Facebook Ads Clickfunnels: Cheatsheet To Convert Hot Audience Into Sales

Do you use Facebook Ads to promote your Clickfunnels? Or are you confused about how to get the most out of your Clickfunnels through Facebook Advertising?

Well, Facebook is bigger than ever with Instagram under it. According to Statista, around 2.5+ Billion people are using Facebook and this number is growing day by day.

Among these around 70.8% are 25 years or older. This shows that every business’ target audience is somehow present on Facebook.

And as the number of per day users is rising. I don’t think it is stopping anywhere sooner.

So why not use Facebook Ads to get more traffic or sales on Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels has also grown over time as well as being the easiest eCommerce website to set up with drag and drop templates.

Clickfunnels is ranked 5th most popular conversion optimization website. It has 200k+ users which if combined with Facebook turns out to be a number that can boost your sales.

The question is how to use Facebook Ads for ClickFunnels? To answer the same I have covered most of the topics.

So without further delay, let’s get started –

Do Facebook Ads allow ClickFunnels?

Facebook allows only those link which is clean and doesn’t contain random numbers and characters.

This is a 302 redirection which should be changed as it is one of the worst marketing structures when we run paid ads.

So if you can make your Clickfunnel URL clean by hitting the small setting sign on the page you want to send traffic on.

You will see a “path” option where you can type in the slug you want to keep. Make sure this slug is not too short.

Once you change it and hit save. You will see your URL is cleaned. Hence, now you can run Facebook Ads for Clickfunnels without your ad getting shut down.

Now you know that you can advertise clickfunnels which leads us to connect Facebook Pixels with Clickfunnels –

How do I connect Facebook Pixels to ClickFunnels?

Facebook Pixels is a code that is used to track the visitors to your website. These can be then targeted through Facebook Advertising.

This is helpful to retarget the visitors who purchased by using the code on thank you page.

Facebook Pixels should be installed as soon as possible to get more data from the website. You can get Facebook Pixel Code under the Data Sources section.

To set your Facebook Pixel code. You first need to get the pixel code from the above-mentioned steps. Now you have to upload the code provided under “upload manually” in Head Tracking Code.

Now you have to set up the event code you will see on the next page. You can use any of these as per the event you are targeting.

Make sure you already have uploaded the base code for your funnels. Now as per the event you have to set up the code.

For example, for purchase ads, you have to set up a purchase event and not the opt-in. This is how you will make an effective ad for your clickfunnels.

To set up a tracking code for a page you have to go to Settings > Tracking Code.

Now paste the code from the event selected under Facebook Pixels. Paste this code in Tracking Code.

Now, this code will track every view received on this page. This means whenever someone will make a purchase and reach thank you page. It will be tracked.

Hence, you can target it afterward by retargeting them with your Facebook ads campaign. You can do the same with Downloading Ebooks or Signing Up for Webinars.

There is a wide array of options you can use with Facebook Pixels and Clickfunnels. But how you should actually run ads for Clickfunnels?

How Do I Use Facebook Ads for Clickfunnels?

Facebook Ads are used by many businesses to target customers with different objectives dropping them down the funnel slowly and effectively.

There are three types of audience:

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot

The Cold Audience consists of the audience who is unaware of your brand or company. For these, you should run Awareness Ads. This will help you convert them into a warm audience.

A warm Audience is that audience that has interacted with your brand in past. Or they have visited your website. This audience needs to be shown more ads to drive their interest towards your brand into desire. This will convert them into a hot audience.

The hot Audience is that audience that knows about your brand and is interested in your products or services. They are ready to purchase once they see an attractive or irresistible offer.

Once you will target the Hot Audience you will get them to make a purchase which means a sale for you.

Therefore this process of turning a cold audience into a hot audience keeps on repeating as you go. To get the most out of your ad campaigns. You must know at which stage your target audience falls under.

Hence, showing them relevant ads will make them fall in the sales funnel. Also, what clickfunnels help you with.

How Do I Run Facebook Ads for Clickfunnels?

The same can be done on Facebook. But when we use Clickfunnels. Using Conversion Objective is the most suitable and apt choice. Use this for all your opt-ins, purchases, webinars, etc.

Next up, you have to choose the event option you chose from the event set up in the previous section. You can select from the drop-down menu.

For example, we want to get more leads and this is our event. We can use the lead magnet funnel paste the tracking code and then select “lead” from the dropdown menu.

After setting it up you can either choose the dynamic creative option. This will automatically retrieve the image for your conversion ad.

If not, you can upload the ad creative for your Clickfunnels ad.

Once you set it up. Make sure you write an irresistible and eye-catching ad copy. This will help you stop the scroll of your target audience. Hence, you will get the conversion.

Running Clickfunnel ads should always use the Conversion objective and the events under Pixels should determine your objective.

This way you will run an effective ad. If you believe in testing new objectives to optimize your ads for the best. You should try and use PPE ads for conversions.

To create a Facebook Ads Clickfunnel you can refer to this helpful video –


Facebook ads can turn out to be really helpful if you use them for your clickfunnels. Clcikfunnels are one of the easiest and diverse landing page platforms. You can learn more about why it is one of the best platforms comparing to Keap, Shopify, WordPress, and Instapage.

You should add the pixel code to your website or your clcikfunnels base code. This will help you get more data at Data Sources which will help you further in targeting people who visited your website and certain pages.

Conversion should be the main objective for your Ad Campaigns on Facebook. As the main purpose of these funnels is to lead to conversions.

Hence, using Facebook to reach out to people who will be converting and are ready to make a purchase. Also, it is helpful to get back to those who either didn’t make a purchase or who made a purchase and you and them to buy again.

This is how Facebook Ads can help you get the most out of your ClickFunnels. But if all this seems confusing or complex to you.

Or you don’t have enough time to apply these. You can hand these over to us. We are experts in ClickFunnels and we are Ads Consultants to help you with Facebook Advertising.

All you have to do is drop a line or two below and we will contact you to start your Facebook Ads Clcikfunnels!

Until then Happy Advertising! 🙂