Facebook Ads Consultant: Read This Before You Hire One!

Leveraging advertising on social channels is way more important for brands these days. Hence, the need for pros like Facebook Ads Consultant.

Facebook has a massive audience of 2.5+ billion users. This allows your brand to interact with the right audience who wants to buy your products or services.

But the question arises that is really Facebook worth it?

Facebook Advertising is more popular than ever that almost every business uses it to generate leads. It has made many people aware of brands. Which has led to more business for every company out there in the market using Facebook Ads.

According to Statista, 95 billion US dollars has been spent as Advertising Revenue in the year 2021. And combining Instagram advertising revenues. Facebook is the largest company with the display ad market share.

Then according to such stats, it turns out that marketing would be easy right?

Well, the answer is No. Facebook Ads only make sense if the campaigns are well structured. One should know best practices and experience to use the platform.

The internet is full of experts who can help you out. But the actual problem arises that how do you find one who is reliable and can really bring results for your business?

I, your Ads Consultant is here to help you out finding a Facebook Ads Consultant without wasting your time and money.

So without further ado let’s get started –

Why To Hire A Facebook Ads Consultant?

There are a lot of companies having success in advertising on Facebook and Instagram, but you can’t make them work for you.

So what’s wrong?

If you want to use Facebook as an advertising medium for your products and services to increase sales and generate potential customers, you need a consultant.

The foundation of a successful Facebook advertising strategy is the experience and knowledge that Facebook advertising consultants can provide. After all, it pays to be really good at your choices and have a good track record.

Here are some ways that can help your business to get a boost in sales –

Granular Targeting for your Audience

Obviously, when you describe yourself as a smart entrepreneur, you want to make the most of all that Facebook marketing has to offer.

Facebook advertising consultant will be here to help you.
Because consultants are experts, they can develop crowd-targeted advertisements based on factors such as demographics, location, gender, income, age, interests, education level, and behavior. I haven’t even heard of him!

For example: Did you know that Facebook allows you to target your audience based on recent purchases?

In addition, the consultant knows to create custom audiences, similar audiences, and hierarchical targeting options, each of which allows you to fine-tune your positioning.

No More Ad Disapprovals

Facebook is strict about the following advertising policies. As the main objective is to protect the audience and their emotions. To continue the use of Facebook as a social media platform.

Therefore, creating advertising isn’t easy adhering to the protocols. You have to be well versed with the guidelines for advertising for specific products.

One can end up wasting time and money creating ads that disapprove. This can even leave you with a permanent ban on your ads account.

The fact that Facebook will not approve your ads does not necessarily mean that they are offensive or annoying. It just fails to comply with the complex rules and regulations that the platform must follow to protect its users.

But guess who knows all these rules and regulations?

Your Ads Consultant. He will help you create compelling ads that not only get viewers to take action but also comply with Facebook’s strict guidelines.

Remarketing Campaigns

If this is the first time you have heard of remarketing. Or you have not used this great strategy to manage your ads before. Then hiring a Facebook advertising consultant is definitely a smart move.

Remarketing is an effective way to target people who have already visited your website and can help you increase your return on investment. In addition to contacting website visitors, you can also contact people who use your application or provide you their email addresses.

Consultants use these people who are already committed to your brand. There must be some persuasiveness needed before taking a risk for finally placing an order.

To increase your remarketing audience, they develop a system that allows you to use cookies to mark visitors to your website.

They use Facebook Pixels to get more accurate know-how of your audience.

Trust me, Facebook remarketing can help you increase your income and boost sales. Hence, Facebook advertising Consultants are customizing the entire system so that your business can grow 24/7.

Investing More Through Facebook Budget

Your Facebook advertising budget is only a small part of the total marketing budget.

If you want to use paid advertising, you can also target customers on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Therefore, you can’t just spend money on one channel, because it will reduce your funding for other programs.

Because Facebook advertising consultants understand all the complexities of the platform, the probability of error is significantly lower than that of amateurs. The former also use smart strategies to maximize ad group budgets and conversions.

For example, most consultants increase their advertising set budget by 20% every 2 to 4 days. This ensures that the gradual increase of new learning phases will not start, thereby ensuring more stable performance. Over time, your ad group will last longer with fewer degradations.

Updated Startegies

Expanding Facebook advertising campaigns is a major challenge, mainly due to the dynamics of the platform.

Whenever you change Facebook ad management tools and manage ads, you need to constantly update your strategy and tactics.

In short, this is a continuous cycle of building successful campaigns and combating advertising fatigue. Every serious consultant knows strategies that can make the process more flexible and efficient.

Summing all these points up. Your Ads Consultant will keep everything under check.

They will help your business to grow and get you more leads that are qualified. All this without using any shady techniques because they are in this game for the long haul.

What Services Does Facebook Ads Consultant Provide?

As you know about what an Ads Consultant can help you with. Now you need to know what services they provide.

Because you need to know what you will be getting for paying the amount and also to solve your problem.

Here are the services you will get from a Facebook ads consultant –

Conversion optimization

Conversion is what you really want. Facebook consulting services evaluate existing activities and their conversion rates from the perspective of evaluation. To formulate strategies or optimize current activity trends to achieve profitable conversions.

Brand awareness

One of the main goals of Facebook business consultants is to discuss how to keep your product or service in people’s minds. To this end, they think about how to achieve more “brand memory” or “advertising loyalty”. They can control the attention goals and relative attention factors of your target audience.

Traffic generation

The main purpose of any Facebook advertising service is to highlight the traffic factors of your ads. Thereby providing broad opportunities for potential customers. Focusing on conversion, management, creativity, etc.


As mentioned earlier. Remarketing is a strategy that an ads consultant will use to help you grow. Certainly, remarketing is at the core of your business strategy. Therefore, using Facebook’s custom audience and Facebook Pixels remarketing strategy is provided to get verified conversions.

Tracking and analysis

Through clear and comprehensive analysis. They focus on advertising performance rewards and save time. Facebook’s knowledgeable advertising services generally prefer to analyze your ads after they have been running for a period of time. It is a way to increase the rate of return on investment. By using these stats one can make decisions for the future.

App Engagement

Facebook App Engagement Ads can help you increase the percentage of mobile apps downloads. By making the app relevant. You can target potential customers and make promotions. These include shopping, playing games, or booking travel, etc.

Testing and optimization

According to my experience in Facebook advertising management. It is strongly recommended optimizing your ads is an important step in generating potential customers. An ads consultant will share testing results and optimization. The topics include Facebook analysis reports, ad frequency, Facebook split testing, localization, ad copywriting, etc. To determine the best performance of your ads.


Facebook ads report some key metrics such as performance, engagement, video, website conversions, applications, events, clicks, and ad settings. This shows the advertising results. This will help you know how were consultant’s optimization and advertising performance are.

This all means that they won’t be only running ads for you. But finding new and better ways to advertise to target the right audience.

They will even provide you with reports and analyses. So that you can know what is going on with your ads account.

How Much Does A Facebook Ads Consultant Cost?

A Facebook Ads Consultant charges between $100-$200 per hour for providing advertising services. You can even opt for a monthly-based plan which costs you under $1000.

Just investing in a problem and hoping for the best result is a bad strategy. You need a clear roadmap to illustrate your ultimate goals and milestones to help you stay on track.

This means costing solely won’t matter. Some consultants provide amazing services at affordable prices. Whereas some consultants who are not experienced in Facebook advertising charge way more.

So you have to know the following points apart from your budget. These will help you select the best and right ads consultant for you –

Finding The Best Facebook Ads Consultant

Find an Ads Consultant who understands your needs and has expertise in the field of advertising is difficult. But it ain’t impossible.

These points will help you to select the best consultant throughout your hiring process –

Expertise in Advertising

Hiring an ads consultant means you don’t have the expertise in the area of advertising. For this purpose, you need someone with experience in this area.

They should make such ads that are impactful and gives results. With skills to reach your goals. Whether it is boosting sales, aware people of your brand, getting more traffic, or getting leads.

This is why you should look for companies with Testimonials from brands that have been established.

Choosing on this basis will help you get a consultant who has a diverse client base and had left an impact on viewers.


An Ads Consultant must be updated with the techniques and tools that make advertising more effective and efficient. This includes anything which helps to get the advertising done well.

Therefore, expertise in Facebook Business Suite, Facebook Ads Manager, and Facebook Pixels is necessary.

These tools help to create creative and effective ads that help you grow. That is why you should pick someone with expert knowledge of these.

Customer Reviews

Along with experience, an Ads Consultant must have a good reputation. You can know about reputation by talking to previous clients or reading their reviews at sites like Google, Yelp, etc.

This allows you to know what type of services they provide and are they working up to their promises. You want someone who understands your company and is suitable for the role.

Around 95% of customers go through testimonials before hiring an Ads Consultant.

Having too many testimonials results in an excellent and positive image of the Facebook Ads Consultant.

Finding relevant experience

As mentioned earlier, the market is full of freelancers who claim to be the best, but few have the experience and knowledge to support it.

On the other side, Facebook advertising agencies must have the wisdom and strength to guide you through the entire process and help you achieve your business goals.

Whether it is an individual or a team, please make sure that they have the experience and knowledge to create and maintain successful advertising campaigns for you.

Consultants should have a practical way to achieve advanced audience positioning, customer loyalty, and attractive ad copies.

We As Your Facebook Ads Consultant

If you don’t understand how Facebook advertising works, you face a higher risk of losing money.

When you hire a consultant, you can gain the knowledge and experience you need. From setting goals to running advertising campaigns to monitoring results, Facebook advertising consultants will take care of everything.

So yes, working with a team of well-known expert consultants is the best way to get the most out of Facebook and reduce the risk of wasting thousands of dollars.

This is where we come into the scene. With our name Ads Consultant. You need to hand over your Facebook advertising to us. We have the expertise and will help you reach your goals through Facebook Ads.

All you have to do is drop a line below and we will contact you to start your free consultation ASAP!