ClickFunnels

You can save a lot of time by simply choosing a pre-made funnel. These funnel templates are editable. In addition, you can easily create web pages via drag-and-drop tools.

This tool includes various marketing and management solutions for your online business. ClickFunnels is an ideal choice for online professionals. ClickFunnels also allows you to link popular payment processors directly to the checkout page.

You can include various types of content and other additions to help enhance the appearance and feel of your funnel.

Pros of ClickFunnels

  1. You can sell any type of products using ClickFunnels (Of course legal)
  2. Ability to create and customize your sales funnels
  3. The landing page builder is easy to use.
  4. You can save a lot of time by selecting a useful funnel template.
  5. Real-time page building i.e. you can see the changes being made live.
  6. Allows you to create Custom domain integration, Basically, you can put your landing pages, membership site, and sales funnels on your website.
  7. ClickFunnels has very interesting and useful tutorial videos which you can use to educate yourself and improve sales.
  8. You can add custom code to any section of your landing page/funnel.

How can a ClickFunnels Consultant help you!

To understand what services a ClickFunnels Consultant can provide, It is important to understand ClickFunnels.

You must know where your money is going. Here are few things a ClickFunnels pro can do for you!

Handling Integrations for ClickFunnels

It is important for page builders to integrate a variety of email and marketing tools. ClickFunnels allows Integration with the various platforms that can optimize the quality of your sales funnel. Following are the major integrations available with ClickFunnels:

GoTo Webinar MailChimp AWeber
Maropost Constant Contact
GetResponse ActiveCampaign
ShipStation Stripe WebinarJam
Ever Webinar Clickbank OntraPort
Twilio Sendlane Infusionsoft

A certified Consultant will be able to properly integrate and use all these integrations to produce top-class sales funnels.

Landing pages and forms

ClickFunnels have great landing page templates that can be used to create landing pages. The landing page templates are heavily customizable to meet your design and conversion needs. A certified consultant can take care of it.

Your consultant should be able to create the following types of landing pages:

  • Squeeze Landing Pages: SLP are compact landing pages containing a headline, a call to action, and, an opt-in form. The pop-ups that appear randomly while surfing internet are SLP.
  • Medium-length Landing Pages: MLP are more advanced and bigger landing pages. They contain everything a SLP includes. Additionally, it also contains copy, social proof, a bio, etc. 
  • Long-form Landing Pages: LLP are the tough and complex landing pages with a tons of stuff in it. Usually, loads of copy and various types of social proof.

Automation and Email delivery

Landing pages are meant to collect contact information like email addresses. ClickFunnels allows you to send automated emails. You can send a landing page inside an email using automation.

Also, you can schedule the frequency and time of delivery of emails using ClickFunnels.

A certified consultant should be able to use advanced features like scheduling and integrations to ease up the manual work.

Where can I find a good ClickFunnels Consultant?

Funny Question easy answer!

You have already found one!

We AdsConsultant is a digital marketing company handling ClickFunnels operations of many companies for years. Our clients have gained 20-120% gain in profits with us.

We make sure that your landing pages are fully optimized and functional to generate high ROI. Team AdsConsultant works 24*7 to create ideas that actually produce results.

Additionally, We can also handle all the mentioned Integration, set up an automated email system, and overall create the best working landing pages.

We work in 3 steps:

ClickFunnels Consultant: Funnel Architecture

It all starts with creating sales funnels for YOU!

Our analyst team researches your business and target audience. Then this data is used to create the most effective funnels for different events.

These funnels are still not perfect but are working and have the potential to convert leads into sales.

Funnel Build & Launch

In this process, we actually build and finalize the basic architecture funnel.

Our team ensures the created funnels are functional and provide value to the campaign. Once the Q-A department gives us green light, your funnels will be launched to generate leads.

Funnel Optimization

This is the most important step as we optimize funnels to bring maximum engagements.

Then, provide strategies to convert leads into customers. This process involves launching test funnels and collecting engagements records. And then creating an ultimate funnel that aims to produce maximum returns.


ClickFunnels can be your next big break in online business.

Recently, the owner of ClickFunnels has become the highest-paid public speaker on the planet. He recently delivered a seminar for $5 million. This reveals that ClickFunnels is getting more and more eyes every day.

I am not suggesting you give up on your website. But, investing in an old horse is never wise.

Sales funnels are the future of farming engagements and selling services. Even the ad industry is adopting a funnel system to capture customers.

We can help you maximize your return in just one click!

Click here to schedule a strategy session with us!

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