How Credit Repair Facebook Ads can bring results?

When it comes to crucial and delicate matters of credit and money. Advertising becomes difficult.

But in the modern world of social media. These problems are solved. Everyone is taken care of and you too are.

I know you are searching for some questions wandering in your head, that is why you are here. But you will be shown and understood all about Facebook Ads for Credit Repair here only. No more reading too many articles and getting nothing from them.

Let us start your introduction with Facebook Ads.

Are Credit Repair Ads Allowed by Facebook?

Yes. Facebook permits credit repair ads.

But, you’ve got to watch out for your ad. Its message shouldn’t hurt personal attributes. Like race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation, or practices.

Can you advertise credit repair on Facebook?

Yes, We can advertise credit repair business on Facebook. All we have to keep in mind is the Advertising Policies and following of the Best Practices. The point is to not harm anyone with our ads. If we are great with it, we are ready to conquer Facebook Ads and make them work for the Credit Repair Business.

Working of Facebook Ads for Credit Repair

In our expertise and experience. They Do!
Facebook ads are a wonderful addition to any credit repair company’s marketing plan. Your results can rely on your sales and follow-up to get the best out of your ads.

Facebook Ads Costing for Credit Repair?

Facebook ads are cheap comparing to any other marketing platform. Most firms generate leads for below $5 per lead.
Whatever your budget is. Spending is up to you and your credit repair business. You’ll begin for as very little as $5 per day.

Now I think you are a bit bolder and courageous about Facebook ads. The questions which were on your mind are now cleared by an Ads Consultant.

Let us now dive in to use the best out of Facebook for Credit Repair Business!

Marketing Credit Repair Services on Facebook

Let us start it with setting up a Facebook Page for your business. If you are not leveraging it by now already. Having a Facebook Page and other Social Media Page for your business are as important as having an office. You can still work without an office but you can’t market and connect with your audience without a Social Media Page.

Create A Facebook Page

Create a Facebook which can be set up in matter of 10-20 minutes. Treat it at as your office from where you interact with clients.

Post about Credit Repair ideas

Give first and you will see how you will be benefited from receiving. Tell them about ideas and try to help them for free to an extent where they feel like handing it to you as you are really great with the ideas that work.

Interact with your audience

Let your audience know what you provide. Talk to them in the comments. Solve some of their problems. Just let them have trust in you. This is so necessary for the Credit Repair Business and who am I telling you this. You were already applying all this in your office. Now it is time to provide it all online.

Provide helpful articles

Share articles that can be helpful for them. It can be one of your blogs. Something related to credit declared by the government. Just keep them updated with these things. This not only builds trust but makes them believe in your expertise.

Make your posts engaging

Creating funny and interesting posts helps. Be the Credit Repair guy who tells complex information in the funniest and interesting way. A guy to whom everyone wants to listen and read about.

This was basic marketing that you should incorporate to strengthen the next part. It is the pillar of trust and credibility which we need for our Ads.

Lets now advertise on Facebook

How Can I Advertise My Credit Repair with Facebook Ads?

To get started with Facebook Ads. We have to make an ads account. If you already have one. That is great. If not set it up.

As now you have set up we have to start with our blank canvas. Open Ads manager. It is blank like a canvas and now we will make art out of it.


Choose an objective which well suits your ad campaign. The objectives provided by Facebook Ads manager to choose from are –


Next we set the budget. But as we mentioned above. It is up to you that how much would you like to spend. You can start from 5$ per day. But to see results you should spend a considerable amount over the course of 3-5 days. This will help you to see results of your dollar spent.


Now let us save our Ad in draft. When at your Ads manager home screen. Click on the Hamburger icon on top left. Click on Audiences. Create a custom special audience. Now you have to upload it on Facebook. The basic structure is

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Number
  • DOB
  • Address

You must be thinking why we uploaded to special audience. Let me clear you this thing.

What Is A Facebook Special Ad Audience?

Facebook Special Audiences helps you, target customers, by the information you provide. They take this information to build an audience that they believe is like your customers. So, that you will target them with advertisements on the Facebook ad platform.0

Use this Template for creating your custom special audience here.

Now let us back to our Ad Campaign.

Special Ad Category

Make sure to choose this category. This category is made for Politics, Housing, Credit and Employment related ads. Selecting this help your ad from being shut down if you run it normally.


To choose the location we want to target. We will fill it in this very section. Choose the distance of the circle you want to target. It can be a minimum of 3 miles away from your location to as broad as selecting the whole city.

Target Audience for Credit Repair

Select the audience we uploaded in our audiences. Select it from the drop down menu.

Due to the nature of Credit Repair Ads. Facebook only allows to consider certain targeting metrics. To prevent unfair discrimination. This is why we cannot specific our ad reach in Credit Repair Ad Campaigns.


There are two different types of ad placing provided to us.

  • Automatic Placements
  • Manual Placements

Choosing Automatic Placements helps us to show the ads at the best locations. As it is optimized by Facebook. They get the best out of your Facebook Ads by showing it to people at right places and right time.

How to get Leads for Credit Repair Business?

If you have selected Lead Generation Objective. You are given the option to generate leads.

You can use Facebook forms. A Facebook-generated landing page that gets you information about your audience. Without letting them even leave the app.

You can use this or either send your audiences on a Landing Page. Make sure you are directing your traffic to a landing page that loads quickly. Make sure it is not your website but a Landing page where they can see offers you provided in your ad.

No matter which option you choose make sure you attract the audience to take action. It can be a form or button to call. That is how you can generate a lead. You can then follow up to make the deal complete.

Before we sign off. I want to show you different ad examples that Credit Repair Companies are running.

Credit Repair Ad Examples

Make sure you take notes of the Text and Images used. Let us now look at the ads.

MSI Credit Solutions

There success story was published by Facebook. They scaled their high quality ads for really low cost. This was really helpful for them. 3X return on their ads. I guess it can be you too if you start using Facebook ads.

(Click on the image to see ad example)

A Plus Credit Services LLC

This ad example shows the Headline and Text. You have to entice your customers. Attract them. Give them something for free and in return ask for their details.

(Click on the image to see ad example)

HDZ Financial

Incorporating Carousel format providd by Facebook can be really helpful. In this you can show different type of offers or services.

(Click on the image to see ad example)

Roland Reznik

Video ads are always engaging. Most of the credit companies have their experts to pick up the phone and record. They simply tell what will you get and say it in a way one feels like visiting the site. Try to add these to one of your ad campaigns.

(Click on the image to see ad example)

Now you have seen different ad examples. It is your time to make yours.


Tap your back because you have successfully equipped yourself with the knowledge without reading tens of articles. You are welcome for that.

Now use these pointers and keep practicing Facebook ads to grow your business. All you have to do is keep in mind a few things and that is it.

Make sure you share it if you found it helpful.

CTA (And if you found it helpful and can’t make the best out of it because you are low on time.

Don’t worry, if an ad consultant can help you with all this here. He will surely be glad to get your mail and get started with Running your Facebook ads on your behalf. Mail us at help@adsconsultant)