ClickFunnels eCommerce: 2021 Every Question Answered

ClickFunnels eCommerce: 2021 Every Question Answered

Does ClickFunnels eCommerce works?

This is the most asked question on my blogs about ClickFunnels. And the only non-misleading answer is YES.

ClickFunnels lets you facilitate eCommerce operations using its rich library of funnel and templates. One can choose from hundreds of templates that will act as a funnel and guide potential customers to buy products.

With ClickFunnels eCommerce you can achieve unbelievably high ROI from pre-made templates.

I agree that ClickFunnels is not a dedicated eCommerce platform like Shopify. But you are not limited to e-commerce with ClickFunnels.

Spoiler: ClickFunnels pricing starts from almost 100$ per month. (Cheapest plan goes for 97$/ month)

So, you should not just be satisfied with its e-commerce utilities. ClickFunnels has so much more potential to help grow your business.

Today, I will educate my readers about ClickFunnels and how they can use this knowledge for ClickFunnels eCommerce.

Let’s talk about it.

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels logo

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel tool used to create landing pages and manage your sales funnels.

Through ClickFunnels, you can create a funnel from scratch or use in-built funnels. ClickFunnels is a platform for digital marketing, selling, and delivering online products/services.

It enables ordinary people with little or no technical experience to create their own sales funnel without all the steps, services, purchases, etc. It will also handle all the complex aspects of creating a sales funnel for you.

website of ClickFunnels

You can save a lot of time by simply choosing a pre-made funnel. These funnel templates are editable. In addition, you can easily create web pages via drag-and-drop tools.

This tool includes various marketing and management solutions for your online business. ClickFunnels is an ideal choice for online professionals. ClickFunnels also allows you to link popular payment processors directly to the checkout page.

You can include various types of content and other additions to help enhance the appearance and feel of your funnel.

ClickFunnels eCommerce: But what is a sales funnel?

sales funnel
Flow chart of a sales funnel

A funnel is like a series of web pages created specifically to sell products and services. Unlike websites, a funnel does not contain “extras” in its structure. So, for example, you don’t have to create a blog or FAQ section if your primary aim is to sell something online.

sale funnel is a process through which you can sell your special product or membership, invite someone to a webinar or extract user data for a redeem offer.

Funnels let you create an engaging path which your audience can follow to buy anything. It is like you have a salesman dedicated to every step while shopping. Except the funnels are online entities.

Now, You must have a slight idea of what is a funnel in marketing. So, Let’s move forwards and talk about the real stuff.

Is ClickFunnels good for eCommerce?


In my opinion, YES ClickFunnels eCommerce works well.

It is easy to use and you can build exciting landing pages. In fact, ClickFunnels is good for both online and offline eCommerce. Many of our clients have experienced at least doubled profits in offline sales and many times bosted online sales.

Usually, ClickFunnels is not used by beginners. But it really does not matter. You can easily sell t-shirts, sports equipment, electronics, and even socks with ClickFunnels eCommerce.

All that matters is that you’re able to leverage ClickFunnels to:

  1. Attract your targeted audience.
  2. Convert on making the sale.
  3. Maximize your profits.

Can you dropship with ClickFunnels?


Funny question. Easy Answer.


You can accept and schedule orders directly from your warehouse to your customer’s location. It is not easy to set up. But once it’s done, you can easily operate and manage your eCommerce in it.

Earlier I said ClickFunnels is easy to use and now I am saying it’s difficult to set up. Let me clear this up.

Basic ClickFunnels operations like creating a landing page, using funnels, and customizing them are easy. But launching a fully developed eCommerce shop is relatively difficult.

In case you feel you want to head your business and require a technical team to lead the online front. We are here for you.

Book a strategy session with us!

It is free of cost and we can help you understand more about how things get done professionally.

Do I need a website if I want to use ClickFunels for eCommerce?

Do you need a website to use ClickFunnels?

No, You do not require a website to use ClickFunnels. Instead, the platform was introduced to compete with the websites.

ClickFunnels relies on sales funnels to sell products and services rather than building a complete website. Hosting and managing a website can be pricey.

Sales funnel on the other hand is much cheaper and easier to collect leads.

Can I use ClickFunnels with Shopify for eCommerce?

ClickFunnels eCommerce and Shopify

Yes. ClickFunnels work with Shopify. They both complete each other. With the set of problems, they both have and face.

Working together leaves those problems at the door. Though they are amazing platforms in their field. But still, something lacks which can make the selling online process more easy and efficient.

Shopify doesn’t have easy sales funnel support whereas ClickFunnels don’t send customers about their shipping etc.

By integrating them both you have the best eCommerce store platform working with the best sales funnel builder.

But what to start with? –

Requirements for ClickFunnels Shopify Integration

Before the integrations process. Make sure you have the following with you –

Now we have answered most of the hot questions. Let’s talk about ClickFunnels eCommerce now.

How ClickFunnels eCommerce works?

The main trick is to create relevant and effective funnels and landing pages.

After you link your shop with ClickFunnels or set up a shop in ClickFunnels, You are left with a checkout page, landing page, and thank you page.

So the main eCommerce depends on how effective these landing pages are.

There are hundreds of templates available for various interests. So instead of teaching you how to create a landing page, I will explain what are the components of a working landing page for checkout, landing, and thank you pages respectively.

Checkout Page


A checkout page must focus on:

  • Collectingcustomer’s name, email address (which is important for following up).
  • Collecting their shipping details as well.

A special discount code or various discount codes must be added to take your customer to the landing page.

They stay on the page and get shown the price along with a powerful order bump.

Ask for the following details to give a special offer.

  • They enter their CC information.
  • They choose if they want the order bump.
  • And on the bottom is the final complete purchase button.

This helps you in two ways. First, most probably you will generate sales. Second, If you don’t get sales, You have the user’s email and contact number.

You can use this information for follow-up and retarget your potential customers.

Landing Page

landing page

So far when it comes to your eCommerce sales funnel, your customers have been able to:

  • Purchase your product.
  • Purchase an extra product or get a special discount from the order bump.

Now for one more time, you get the opportunity to increase your sales and sell more products.

Here is the best part about a one-time offer/one-click upsell page:

A customer only has to click a button once to instantly purchase from you.

This means that the customer will not have to:

  • Re-enter their name, email address, etc.
  • Type in all of their credit card information again.

This is quite a better process if you ask me, and comes along with two big benefits:

  • It’s easy for your customers to buy more.
  • This allows you to convert at a much higher rate (depending on how good your offer is).

Thank you page

thank you

Most people ignore the real applications of a thank you page.

I have seen many new project managers omit thank you page from templates to save number of funnels. But this is not a smart thing.

Here is a quick list of ideas that you can utilize in your thank you page:

  • Highly related product.
  • More of the same product.
  • A list of the hottest selling products.
  • Free access to something (what customer wouldn’t like that).

That choice is ultimately going to be up to you.

You can even promote an affiliate product there if you can find the right offer.

You can display and upsell your products using this page.

ClickFunnels eCommerce Video Tutorial

This video will provide you with what’s left.

Everything about ClickFunnels and its eCommerce utilities.

Above is a video from Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards diving deeper into this topic.

The video above talks about:

  • Physical products.
  • Along with their sales funnel, sales copy and even upsells.

This video is really helpful because graphics are always better to learn new concepts. It’s also nice that it comes from the actual owner of ClickFunnels himself (Russell Brunson).

What can we do for you except eCommerce?

By now you must realize that I and my team know a lot about ClickFunnels eCommerce.

But that does not mean it’s enough. We can make full use of ClickFunnels and provide various services to maximize your business returns with minimal investment.

Funnel Architecture

It all starts with creating sales funnels for YOU!

Our analyst team researches your business and target audience. Then this data is used to create the most effective funnels for different events.

These funnels are still not perfect but are working and have the potential to convert leads into sales.

Funnel Build & Launch

In this process, we actually build and finalize the basic architecture funnel.

Our team ensures the created funnels are functional and provide value to the campaign. Once the Q-A department gives us green light, your funnels will be launched to generate leads.

Funnel Optimization

This is the most important step as we optimize funnels to bring maximum engagements.

Then, provide strategies to convert leads into customers. This process involves launching test funnels and collecting engagements records. And then creating an ultimate funnel that aims to produce maximum returns.


ClickFunnels can be your next big break in online business.

Recently, the owner of ClickFunnels has become the highest-paid public speaker on the planet. He recently delivered a seminar for $5 million. This reveals that ClickFunnels is getting more and more eyes every day.

I am not suggesting you give up on your website. But, investing in an old horse is never wise.

Sales funnels are the future of farming engagements and selling services. Even the ad industry is adopting a funnel system to capture customers.

We can help you maximize your return in just one click!

Click here to schedule a strategy session with us!

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