Facebook Ads for Chiropractors: Will it Make You Stand Out?

It is necessary to get leads through Facebook Ads for Chiropractors today. As the presence of over 2.7 billion users on Facebook has made it one of the top marketing platforms for entrepreneurs. And when we say entrepreneurs, we mean entrepreneurs of all kinds. That includes the health industry much to the surprise of many. If you’re a Chiropractor, you’re missing out on a lot of patients when you’re not on Facebook. People might trust offline marketing more than online in the case of doctors.

But the case of chiropractors is different for chiropractors. The profession addresses the issues of a whole lot of people sitting on their screens for long hours. Poor postures while working along with long hours of sitting can put a certain amount of neuromuscular stress leading to headaches and other issues. So you know the target audience is online most of the time. That is one reason why Chiropractors have a higher success rate than most other professionals- even higher than other professionals in the health industry. 

But a lot of it boils down to how you maintain your page and promote yourself. The right kind of marketing on Facebook can propel your chiropractor business to new heights and get you a lot of high-paying patients. Let’s find out how Facebook can help get your chiropractor business up and running as a chiropractor.

How do you market a chiropractic business?

Chiropractors typically have a hard time building a reliable patient base on social media because of the uniqueness of the profession and the confusion around the right marketing idea. Here are a few common challenges you might face before marketing your chiropractor business:

  • Competition from established doctors
  • Struggling to find ways that make your practice stand out over others
  • Deficiency of time to eke out an effective marketing strategy
  • Mediocre organizational skills

You should have a comprehensively integrated and dynamic approach towards marketing your practice to bring in new appointments at a quick rate. Here are a few popular methods for chiropractors to market their business and get guaranteed success:

  • Know Your Target Audience

The chiropractor business is too specific to be marketed to the general audience. Facebook ads and analytics can help you target your particular niche by listing out the location, age group, income group and education level of people who engage with chiropractors allowing you to create a targeted campaign.

Local listings provide a valuable method to boost your internet presence and boost your rankings on search engines. You want to be the first chiropractor in your area when someone searches for chiropractors nearby apart from having your phone number, address and reviews listed on various reliable websites.

  • Create an Impressive Website

Every patient will have a tendency to check out your website before making an appointment. You should even link your Facebook page to your website to display the complete range of services you offer. Your website should be compelling enough to grab the attention of the viewer and should be easy to navigate through.

  • Tap the Potential of Facebook

A lot of your target audience is on the digital screens accessing social media in weird sitting positions leading to neck or back pain. While creating a Facebook page is the right step, just 30% of your own followers on average see your posts. Don’t forget to boost your posts or put ads with CTA to call or book an appointment for the best results.

How do you target audience with Facebook Ads for Chiropractors?

The primary goal of your ad campaign on Facebook should be to generate leads rather than straightaway get clients. You can start by solving a query or providing online assistance but getting leads allows you to remarket them again and again. Let’s look at some ways to create an effective Facebook ad strategy that captures the target audience for a chiropractor:

  • Create An Offer that is Difficult to Refuse

You must start by creating a lead magnet. Create an offer that is aggressively priced or offers more than your target audience expects generally. Creating a discount on some of the most popular chiropractic services is a good way forward. Create a sense of urgency too by making the offer time-limited or on first cum first serve basis in your Facebook ad along with a CTA.

  • Create a Compelling Copy

Facebook feeds are stuffed with content and people often ignore bland posts, especially when they are promoted. Your ad should ideally discuss or address the customer’s pain points in just the first few lines and then go on to solve them in seconds. The tips to create a catchy ad copy are discussed in detail further down.

  • Raise Your Creative Game

Having a graphic image or video that instantly moves the audience is just as important as the copy. For a chiropractor, creating a video that addresses the modern back pain issue and how your clinic can solve this is an excellent idea.

  • Create an Engaging Landing Page

Your landing page needs to be as informative as simple to scan through as your ad because that’s what will provide you with the ROI in the end. Include your phone number or create an Eform along with a calendar to get a quote or book an appointment. Try to be consistent with the colour scheme, imagery, designs and promotions on both the ad and the landing page.

  • Set Your Target Audience Right

It’s no use shelling out money on ads that don’t reach the right people. A good way to reach the right audience is to put your major focus on location rather than age. Go for people above the age of 25 who speak English and live around a 5 to 10-mile radius of your clinic. Start with manual placements on the newsfeed. You should start small at around $5 to ensure you can test different combinations without much loss.

  • Launching Your Ad Campaign

Set your Facebook ad objective to get traffic or generate leads at the start. This will help collect data from Facebook on how well your ad is performing. You’ll be able to analyze which ads are getting higher conversions. Setting video views as an objective is also an excellent idea. Post a video with your process, testimonials and more and you can target people who watched at least 50% of your video in the next ad.

Do $5 Facebook Ads for Chiropractors work?

One of the most confusing factors when devising a Facebook ad campaign is the budget you want to set. The higher the budget you set, the further your ad will reach and your chances of getting leads are boosted. But how do you know that you’re spending in the right direction? This is when $5 Facebook ads come into play.

Having just a $5 budget for every day will limit your ability to reach people. But it allows you to see which method works for you before investing large amounts. So you can target new audiences and demographic segments by just spending $5 a day. Now as soon as you have finalized what works best for you, you can increase your budget to find better results. The strategy as a result favours beginners and experienced marketers alike.

How do I create a catchy Facebook Ads for Chiropractors?

Sometimes we tend to overthink about creating a compelling ad. It doesn’t have to be too complex or have over-the-top edits. Perhaps its effectiveness lies in its simplicity and straightforwardness. It consists of setting two primary factors right- the content and the copy. Let’s check out how we can create a catchy ad then:

  • Go for the AIDA model of advertising that includes four steps- Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.
  • Addressing their pain point will get you the attention of your prospective customers with a simple question.
  • The next step is to create interest in your service. Creating a lead magnet like a promotional offer can help fulfill this step and get the viewer interested in you.
  • The next step is to create desire among your audience. For that, provide them with a reason to click your ad. It can be how your services stand out and instill a sense of urgency with a limited offer. The final step is to provoke action by creating a compelling CTA. You can create a call now or a click here button. Try to make it as subtle as you can because people don’t want to be sold things on their feed.
  • Let the visual tell a story whether you choose a video or an image. Try to go through a lot of related Facebook ads to understand your competitor’s strategies and evoke emotions better than them.


Tips to Make Compelling Facebook Posts for Chiropractors

  • Ask a Compelling Question

People love to engage with your posts when you ask compelling questions. Post questions as posts and ask people to like, comment and share your posts. A better engagement means better invisibility and organic reach.

  • Share an Interesting Stat

Do your research and share an interesting stat in your post. Your viewers might get curious or worried about things looking at the trend and may end up booking an appointment. Try to create a simple stat instead of using jargon that confuses people.

  • Keep Your Motivation Game Strong

Remind people to stay motivated and inspire them using your posts. That can help induce more likes and boost engagement apart from adding a feel-good vibe to your page.

  • Develop a Personality

Share who you are with people! Have fun with it. Post photos of your staff, anniversaries, celebrations, happy clients and your opinions on various issues. Developing a personality can help people relate to you.

Things to Avoid When Advertising for Chiropractors

The regular changing of Facebook’s algorithms can make life difficult for you. You need to be careful of more than just a few things to boost your engagement on Facebook. The first part is to stay in compliance with Facebook’s policies and avoid rejection from Facebook. Let’s check a few things to avoid before advertising on Facebook:

  • Avoid Assertive Questions

Facebook says “Ads must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes. This includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial status, voting status, membership in a trade union, criminal record, or name.” That means you can’t directly ask if somebody has back pain and you should instead be very subtle in your pitch.

  • Avoid Promising a Cure

While you can write about how your treatment methods have been effective, you should avoid promising cures at all costs. Misleading health claims are a complete no-no when posting an ad for your chiropractic treatment.

  • Avoid Using Pictures with Red Painful Areas

Facebook generally rejects pictures showing red marks on the forehead of a patient. An image like the one shown here should be avoided at all costs. It’s typically a trial and error method to see what pictures pass the test but making sure you don’t have such images would ensure against a ban on your account.

  • Avoid Typos

Even one typo can be the difference between a lead conversion and people ignoring your post. Typos put a question mark on your brand’s credibility, so you must avoid these and proofread well before posting.

Prime Examples of Back pain Facebook ads

Struggling to find inspiration for the right type of ad that can get you more appointments? Here are a few examples of Facebook ads that have worked for chiropractors trying to target people experiencing back pain.

  1. Addressing the Issues

The ad here tells you the importance of muscle testing that points out how essential it is for patients to go to chiropractors to get more energetic.

2. Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers especially do wonders if you’re new to a place or an audience. You should opt for such an approach when you’ve just reached a new destination or some new clients have arrived around your area.

3. Offerings at Competitive Price

You must have realized seeing all those ads that you have to provide something unique to grab the attention of prospective patients until of course your services are exclusive to your area. Here were a few examples of how you can frame your ads and provide promotional offers for people to at least try your service. The lack of understanding of chiropractors also plays a role in how you need to promote your service by at least inviting patients for the first time so that they understand how you can help. Don’t waste any more time and create some offer that complements the audio or video ads to make people aware of your service and have them come to your clinic.

Do Google ads work for chiropractors?

If you manage to bid on the right keywords, Google ads can significantly boost your patients. Combining these with Facebook ads lends a lot of credibility to your name and boosts your brand impression. While you’ll be seen by more patients, you will get leads only when someone clicks on your ad. Facebook helps add that creative edge that may then take people to Google and find your name on top of the results.


Facebook ads surely work for chiropractors if they manage to target the right audience and create a compelling ad. Having an integrated marketing strategy that combines Facebook ads with external and internal marketing helps you avoid the scenario of putting all your eggs in one basket. It all might seem overwhelming at first, but you can have your campaign reap rich dividends with our assistance!