Facebook ads for car dealership: Boost your sales in weeks

Automotive dealers can use Facebook ads for car dealership as a marketplace to reach a niche set of users interested in automotive. Using its robust networks and algorithms Facebook can help car dealers to achieve their desired audience economically and exponentially. If you wish to use Facebook ads to boost your car sales at least 10 times in few weeks: Follow this easy and informative guide to accomplish complete exposure of the right strata of Facebook audience.

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Account for Your Car Dealership?

To begin advertising on Facebook you will be required to create a Facebook business manager account. This account will help your dealership page to produce profits by enabling many services which will be later discussed in the article.

To create a Facebook Business Manager Account:

  • Visit business.facebook.com/overview.
  • Click on “Create new account”.
  • Enter a name for your car dealership, your name and a working email address.
  • Fill particulars of your business and hit Submit.

In the next step, you will link your dealership page with your business manager account.

How to Link:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” option within Facebook Business Manager account.
  • In the left toolbox “Select Pages” and then click on “Add a Page.”
  • Choose from one of the given three options: “Claim a Page”, “Request Access to a Page”, or “Create a New Page”.

How to Set Up a Facebook Advertising Account for Your Car Dealership?

Now when your dealership page and business account are linked. To hike your automotive sales you will create an advertising account on Facebook following these steps in order:

  • First in the left menu, click on “Accounts”, then “Ad Accounts”.
  • Now select “Add Account.”
  • Select “Create a New Ad Account” and follow the on-screen instructions.

3 Effective strategies on Facebook ads for car dealership:

Technical work is over and now we will enlighten our readers about the insights about promoting car dealerships on Facebook. Your advertisement will be your only identity for users surfing over the internet looking to buy automobiles. Your advertisement should impart warmth and variety you can offer as a car dealer.

The sales and profit extensively depend on your online customer service and customer feedback. These 3 market strategies can help your car dealership target modicum end-users and hopefully sell more.

Communicate with the community:

To glean your customers, dealership owners should actively interact with interested buyers and guide them to buy the best car as per their requirements. Satisfied customers will automatically advertise you through word of mouth and positive reviews online. Organizing small giveaways involving free carwash or free insurance will attract potential buyers and increase the overall reputation amongst competitors. Online events including the promotion of your dealership for some cash prize will increase traffic on your online page and eventually your page will pop up more often anytime someone searches for a car dealership.

Smart Advertisement:

Millennials have a natural affinity towards humour and creativity. Statistically, people age 25-34 explore the internet before buying a car, Now our aim is to direct these users to our page, and To achieve that, dealerships can regularly post humorous content regarding car culture and related topics. If your users can connect with your idea or approach, Then Bingo! You are successful in creating an online presence that will add to your increased sales. Ponder before you advertise. Brainstorm ideas and discuss them with your employees before executing them. Giving discounts to mothers on mother’s day, Organizing raffles for buyers are some interesting ways among many others to boost your sales in a short period of time.

Display customer reviews:

Our first two steps were more focused to create an online presence rather than direct selling of automotive. Now that we have one, We will use it to convert appreciators into buyers.  A survey report by financialexpress on digital selling, revealed 90% of users rely on the internet before making a purchase decision. Online reviews are an imperative source for users who are in the research phase of the car-buying process. Displaying positive and satisfactory reviews will benefit you and convert potential buyers into customers. These reviews will help your page rank online organically, which is the best way to create a sustainable business online.

How do I target a car buyer with Facebook ads for car dealership?

To be profitable from online sales, one must lay a blueprint on targeting potential car buyers based on various cars or interest attributes. A successful “Automotive targeting” would consist of the following sub-categories:

  • Type of Vehicle
  • Details of purchase
  • New Vehicle Clients
  • Used Vehicle Clients

Now by defining these categories you can target buyers based on the vehicle they currently own or How recently they bought a vehicle. You can separate customers looking to buy a new vehicle from the ones to buy an old vehicle. Now I will briefly explain how these subcategories can aid customer targeting on Facebook.

Type of Vehicle:

Targeting customers based on the vehicle they own and the vehicle they hope to own can ease the process, Dealer can create a list of categories of cars like:




Compact Car



Sports Car



Later you can simply click on any car type and target the respective type of vehicle.

Date of purchase: By targeting using the date of purchase, dealerships can plan service dates for the vehicle and you’ll be able to target based on how recently the user purchased a vehicle.

New Vehicle Clients: Here you can target customers planning to buy a car in 180 or 365 days. Your targeted ad will slowly nurture the need to buy a new car and within no time you will get your sales number high.  

Used Vehicle Clients: By cleverly advertising only used cars to customers looking to buy old vehicles, Dealerships can bring in more sales economically. If a user is continuously looking for used Red Dodge, then show him used Red Dodge in the best condition and rest Let the customer decide!

How do I add dealer inventory to Facebook ads for car dealership:

Dealerships can add vehicle listings directly from their dealership Page. Your listing will automatically appear in Marketplace and will be accessible in “Vehicles” tab of your dealership Page. Customers will be able to connect directly for any inquiry.

How to manually create a listing:

  • Click on the “Manage Inventory” tab.
  • Then click “Create New Listing.”
  • Enter the vehicle’s Chassis Number to automatically display the physical details of listing.
  • Choose where your listing will appear.
  • After confirming details of your listing, Select Publish.

Our users can alter or add inventory in dealership page following the above procedure anytime.

How to List a vehicle for sale on Marketplace:

Facebook attempts to educate its users about the online marketplace through videos and textual content. It provides easy tutorials to every type of business owner and car dealerships can easily list a brand new vehicle by following this link: https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/help/143800203032002

Learn more about digital marketing here: https://adsconsultant.net/facebook-ads-guides/

Our readers are now equipped with knowledge to get started using Facebook Ads to promote your car dealership and boost your sales in few weeks. This guide can help a complete beginner with no knowledge of online marketplace to extend their online reach and target potential customers. Remember, online marketplace makes you vulnerable to flak and disappointment. Face them positively and you will certainly yield good results, moreover BIG PROFITS!