Facebook Mortgage Ads: Generate instant mortgage leads

With a user base of almost 2 billion, Facebook can be considered one of the largest online marketplaces available to advertise. You can advertise using Facebook Mortgage Ads to generate instant mortgage leads.

Facebook ad revenue stood at close to 86 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. These numbers make it evident, How much Facebook is trusted and appealed by reputed organizations and potential budding businesses.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to generate mortgage leads using Facebook ads.

Do Facebook Ads really work?

As a mortgage broker, you must wonder. Isn’t investing in a billboard or digital signage better? What makes Facebook mortgage ads generate more leads?

The answer is: Facebook incorporates robust targeting.

Facebook owns user data such as Occupation, Age, Location, Relationship Status, Interests, Pages that you follow, Workplace, etc. This data when combed together makes Facebook Ads really effective.

E.g. If you want to sell a property in Germany to couples with an annual financial income of more than 50,000USD. You can achieve this degree of targeting using Facebook Ads.

Curious to know how this data can generate effective mortgage leads? Stick till the end with us to equip yourself with all the knowledge you need to generate mortgage leads instantly and effectively.

How do I generate mortgage leads?

Technology has firmly assisted the mortgage industry. In a report by Insider.com, Data revealed that 94% of property buyers look through the process online.

More than 70% of niches end up buying property through online channels. Your mortgage Ad should impress viewers subtly. Unlike normal commodities, House is an emotional investment. A lot of thoughts and sentiments are involved in every mortgage transaction.

We will help you create Ads that will funnel viewers into potential buyers.

4 Easy ways to generate mortgage lead on Facebook

Engaging Content:

Why are you reading us so far? Maybe because we are trying to form a connection with YOU. Similarly, your content should be engaging enough to make your viewers read your envisioned notion.

To achieve this, you will require certain keywords. That will help Google increase the relevancy of your Ad. Collect around 5-10 keywords. Research the keywords.

To find keywords that will help Google to rank you better, Visit content optimizer & keyword tool from cognitiveseohttps://cognitiveseo.com . This online tool will provide you keywords to effectively reach your targeted audience.

Once you have a decent set of keywords. Scribble engaging content around it. Think of it like someone walk into your office and you are explaining the details. Your content should feel fresh and genuine to viewers to create some Authority on google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to achieve engaging content for users fused with relevancy over the internet.

SEO comprises of balanced inclusion of entities represented in the above image. A high ranking on Google allows you to generate more leads hence more buyers.

You can hire pros to develop SEO-friendly content. Or simply follow this link to understand quick SEO hacks and techniques. https://www.webfx.com/internet-marketing/how-SEO-works.html#:~:text=SEO%20stands%20for%20search%20engine,you%20rank)%20in%20search%20results.

Attractive Propositions

Facebook offers users in galore and to set up a solid online marketplace, You need to increase traffic. Offer interactive discounts, Organize charity events: Donate a small amount of profit towards charity. Events like this catch attention of non-interested users and increase traffic.

Manifesting your good intentions towards your customers will generate a mortgage lead sooner or later.

This seems pretty accurate to me! #Iloveyou #discount #sale | Funny quotes,  Stock photos funny, Sayings

The above Ad represents how a simple and smart idea can generate an induced targeted user. Just because there is a heavy discount viewers will consider buying the product.

Facebook Mortgage Ads equipped with attractive prepositions generate high Click Through Rate (CTR) which firmly favors more leads.


To generate mortgage leads on Facebook, First, you must identify your audience. In this case: They are users interested to save time and effort in finding a home through online channels.

Your online services should convince users of how effortless it is to buy a property online. We have included the 3 most requested services from mortgage companies.

EMI Services:

Almost 96% of homeowners purchase their house on EMI. Makes sense right? Your mortgage services should let users avail affordable EMI plans. Low interest rates, easy-to-play installments, and availability of various payment gateways convince the customers to choose YOU!

Facebook mortgage Ads can include an EMI calculator, To give rough estimates to viewers in few clicks.

Rich Resource Library:

Mortgage leads are driven by the resource library of clients. Diverse resource library or here we must refer: Good variety of mortgage options at one place; is favored by buyers researching to start a mortgage loan.

Listing new homes frequently will maintain traffic on your Ad and simultaneously users will get a variety of deals to consider the mortgage options.

Responsive Customer Support:

If you have followed every mentioned step till now, You are supposed to generate immense queries every day. Resolving every query is imperative. It builds the buyer’s confidence.

To generate substantial mortgage leads your average response time should be less than 2 hours. It would avoid lumping up inquiries and positively target likely customers.

Customer Reviews:

Testimonials of your existing customers can significantly affect your target leads. Ads incorporated with customer reviews prove to rank better. Positive reviews are hallmarks of a successful business.

This tutorial will help our readers to understand: How to improve leads with customer reviews.https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-improve-your-facebook-ads-with-customer-reviews/

How much should you pay for Facebook Ads?

Facebook has a very simple model to Advertise. Cost-per-click (CPC) and Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). CPC allows Fb to charge you for every time someone clicks on your Ad. CPM on the other hand charge clients, every time viewer leave an impression. ( primarily a thumbs up or relevant emoji)

Cost-per-click (CPC) vs Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)


Facebook costs around 1$ (including tax) for every time a user clicks on your Ad. Basically, you can buy 1000 clicks for 1000$. If compared with the real-life scenario. It is similar to paying a helper 1$, Each time they bring a customer into your office.

You can pay Facebook to advertise 1 post or your page or your website. We will advise mortgage firms to buy CPC Ads whenever you list a new property. This will make sure you generate mortgage leads on every listing.


Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) is a relatively cheaper plan to increase mortgage leads. Facebook will charge you 7.5$ (including tax) in return for 1000 expressions. Sounds Good? Maybe you should read more.

An impression does not imply a successful lead. Anyone who saw your Ad can leave an impression without directly visiting your Ad. We suggest new mortgage brokers use CPM to advertise your page. This will generate local traffic. Once you have enough impressions, Use CPC for new listings.

Top 3 Best Mortgage Ads of 2021

Ad by Better Mortgage:

The better mortgage is ranked amongst the top mortgage lenders. To answer your doubts? No this is not paid promotion. Rather it is only smart to analyze your competitors. Better advertise with “Conversational Targeting”.

Like earlier said: Building a bond and understanding the needs of your customer is important. Better has developed its website interface as they are talking to you. This creates an instant connection between the buyer and loan officer without any real conversation. Let your content speak and generate leads hassle-free.

Given images describe How to create an engaging Facebook Ad:

No gimmicks, No flashy content. Only a little effort on hearing your clients can generate leads in no time.

Post by Chase:

As a mortgage officer, you must have heard about Chase.

Let us explain in brief how Chase connects with its audience.

Being a mortgage lender people don’t expect you to care about anything but property and mortgage rates. But you can create posts that break these cliché stereotypes to increase your organic reach. Chase on mother’s day invited its users to share memories of their mothers. This was unrelated to generate a direct lead. But helps to connect on a deeper level.

Ad by Bajaj Finserv:

Bajaj Finserv is India’s leading mortgage lender. Let us understand how they Advertise their agenda on Facebook.

To understand this Sample mortgage Ad we will divide this image into 3 small segments.

  1. This Ad is very informative. As it includes most of the information required by users before applying for a mortgage loan.
  2. Fonts and Font color are very simple and smartly used. Upper two and lower two texts are red and blue. Middle text is purple which is a mixture of red and blue. These small details make viewers appreciate the company subconsciously. And Increase Reliability.
  3. Company used a smiling girl. A smile conveys feelings of joy, desire and positivity to anyone who sees it.

Quick windup:

We hope you have grasped all the fundamentals to get started on Facebook and grow your business. If you can effectively target your audience Facebook Mortgage Ads can bring in countless leads, Use our in-house strategies to generate mortgage leads and share your success story with Us.

To learn more about Facebooks Ads click here: https://adsconsultant.net/facebook-ads-guides/

For any additional information leave a comment.