Do Engagement Ring Ad On Facebook Generate Profits? Know-How-Now!

Thinking of selling Engagement rings on Facebook? Engagement Ring Ad On Facebook can be your key to unlock your potential.

You got the bling and want to sell rings? But technology is not your thing?!! Worry not!

This detailed guide will instruct you on: How Engagement ring ads on Facebook can generate leads instantly.

Step by step you will get closer to understand Facebook and the Online audience for Engagement rings.

Patience is the key, For both: To read this guide and Advertise online. Read till the end and make sure your Ads work!

Do Engagement Ring Ad On Facebook Works?

I believe many of you must be curious to know about Facebook as a marketplace. And the following question would be Does it works?

I will say a big fat YES.

Facebook owns personal data of more than 2 Billion users collected over almost 2 decades. This data consists of the User’s name, location, relationship status, education, and whatnot. Facebook Ads are optimized using this data to target a specific audience. The targeting efficiency is much greater than real-life targeting or using billboard/digital signage.

The average price for a large billboard is 1000$ in the USA. And Facebook Ads if used correctly can reach a very dedicated niche for the same amount of money. (In simple words for 1000$ you can send your Ad directly to many potential customers instead of hanging it out on open roads)

Now If you have some confidence in Facebook Ads, Let’s identify your potential customers and How to target them. (Target means displaying your Ad)

Who Is the Target Audience For Engagement Ring Ad On Facebook?

I am certain you know the answer better than I do. Couples about to marry!

But you cannot directly find couples searching for an engagement ring on Facebook. I mean you can But they don’t need to find you too!

To find potential customers you would be required to know your target audience for Ad. And for that Here I am 🙂

Facebook and other source surveys reveal that:

  • 78% of women stop at a jewelry-based Ad.
  • 90% of Women in a long relationship look for an engagement ring (product and designs)
  • Further 46% of these women visit the linked website or Facebook page.
  • Out of 78%, 60% stop for only diamond-based jewelry.
  • Most Engagement rings are sold on valentine’s week.
  • Average marriage age for each country:

Thus you can conclude women mostly between ages 23-27 in a relationship for more than 1 year are your prime consideration to display an engagement ring Ad. (Use above data as per your country to understand more about your target audience)

Now that you are familiar with your online audience let’s talk about the price you will pay to Advertise on Facebook.

How Much Facebook Ads For Engagement Ring Cost?

Facebook has a very simple model to Advertise. Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM).

CPC allows Facebook to charge you every time someone clicks on your Ad. CPM on the other hand charge clients, every time viewer leave an impression. ( primarily a thumbs up or relevant emoji)

Cost-per-click (CPC) vs Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

Facebook costs around 1$ (including tax) every time a user clicks on your Ad. You can buy 1000 clicks for 1000$. If compared with the real-life scenario. It is similar to paying a helper 1$, Each time they bring a customer into your office. You can pay Facebook to advertise 1 post on your page or your website.

Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) is a relatively cheaper plan. Facebook will charge you 7.5$ (including tax) in return for 1000 expressions. Sounds Good? Maybe you should read more. An impression does not imply a successful lead. Anyone who saw your Ad can leave an impression without directly visiting your Ad.

Tempted to avail CPM plan? I would suggest don’t. If you are using Facebook Ads for 1 time it is advised to opt for CPC mode. This way you can ensure the visitor at least explore your website/Facebook page. And take a look at your beautiful products.

4 Steps to Advertise Engagement Ring On Facebook

I know many of you are eager to read only this segment of the guide. But the above points are equally important to understand. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

But without wasting any time let’s recognize strategies to reach maximum visitors organically. These are unique tips. You can create Ads inspired by only 1 point or combining them or using them all.

Follow these 4 steps to create a working Ad for Engagement rings:

Step 0: Create Facebook Business Page

I assume you already own a Facebook business page and if not visit: to create one.

Step 1: Install Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you can generate to track visitors’ activities to your website. It is necessary for a business owner planning to advertise on Facebook to use Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Pixel can aid your business campaign in unreal ways. You can collect the following data using Facebook Pixel.

Generate Facebook Pixel and install it on your website (follow this link to How):

Follow only the given link to avoid wasting your time. (official Facebook link)

Step 2: Plan your campaign

Facebook Ads backed up by proper strategy and campaigns are destined to be more successful than unplanned Ads.

I will create a sample structure you can follow to start your Ad campaign. You can change your objectives and plan of action as per your guts and personal strategy.

1 or primary objective of our Ad campaign is to generate walk-in clients. 2 or secondary objective of our Ad is to focus extensively on selling engagement rings (online+offline). 3 or tertiary target is to collect contact information of as many visitors. If not today someday they will look for an engagement ring. (Remember the target audience? We will only target them)

Step 3: Create Attractive Ads

Anyone on Facebook is usually scrolling through their feeds when an Ad pops up. Similarly, your Ad will sneak in and might go noticed. To create a visually appealing ad you can hire graphic designers or create yourself.

Remember your Ads must resonate in order with your planned campaign.

How to create an attractive engagement ring Ad for Facebook:

  • I will recommend using Canva. It is easy to use and contains a drag and drop features.
  • Display your product and/or include a huge discount in your Ad.
  • Make it graphically appealing and appropriate.
  • Avoid including everything

I will create a sample Ad on canva. You can hire someone to do it. But make sure you convey the above tips to the designer to create an eye-catchy and appealing Ad.

I am skipping How to create Facebook Ads to avoid a super lengthy guide. In case any reader doesn’t know the process, they can follow this easy-to-understand video.

Step 4: Monitor And Collect Data

Don’t relax yet. When you post your Ad, Your real work begins.

Facebook Pixel will log information from every visitor and you will use that data to improve your Ad content. You can also use this data to create a custom audience and direct your ads to the same visitors aka potential customers.

How to use user data to improve Ads:

  1. Observe which page of your website is regularly visited
  2. Then note down which products are reviewed by most users
  3. Observe which products are brought most frequently

Using this data create your next Ad and incorporate the following:

  • Include an image of the most viewed product
  • Directly link the most visited page with your Ads
  • Display the most selling engagement ring and mention only limited piece left

If you have followed everything mentioned without missing a single step.

I bet good news will knock soon at your door and someone will walk out with a beautiful engagement ring.

Initially, it will take time to grown a decent amount of people in your group. Take it slow and steady to create a strong community. Praise your community and make them feel special.

Your product and your connection with your audience is the key to be successful on the Facebook marketplace.

Be sure to respond to customer queries and comments to create an active community.

Learn more about Facebook ads here:

Signing off and wishing you luck.

In case of any queries leave a comment.