Facebook Furniture Ads: Learning from Profitable Campaigns

With Adverting Competition, you will be left behind if you don’t use Facebook Furniture Ads.

To get the best ROI of your marketing campaigns is trying new ways. You must try and test things so that you can run a successful campaign.

Hello Readers! Today I will tell you about the Furniture Businesses that have used Facebook’s Advertising Platform, resulting in profitable sales and conversions.

Somehow in this age too, people are reluctant to use Facebook’s Ad Platform. I know it sounds too much work. But if you see it as an investment made in your business, it won’t be that costly and tiring.

All you have to do is to read this article which will be helpful for you if you read till the end (bonus for you in the end)
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Let’s know how Furniture Ads are showed by Businesses and what can we learn from it?

Facebook Furniture Ads Case Studies

Let’s learn about the furniture businesses that used Facebook Ads and what did they get from using it? –

Attracting New Customers with American Furniture Warehouse

Goal: They wanted to attract new customer and increase their sales

Facebook Ad Format: Dynamic Ads & Video Ads

Time: 21 Days

What they did?

They used dynamic ads which help users to show the ads according to the product they were interested in. AFW uploaded their products in the catalog. Facebook uses the product images from this catalog and shows them to the audience via dynamic ads. Example – If I was interested in a cupboard but didn’t make a purchase. I will be hit with the Cupboard ads from AFW.


  • Make sure you don’t show ads to recent purchasers. Exclude them from your campaign.
  • They used Campaign Budget Optimization which automatically shifts budgets to the best-performing ad sets in real-time.


  • 13.4X incremental return on ad spend.
  • 22% increase in sales.

Increasing Sales with Ashley HomeStore

Goal: They wanted to increase their sales of the offline stores by attracting traffic from Facebook to make a purchase.

Facebook Ad Format: Collection format and Instant Experience 

Time: 21 Days

What they did?

They used Facebook Ads to drive traffic from online to offline. They were successful in doing so as they used the collection format and Instant Experience. These formats helped them to showcase their products thoroughly. It opened to full screen when one clicked or tapped on them.
They also used Retargeting by targeting those customers again who once made a purchase from them or visited their store once. By uploading a Custom Audience they made this happen. They also targeted customers who once visited their website and viewed product pages.
The text mentioned “We have the deals and stylish décor that you crave. Get 50% off when you visit your local Ashley HomeStore”
Also, by using Automatic Placements, they made their ads cost-efficient. As Facebook displayed their ads to only those platforms where ads were performing highest.


  • Drove online traffic to stores by enticing the customers to make a purchase.
  • Using Collections and Instant Experience Ads format helps the person to have a better idea of the product to shift his Interest into a desire.
  • Retargeting the customers who already visited the store becomes helpful that you don’t have to make them aware. You just have to provide an amazing deal. As they have already visited your store and they know about you.


  • 35% lift in sales
  • 8X incremental return on ad spend
  • 13% lift in sales from the retargeting audience
  • 11X incremental return on ad spend from the retargeting audience
  • 3.26 million people reached

Creating Brand Awareness with Rana Furniture

Goal: Increase the Brand Awareness and Return on Ad Spend

Facebook Ad Format: Video Ads

Time: 120 Days

What they did?

They used a Multi-Phase Video Ad Campaign to get Brand Awareness. They kept the ad short of up to 15 seconds. Call to action desired to make them land on the landing page of the store’s website.
They also show a video to a custom audience of existing store clients. They also used the Lookalike Audience of the current client list and targeted them through the video ads.
For the second phase, they targeted people who viewed 50% of the video and enticed them with the offers to purchase from a physical store.
To compile the phases and learn from them. They used a Measurement tool that showed how much impact Facebook ads are having on brand perception. This helped them to shift their advertising budget if it is really a result bringing platform. Rana Furniture also measured the offline store conversions.


  • Brand Awareness Video Ads to target the audience.
  • Retargeting the audience with Custom Audiences who once visited the website or Store.
  • Lookalike Audiences of an existing client base to broaden the audience.
  • Measuring the results to push the budget towards Facebook Ads and attractive visuals.


  • 35% lift in sales
  • 8X incremental return on ad spend
  • 13% lift in sales from the retargeting audience
  • 11X incremental return on ad spend from the retargeting audience
  • 3.26 million people reached

Online Purchases with Loberon

Goal: Attracting customers to make an online purchase

Facebook Ad Format: Dynamic Ads, Collection Ads & Carousel Ads

Time: 90 Days

What they did?

They used a cost-effective way to attract new prospective customers by using Facebook value optimization. Loberon used Dynamic Ads that –
– Targeted people who made a purchase or added something to the cart. A Lookalike audience was also targeted.
– Targeted people who once visited their website or browsed any of their items. Using Carousel and Collection Ads.


  • Targeted only the audience which will actually make a purchase
  • A cost-effective ad campaign
  • Dynamic ads for people who already made a purchase and for new customers
  • Lookalike audience who have taken some desired action on the website.


  • 54% increase in conversion rate, compared to same period in previous year
  • 42% increase in return on ad spend, compared to same period in previous year
  • 44% increase in revenue, compared to same period in previous year
  • 32% increase in shopping basket value

A new type of campaign with Kirkland’s Home Décor

Goal: Awareness of new store and Promoting online purchases

Facebook Ad Format: Photo Ads & Video Ads

Time: 30 Days

What they did?

They used Facebook Ad Campaigns to boost Awareness of their new curbside pickup services. By giving details of how this works in the video ad.
They also placed a Facebook pixel on their website. This helped them to know the customer’s actions on the website.
They showed ads to adults within a 10-15 miles of radius. They also showed their ads to the Custom Audience of website visitors and previous purchasers. Targeting was also done based on the current client base’s Lookalike Audience. They mostly targeted the top 1% who made a purchase.


  • Custom Audiences who made a purchase or visited the website.
  • Applying Facebook Pixel to the website to collect client data on the website.
  • Using Lookalike Audience of existing client base.


  • 24X return on ad spend in one month
  • 3X increase in the rate of curbside pickup orders during shelter-in-place as a result of advertising on Facebook

After reading all these case studies, let us now answer the question –

How do I advertise through Facebook Furniture Ads?

Now as we read about different Furniture Businesses leveraging Facebook Ads Platform. You have seen the results and it can work for you too. You can also have the same results.
To help you summarize all the information with some extra tips too –

Targeting according to Funnel

Target different audiences at different stages of the funnel with different creatives and different messages. This will make your ad campaigns cost-efficient and it will hit the right people and the right time.

Hot-Cold-Warm Audiences

As you are targeting according to funnel. Make sure you know the three types of audiences

  • Hot – Audience which is ready to make a purchase
  • Warm – Audience which is hesitant to make a purchase but can be converted to hot if shown offers
  • Cold – Audience which is unaware of you and probably new to you

Offline Store Conversion

Using Facebook Ads to drive sales to Offline Store. This is the basic objective of most furniture businesses. As it is a type of good that is best purchased after physical inspection. This is also used to make Local Brand Awareness. So that people around your business know about your store.

Instant Experience

A full-screen experience ad or Instant Experience helps your ad to be more attractive. When the customer will click or tap the ad, a full-screen experience of the ad will be shown to him. This is better than just a photo. You can use it to showcase furniture such as chairs, sofas, coffee tables, side tables, lamps, and rugs.

Social Proof

By running a campaign to get likes and comments will be really helpful to your business. This will build Engagement with your page. It is also helpful as when one of the people likes a page or photo, the friends of this person will feel the page credible. You can use this social proof to attract customers.

Use A/B Test

Use A/B testing on your ads. Try different versions with different texts. This will help you know what works and what doesn’t.


Use catalog and uploading your products to it. You can use it afterward by using dynamic ads. Having a catalog helps Facebook retrieve information about your products and show it to the right audience at the right time.

Lookalike Audience

Use a lookalike audience of your already customers. This will help you have a large audience who will most probably interact with your page.

Custom Audiences

Build Custom Audience by uploading the data of the customers who have purchased from you once or more than that. Retarget such customers. You can also use the data from Facebook Pixels. By this, you will retarget customers who once visited your website or browsed your product.

Ad Frequency

Ad Frequency is the number of times your ad is shown to the selected audience. Keep the Ad Frequency less than 2. This will save you from people blocking your ad which results in Facebook charging higher from you.

URL Tags in Google Analytics

Set up URL Tags in Google Analytics to know from where traffic is coming. You can also measure who is not buying. You can work on such areas to make people purchase from you.

Conclusion for Facebook Furniture Ads

Now you know how different types of campaigns are run by Furniture Businesses. How much profit and results they got by using Facebook Ad Platform. I hope you are now willing to use Facebook Ads and get the most out of them.
It can be really helpful for your business and you will surely scale it if you consistently use Facebook Ads.

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