How Facebook Ads for Hair Salon can work? : Really Useful Ad Guide

“Facebook ads don’t work for my Hair Salon, not for me!”

“It is too much effort to run Facebook Ads”

”Why waste money on ads online when I can do it the traditional way?”

As a Hair Salon Entrepreneur, these questions must have come across your mind too. You too have taken few untaught decisions that led you here. But don’t worry,

We got you covered 😎

Like you got our hairs 💇‍♂️

So now without further ado let us jump straight right into it!

How do you market a hair salon?

As everything is online. You as a Hair Salon should boost your game by coming on social. Beat your competitors with the help and ideas you are going to find in this very article.

Polished Crown Studio has Increased hair-styling bookings with Appointments on Facebook. 

A story like this and many more. These are not only around Hair Salon Businesses but for every niche. Social is helping many businesses to grow. This tells why you should advertise yourself. Build trust with that audience. And give them an experience like never before.

And you know the best part?

You are amazing with the latter steps of giving amazing services, so why not let them know about you and reach you.

The time my friend is now!

Now, You must be thinking about ‘How do you market a hair salon on social media?’, 

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered

How do you market a hair salon on social media?

The below-shown graph tells that around 35% of the world’s population is active on Facebook. Mentioning only one social media ranking the highest among many.

Facebook with around 2.7 Billion active users is the most used social platform. Using this insight we should leverage our business now to reach the masses.

As there are so many people. We should leverage it to attract our locals. Aware them of the world-class service providing salon right next to their home. How cool is that? Right?

So, now let us see what type of marketing we can do.

There are two types –

  • Organic 
  • Paid Ads

Organic Marketing

Organic is like nature. Grows slow but is beneficial.

That’s how your business grows on your social media, which like this GIF everyone loves.

Now the question arises, 

What can a hair salon post on Facebook?

Yeah! You are right I am gonna help you with that too!

Hair Salon Facebook Post Ideas

1. Videos/Images related to hairstyle

You can post a video or a creative image showing a new hairstyle your stylist is doing to a customer. This attracts customers to have a hairstyle that you posted on your social.

2. Show the Salon

Give a little detour of your salon to entice customers to have their next hair cut at an amazing place like yours.

3. Testimonials by Customers

Record a video or write a review of your customers about how their experience was with your Hair Salon.

4. Staff spotlight

Show off your well-trained and amazing staff. About how they are taking precautions for the ongoing situation of Covid-19.

5. Beauty tips

Share Beauty Tip on a specific day whichever you like and be consistent in posting about it every week.

6. Behind the scenes.

ShareShare a behind-the-scenes video of your staff. Goofing around, all the fun elements, and how you are off camera to build trust with your customers.

7. Trending hairstyles

Like beauty tips, choose another day of the week. Where you tell them about what hairstyles are in trend and show them a quick tutorial video.

8. Have a contest

Start a contest and anyone who wins it gets a chance to have a visit or discounted visit to your salon.

9. Before and after photos

A comparison image showing the customer before having a hairstyle from you. Followed by the after image because of the magic you did. This motivates and empowers your customers to try different styles. Which they before were hesitant about.

10. Favorite Products

Tell your audience about your favorite products you use in your salon and the equipment you use.

Facebook Ads for Hair Salon: Paid Advertising

If you need results fast, Facebook ads are what you are looking for

They work with a budget. Results reports show that they worth every dollar spent. 

But if you tried it once and the results were not at all promising to you, Don’t worry. You can not master them on your own, like you didn’t with your first haircut. We will guide you with the whole process.

So follow this step-by-step guide. I guarantee you results. 

So what are we waiting for?

CTA (Remember if you ever feel anywhere it is all getting too complicated, don’t take tension. We are here to help you. Mail us at (–) )

Fundamentals of Facebook Ads for Hair Salons

As I told you with the backing of a graph, how and why Facebook is a leading social media platform. Facebook is the largest social platform. But also one of the skyrocketing Advertising Platform, only if you do it right.

Facebook Ads for Hair Salon – Ads Manager

Before we step into it. I want to make you familiar with some terms so that things get smooth.


  • Attention of your customer and to make them aware of your business
  • Interest of your customer that they like your products
  • Desire of your customer to buy you over your competitor
  • Action to come to visit you and have a haircut from your salon

For more information check this image

Types of Objectives in Facebook Ads Manager

To start your marketing campaign on Facebook. You should first know about the goal you are holding.
Following are the objectives –


In Awareness, you are set to show ads that make people aware of your salon. This also helps you to reach an audience never interacted with you before in your locality. If you leverage this goal in a proper way. You can build a brand in the market which people and your target audience are well aware of.


When your audience is aware of your brand, the next step is to be in their consideration. They should consider you for your social presence and because of all the ad campaigns, you will shoot.

You can engage people with your content and can send them to your website too or can encourage messaging.


Conversion helps you to convert all the leads generated to sell your product. By directing them to make a buy.

Now we know about the objectives and the goals of our Hair Salon, Let us shoot ads!

Step by Step guide for Running Facebook Ads for Hair Salon

Knowing the audience

The first step before you get into setting up our ad, we must know about the audience we are going to target. REMEMBER if we target the audience by narrowing them down. Our campaigns will be more beneficial and worth every dollar.

To know more about your audience. You can look for your already interacting audience in INSIGHTS.

Targeting them

After we know who our audience is. We are all set to set up the marketing goal we discussed above. Choosing the relevant goal which inclines with ours.

Choose the audience with INTERESTS & BEHAVIOR set. Keeping it around the area of Hair Salon of around two miles, Select your location.

Mention the Gender and Age of your Audience. 

You will see the meter showing the AUDIENCE SIZE as broad. To make your dollar count, Bring the meter towards specific.

Ad Copy

Now as our audience, location, and demographics are set. We have to show creative ads so that we stop them from between their feed and look at our ad with interest.

Look at this advert right here

Now as we know about creative visuals, let us see what an offer is.


An offer should contain an urgency for the customers. So that they feel like clicking on our desired action. Using action verbs so that people feel compelled with what we have to offer and they take action.

In this ad copy below, HAIR SALON has made urgency by mentioning the Limited Time offer.

Headline and Description

A headline must tell about your Call to Action, if they will click on the link what will they get. So mention your offer in this also, so that people are sure about the offer and will not be clickbait.

A description lies below the Headline. Which should lead to urgency backing the Headline.

This example shows the Description backing your main headline. The offer is consistent throughout.

CTA (Does this seem like too much work spent away from clients? We can handle it on your behalf, Email us at (–) )


Your image is the eye-catcher of your audience. If this is not engaging and amazing, your audience won’t stop and will scroll away. That is what we don’t need.

We can show our ad creative in these forms –



These were the examples of ad formats you can choose from! 

Landing Page

Now as we have succeeded in making the customer take action. We must send him to a landing page where he can find the offer and get the mentioned discount.

But the gist is, we are going to ask for the email and phone number of the lead and respond to him within an hour.

To create Landing Pages the following sites can be helpful –

What should a Landing page look like?

The image and content of your landing page should mention the same things as your ad copy. Otherwise, your bounce rate will be high and no one will reach THANK YOU page.


Setting up the budget for your Ad is all in your hands. It is up to you, how much you will spend, it will bring results if you mention the above-mentioned points. Run your ads for at least a week and let people see it for quite a time to make your ad worth every dollar that went into it.

If you spent around 200$ on your ad, A 2000$ lead can result from it if done in the right way.


Analyze your ad how is performing. Retarget audience which bounced back with another creative and better headline.


After having the leads who clicked and submitted their information. It is time to follow them up and call or email them whichever opted.

Now it is time to show the results in which you are very amazing. 

Did we talk about it right? Your part?

Yeah, this is exactly that and I’ve nothing to tell you about it as you’re the master.

And if you still feel it is not working or you cannot try it or want help from professionals?

CTA (We are here and we don’t mind if you use the information or contact us. All we want is you to grow and build a brand like never before!)

Conclusion for Facebook Ads for Hair Salon

Voila! We have added more value to the business that was better than ever before. Now your locals will know about they will spread the word of mouth.

You went through this full post. You know it all and Facebook ads are not at all difficult for you. Awesome!

If done in the right way and with all the steps mentioned, Facebook ads can be a game-changer for your salon. You know the basics now and you’re equipped to run your first ad or your first Result-Driven Ad on Facebook!

Over to you now. Now practice and make your Ads perfect!

I am glad you took the knowledge from this post and will apply it to your business. I hope you will recommend the same to others in your niche as well.

Because we all grow together!