How Facebook Ads for Lawyers can bring more clients easily? A 15 Point Helpful Ad Guide

Facebook is a place where people socialize. Interact with their friends. And even contact new ones. This covers quite like topics that lawyers have expertise in. That is why Facebook Ads for Lawyers should be the marketing tool in every law firm’s arsenal.

It will add legitimacy to your work. It additionally helps you build a community. Which further helps you to come in front of them when they will need help in Legal Expertise.

190 Million Americans use Facebook each day. Most of the businesses have taken steps analyzing this data and are on social media platforms. In the future, each business despite huge or tiny will see even more changes by social media.

The platform is growing year over year and doesn’t show signs of any decrease over time in the number of users.

To advertise on a social media platform that’s getting a great amount of traffic.

Facebook is the place for you.

So let us help you around Facebook Ads in your niche. And how you can double down on this?

But first Let’s answer your basic questions!

How do I advertise myself as a lawyer?

With the help of Facebook, you can build a community online. Interact with your audience and share with them your knowledge. As you will be posting about all this daily. You have to build authority. Now when showing ads to your audience you will have more conversions. That’s how advertising as a lawyer will help you.

How do lawyers get Facebook ads?

By setting up a business page for yourself or your firm. After that setting up an Ad account. To learn more about how to show ads keep reading this article for a more detailed Ad guide for Lawyers.

How to use Facebook Ads for Lawyers to advertise your law firm?

Using Facebook Advertising Platform. You can show ads on Facebook & Instagram. It can be stories or appearing in News Feed. You can select the type which suits you best. You can even use an image, group of images, and videos. 

Is Facebook Ads for Lawyers effective?

Facebook has a large amount of population using it daily. It is a great platform for Lawyers to build a community and interact with people to build trust. They can then use the Advertising Platform and scale their ads to people living around. This helps to capture leads and getting more clients than traditional marketing. 

Can lawyers advertise on Facebook?

Yes, Lawyers like any profession or business can advertise on Facebook. They have to follow certain norms and Best Practices provided by Facebook. When it is taken care of, they can advertise and generate leads to get more clients. 

How to run Best Facebook Ads for Lawyers?

The basic requirement to run Facebook ads is an Ad Account. This article can help you how to set up an ads account. 

As you have set up an ads account. Let me explain to you the following which will help run ads –

Facebook Pixels

In your ads manager. Go to Business Setting. Under the Data Sources, Click Pixels. Follow the step-by-step guide and Install Facebook Pixels. This will help you to collect data on people visiting your website. Also, it shows ads to that person in their news feed.

CTA (If you are reading this and not sure what to do or how to do it, give us a call.)

Campaign Objectives for Facebook Ads for Lawyers

To start with an ad campaign. You must know what is your objectives. The objectives categorized by Facebook are –

  • Awareness – To help your firm or your name get awareness in the audience you will be targeting
  • Consideration – To transfer traffic to your website and generating leads
  • Conversion – Converting your Leads to clients


Setting up an audience is a crucial part. You have to know what your audience will be like or you can upload your audience. Audience can be based on these –


Choose the radius in which your audience should reside in. It should be within 5 miles of radius of your law firm address. Make it specific this will help you to target people by location.

Age and Gender 

Choose the age group in which your audience lies. Try to make it more specific to get the best out of your ads You can make the ad gender-specific too if your ad target a single gender.

Interest and Behaviours 

Choose the interests and behaviors of your audience. Make it related to whatever law expertise you are giving in. For example, if you are an immigrant lawyer. Type for the immigrant who recently moved etc. this will help you show the ad exactly to whom it will be beneficial.

Lookalike Audience

Facebook allows you to have an audience similar to the one you are interacting with. It allows you to create a maximum of 500 Lookalike Audiences from a single source audience. This feature can be really helpful to you as a lawyer. 

Visual Creatives Image

Let us start with creative visuals. It can be any of the following. An image, video, or carousel. The main idea is to make it so appealing that whenever a user is scrolling. He stops whenever he sees our ad. That is a great example of Visual Creative Images. Get creative. Think about what kind of images will catch the eyes of your target audience when they will be scrolling down their feed and make content around it. 

Let us learn with an example. If you specialize in divorce cases, your ad may include a photo of a couple fighting. This can help the target audience to relate and take the call to action you desire them to take.

Remember: Do not include violent images or those with blood in them. Aggressive images can be a violation of facebook’s ad policies and can result in your ads being shut down!

Video Ads

With the rising trends of consuming videos more. There is a lot of benefits of using videos in your ads. Let me tell you why. When we see videos if it is an engaging one. We usually spend time on it. This helps Facebook to nake users spend more time on their platform. Now let us see video ads from your viewpoint. You as a lawyer have to explain details to your client. Those little details which should not be missed in the text can be explained in videos. Make short and engaging explainer videos around the topic your ad campaign is running. This will help your audience to have free knowledge in their feed. They surely will have you on their top list to consult. 

Ad Offering

After the creative image or a video. Offer is what people read followed by headline and caption. We have to make our offer and direct them to take a Call to Action. It should be subtly compelling and lie in this area. 

Content is the main part of our Ad. 

But as we all know people use Facebook to socialize and be updated with the world. This is the reason why we have to create content that is fresh. It will also make the content more sharable.

For example, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announcing about getting a divorce. You can tailor your ad around it. 

Include a Call to Action 

Your call to action should be present in the button in the headline section. If not then what is the benefit of your ad to be shown when you can not complete them through a process? 

Your Call to action can be Downloading an ebook by you. It can be a redirection to your website or a form filling on the landing page. It is all up to you what kind of call to action you choose according to the resources you have.

Can lawyers pay for leads?

Lead ads for Facebook will work wonders once utilized. You can use a Landing Page or Facebook Lead forms. Facebook LEad forms are easy and helpful. Once Facebook users click on your ad, a kind of form pops up and their contact data from Facebook is auto-filled. This is how you’ll receive their data and get them started in your sales funnel. Users love this as a result of they never have to leave to enter their data. If Lawyers realize it. It will be helpful and result in generating leads with very little effort.

Using a Landing Page can be beneficial for those who have to portray different services provided by them in different law expertise. This can be a little costlier as Facebook charges extra to redirect to a website.  

A/B Testing

Now just before shooting our ads to our target audience. We have to test two kinds of ads. We can make two forms of our ads. Say A and B form. This can be helpful as your ad will be shown in both forms. The form which brings the most results and clicks will be shown to you in your Ads Manager. You can select that and it will be shown for the rest of the days.

It also helps you to know what kind of ads are loved more by people. Wait, why not I help you with it beforehand. So that you can be a master quickly and remember this post afterward.

Let’s get into it.

Facebook Ads for Lawyers Examples

These are the ad examples that we think will be really helpful for you. We will explain why and what you can steal from all these.

Piotrowski Law

He has explained the crimes going on in an explanatory video. he has leveraged the video ads as we mentioned above. He has kept the content as simple as it could be. All the content lies in the video. This leads to your audience stopping by and consuming valuable information.

(Click the link to see the ad)

Spektor, Spektor & Berman, P.C.

This ad portrays a visual image depicting Passports. As this ad will be shown to those who are targeted. They will stop by to learn about Immigration from a lawyer. Visuals are important that is why.

Wall & Wall Attorneys

Another example of an image that can help you stop your audience amidst the feed. A son and mother is also a picture that helps the divorced women to relate to if they are filing for child custody.

TWS Legal Consultants

Carousel is a type of visual format. In this, you can show different images with different headlines. This helps you to show different services provided by your law firm. Incorporate these in your Awareness campaigns to tell people more about you.

The Clairclus Group

This ad is on my list because it shows testimonials. Not just in the content but it depicts in the image. These types of pictures can be used by you and content showing testimonials by your client can be a great way to have a trusting audience.

Legal Match

Be a little funny and creative like this ad right here. They touch the pressure points of the targeted audience. It is a fun way and helps you to gather more reach as well as shareability.

Loan Lawyers

This ad is a video ad with animated stuff inside which tells us about Loan Lawyers. Telling the stats like them in your headline or even inside the visual can help build trust among the audience. The Call to action button is also a great way to redirect your audience to the landing page.

Palmetto Injury Lawyers

A simple and subtle way of advertisement if you do not have much time. You can find such photos from any stock photo website. A caption line that will touch pressure point with least amount of words. And ending with Call to Action of directly contacting you adds the cherry on top.

Now it is your time to run ads and make your targeted audience to hit the desired Call to action.

Conclusion for Facebook Ads for Lawyers

Now you are well equiped with the knowledge of Facebook Ads. I know that you will now take the best out of your ad campaigns.

So what are you waiting for?

Go run your ad campaigns, Learn as you go and generate leads.

CTA (But if you think it will be too much time to invest and it will be away from clients. We are here for you. We will apply it all for you and you will have all the benefits from it.

What is stopping us from doing it is your one Mail. Mail Us at — and we will start boosting your law expertise asap!)