Facebook Ads For Musicians – Result Bringing Ad Lessons You’re Missing Out

The music you create is amazing. But it brings no fans behind it until you market it properly. However, if you put some extra effort into the latest marketing platforms. Your music will be heard by the audience waiting to listen to your art.

What are the marketing platforms? Will they work? What are the strategies to market my music?

Keep the C-Note, you upcoming superstar. I, your Ads Consultant am here, I’ll guide you through the process of how you can make your music visible and get more listens to your music.

So, as you have clicked on the headline, you must know the Marketing Platform that will help you. Yeah, it is Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. It will not only help you to get more listeners but also it will help you to build a fanbase that is true and loyal to you.

Lets start with the most basic question asked –

Do Facebook Ads Work for Musicians?

They do pretty well. As a Musician, you are allocating your funds in getting the song out and on all those expenses. But what if I say that even a minimum of 100$ can help you market your new song. Using Facebook Ads you can market your music with less budget and you will get more reach.

Musicians are using Facebook Ads to get more listens on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and all the platforms they are on. You can sell your merch through these. If you have just started and want an audience. Facebook Ads can help you do any of these. But only if you do it right.

What is the right way? Lets know –

How Do I Advertise Myself As a Musician?

To start advertising on Facebook you must have a Facebook Page. This will be the source where you will not only advertise but also you will use this to build trust with your audience. You can use your Facebook Page to interact with the audience. It can show how you are in day-to-day life and how you prepare your art which can be Behind Scene images or videos.

To set up your Facebook Page you just have to fill up the information asked here and you are good to go. But this is the trust-building part.

To run Ads and to make more people know about you and listen to your music. You have to set up Facebook Ads Account as well. Don’t worry it will just take 2-5 minutes of yours and you will be ready to shoot ads.

Setting up Facebook Ads Account can be done here.

Now you have a Facebook Page and Facebook Ads Account. You are now all set to advertise yourself as a musician.

We will now move on to creating Facebook Ads for Musicians –

Creating Facebook Ads for Musicians

Create An Ad

As you will open your Facebook Ads Manager. You will see a green button with “+Create”. Click on it to start creating an ad.

Choose Objective

To choose an objective you are given different options to choose from. But as a Musician not every objective will work for you.

You should be using only three objectives from the above listed. These are –

  1. Brand Awareness – To make people aware of you
  2. Reach – To get more reach on your new music
  3. Traffic – To redirect the audience to your website/landing page

Set the Budget

The budget is something that is up to you to set. As some artists can spend too much on Advertising while others are short on budget.
I’ll suggest you try to spend your budget over the course of a month. Let your ad run for a month and more audience see your ad. This way you will be getting the best out of every dollar invested in your Facebook Ads.


With Facebook Ads, you can target your audience as precisely as you want. Here, you can target your audience based on the location they are in. If your music is language-based then you should show your ads in the areas where such language is spoken. Doing this will help you niche down your audience. It will also help you to cut down your cost as you won’t be showing a Spanish Music Ad to someone only listening to French Music.

Age and Gender

You should be showing your ads to an 18-35 years of audience. If you have a diverse audience you can set the upper limit to 65+ years.
Keeping Gender as “All Genders” as we are targeting both men and women.

Detailed Targeting

This is an important step that will help you to show your ad to the right audience. You have to use this step to create an audience that you want to target. Through detailed targeting, you can target your audience based on –

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

Among these three, only Interests will be helpful for us to target our audience.

Now just type in the interests that should match your targeted audience. It can be the music genre you are producing. Interest in some specific artist to which your music is similar. You can also use the interest in Music Streaming Platforms.

Try out with different interests and niche down your audience to only show the ads to the right audience.


Place your ads Automatically as Facebook recommends them. If you want to manually choose placements, you can do it by choosing the Manual Placements option.

Ad Format

Being a musician you need to give your audience a glimpse of your music in the ad. To do this you should use Video Ads. Using Images and Carousel Ad formats won’t bring results to you. Make sure you keep the Album Art with your music playing along as the basic video ad. If you have a Music Video and you are promoting the same. You can show that in your video ads.

Ad Text

You can keep your Ad Text as simple as “New Music Out Now” or “(song name) out now, Stream Now”. You will be surprised that such short ad texts work because your Video Ad will mainly stop scroll your audience.
Also, long ad texts are read less because the attention span of people today is way too low.

Website Link

Now, this was an easy step but I mentioned it just because I wanted to warn you. Yeah. Please don’t use direct links to Spotify or any other streaming platform. Build a landing page. What’s that? Let’s know in the next step.

Landing Page

Landing Page is a page where you make your audience land after they click on your ad. This acts as a bridge between your ad to the streaming services. Here is an example of what a landing page ad looks like –

This will protect your ad from getting banned from Facebook as it is not your website. Make sure you create an amazing landing page and then redirect your audience from there to different streaming platforms.

We are done with running Facebook Ads for Musicians. Now let us learn strategies from ads that worked –

Facebook Ads Examples for Musicians

Here are Facebook Ads examples according to whatever type of artist you are. Make sure you go through them and start running your own.

Facebook Ads for Artists

A video ad with different songs from the album all packed in one ad. You can use such an ad if you are an artist releasing your album.

Facebook Ads for Rappers

Album art with music playing along can be the best ad template for Facebook Ads for Rappers. Make sure the landing page is not Spotify or any other streaming platform.

Facebook Ads for Bands

For Music Bands, the best ad will be one where they are playing. That’s what your audience will like and you should be using the same. This ad example has created an event when they will be performing. Clicking on the link you can get the tickets. And Call to Action for the ad is Going to this Event.

Facebook Ads for Music Producers

Music Producers can be showing the ads with their studio or their equipment to invite artists. Here is the ad doing the same.

Facebook Ads for Music Videos

If you have just released a Music Video. You can advertise and tell more people about it and you can get more views on your new music video. Here is the example from Steve Aoki releasing his new music video.

Tips for Facebook Ads for Musicians

Video Ads

Using Video Ads than normal Image Ads to make people get a glimpse of your music. This also gets you more clicks to the link as the audience wants to listen to the whole song.

Story Ads

Leverage Instagram Story Ads to show our new music. This will help you to get more swipe-ups as Story Ads have high engagement. Also, your ad will sound just like a normal story which is great to be seen.

Ticket Sales

Use Live performance footage to drive ticket sales. You can also make an event of your show. This will help you get more ticket sales.

Merch Sales

You can use models or can wear them yourself or hold your merch for the photograph. These can be helpful Merch Sales Tips.

New Album Release

A Fun/creative video initiative to announce album release and drive streams. For example, a 15-second teaser of you speaking directly to the camera. You can use this to create hype for your new album.


That is it! You are now visible and you surely will thank me when you will see results.

Facebook Ads is helping many industries to grow. The music industry is also one of them. You were not at all late at this. All you have to do is start putting more dollars into advertising to make it grow more.

CTA (If you think after creating music this is too much work for you which you can’t handle. We are here for you. We will help you get the best results out of your Facebook Ads. What will you do?
Just mail us at help@adsconsultant.net
and that’s all you have to do)

Keep creating music and marketing it. Because music made with dedication needs to get listeners!