5 Facebook Clothing Ads Tips to Increase Your Sales Easily

Are you struggling with using Facebook Ads for your clothing brand? Is it being difficult to showcase your product to a wide audience?

I am sure you were struggling with such questions that is why you landed up here.

And if you are just starting with Facebook Ads. Awesome!

Let us use Facebook Ads for your clothing brand and make people look good just because of you.
I’m telling you, people are waiting for your catalog to reach them and they select from them.

You be thinking why be this person praising my clothing when he know nothing about it?

Actually, I believe every brand out is doing amazing work just like yours. All they need is to scale this amazing work to the audience scrolling online to purchase from you.

Let us now start with using Facebook Ads for Clothing –

Are Facebook Clothing Ads Legit?

If you are a brand dealing in clothing and you want to scale it. Yeah! They are legit. All you need is to be credible. People these days are using clothing ads to make money scamming. If you have a website and Facebook Page with the same names and you are running Facebook Ads. Your Sales will happen for sure.

If you don’t have a Facebook Page, go and make one. It takes a few minutes to set it up which you will regret if you don’t. Create your Facebook Page here.

Now you have a Facebook Page, let us learn about Advertising on Facebook –

How Do I Advertise My Clothes on Facebook?

Facebook’s Advertising Platform is one of the easiest and specific ad targeting platforms. According to Statista, the advertising revenue is increasing from 85 billion in the previous year to 100 billion+ in this one.

This increasing data shows investing in Facebook Ads will be really profitable for your business.

Coming back to our question
To advertise on Facebook you must have an Ads Account. To learn how to set up an Ads Account click here.

When you will create the account you will see this such a screen –

You have now landed on a blank canvas. Now we will perform art on this. You will see how amazing things will result from it to your business. Facebook Ads Platform is helping many brands to grow and it will help you too. All you have to do is to use the tools provided in the right way. How? Do you ask? By following the steps enlisted further.

As now that you have successfully created an Ads Account. Let us run ads –

How to Run Facebook Ads for Clothing Brand?

To run Facebook Ads for Clothing Brand you have to follow the following steps –

Create Ad Campaign

When you open the ads account. You will see a green button with “+ Create”. Click on it.

Choose An Objective

Now you have to choose an objective. These are the objectives provided –

Choose from the following whichever aligns to your brand. If you feel confused, Let me guide you with one’s you can use.

Use Brand Awareness objective to make people aware of your brand. This can be your first campaign where you make people know you.
Now send them to your website where all the products are listed with the help of the Traffic objective.
As people have Seen you and they Know you. It is time to make them Do.
Use Conversion or Catalog Sales or Store Traffic to sell them your clothing.

Following such a series will help you make sales. But if you sell them on the very first go, you know why your Facebook Ads were not working till now.


It is one of the parts which is solely dependent on you. You can search for them and people will tell you different budget ideas. But it is up to your spending on Advertising. You can start with the bare minimum. I will suggest the dates you should be displaying your ads for.

So look, the ads don’t bring results in one day. You surely will see the traffic coming but to really see the results. Run your ads for at least a week to as long as a month. Spread your budget to spend over a week and then you will actually see your ads working.


Now as we have allocated the budget and decided what the objective should be. Let us set up the Audience to whom we have to target. Facebook provides you with detailed targeting by using metrics like –


Create your audience by knowing where they reside. You can be an online store or you can be a physical store. You can choose areas to target. It can even be near to your store by targeting by radius.

For online stores, you can run different campaigns to target different areas.


You can choose the age of your audience for whom your clothing can be best suitable. If you are dealing with baby clothing you can target a 30-40 age group of people as they are parents. Or, If you are targeting boys or girls, the age range can be 18 to 23. Also, If you are dealing with men and women, an age group of 23-65+ will be suitable.


Gender specification is a really helpful metric that can help you as a clothing brand. You can show ads to specific gender if you are dealing in gender-specific clothing.

Detailed Targeting

Now, this is what I was telling you about. You can be detailed in choosing your audience and narrowing down the audience who wants to see your ads. You can target audience based on –

  • Demographics
  • Behaviors
  • Interests

You can use these and choose the audience you want to target and capture. Also, ask yourself the question that who wants to see my ad and then choose the audience.

You can also upload your existing audience.

To broaden your audience you can mix the audience made by you through the above points and uploaded audience. Create a Lookalike audience and you will have a wider audience to target to.


Placing your ad is a crucial point. You don’t want to show your ad at a place where people won’t even take action and your ad spend goes in vain.
To save you from that Facebook recommends an Automatic Placement option which is selected by default. You can choose it or you can Manually choose where to place your ads.

Ad Format

You can show your ad in different types of ad formats provided by Facebook –

  • Single Image
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Instant Full-Screen Experience

You can use these to display your ads. Mostly, Video Ads are used to make people aware of your brand. Carousel Ads are used to make conversions or sales. As you can portray different images in this type. These are used the most by the clothing industry.

Make sure your visuals are appealing that people stop scrolling from their feed to see what this ad is about. Visuals are the eye-catching part of your ad. They catch the eyes to make people go through what you are selling.


After Visuals, it is your content that makes people take the desired call to action you want them to take. This consists of three parts –

  • Primary Text in which you tell the offer or anything related to the visual
  • A Headline in which your offer resides
  • Website Link which shows that if a person clicks on your ad where will they be redirected to.

Make sure you create urgency and an irresistible offer for your audience. You want them to buy and not miss this deal anyhow. Be compelling and at the same time use the least amount of words.
Remember! It is an ad and people won’t waste time paragraphs.

Congratulations! Your ad is ready to shoot and bring sales for you!

But wait this is all?

Actually no, I have some tips for you that will help you to master Facebook Ads and Expand your clothing Brand.

Tips for Facebook Clothing Ads

#1 Building Catalog

Upload your products on Catalog. You can do it by using Commerce Manager. This will be really helpful to run Catalog Sales Ads. You don’t have to direct the audience to your website but they can make orders easily from their Facebook Feeds. By doing this you make consumer experiences easy and this becomes beneficial to you afterward.

#2 Adding Facebook Pixel

Add Facebook Pixel to your website. Doing this will let Facebook know where the audience stayed and browsed on your website. With this data, you can further retarget them or you can show ads of specific product pages which they saw but didn’t check out.

#3 Running Retargeting Ads

You should run retargeting ads to target an audience who is familiar with your brand as either they visited your website or Facebook Page. Also, you can show them some offers and acquire them by converting them.
However, you can also run retargeting ads to target people who once purchased and you want them to make a purchase again.

#4 Leveraging Dynamic Ads

These ads will be helpful if you uploaded them to Facebook Catalog. By running these ads Facebook will show the products to those people who viewed a specific product. It then shows them by extracting the product image and incorporating it into an ad.

#5 Measurement

If you are one of the people who are running ads and then complaining that they don’t work. Not measuring them can be one of the reasons. Even if you are someone starting with Facebook Ads for Clothing. You should measure your ads once they are completed.
Measuring your Facebook Ads becomes helpful in making decisions that are important from a brand perspective. You can spend more on ads if you see they have performed really well in converting. By allocating more resources you can make Facebook Ads better. You can even take decisions if you notice that ads don’t work and make necessary changes for the same.

These are the few tips that can be helpful and make your Return On Ads Spend (ROAS) increase.


That’s it! This all you want to know about Facebook Ads to increase your sales and overpower your competition.

Facebook ads take time to see actual results and it will take time for you to properly implement it!

Now it is your time to go and work on your advertising with Facebook to grow your Clothing Brand.

If you feel it is too much work and you can’t implement this guide.

CTA (Don’t worry. We at Adsconsultant help brands to grow and take the load off them. You can mail us at help@adsconsultant.net and we will help you with your advertising needs. )

Happy Advertising!