Fiverr Facebook Ads: You Don’t Know This About Fiverr Gigs

Are you hiring Freelancers on Fiverr for Facebook Ads? Stop! You shouldn’t continue it. Well, I think maybe you are unaware of how these small gigs that cost cheap can cost you way more than a full-time ads agency.

Hello Readers! I’m Ads Consultant and I’m here to help you out by saving you from investing your dollars in Fiverr Facebook Ads. I will also guide you about if not Fiverr than what?

Most people will think that I have something against Fiverr or Freelancers. Well, that is not the case. I have freelanced myself in my college days to earn money.

But as I was myself a Freelancer. I know now the quality of work that should be provided in that same dollars or even a little more than that. The main point is to have an ethical practice that can help a business to grow.

To clear things more. Let us first understand what Facebook Ads are –

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you connect with the audience which wants your product or service as it has a large audience. Also, it is the world’s largest social platform. To be precise, Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users which is a pretty good number.

Of course, this is an impressive number, but Facebook ads are designed to convey your message to the right people who are most likely to want your product or service.

This might niche down to a number in 1000s of people. As we want to target those who will be ready to decide between buying. Right?

Facebook Ads are used to advertise your business. But at the micro-level, it is making people aware of your business. Making them interact with your content. Also telling them offers and discounts that are going on. Finally, converting them into your customers by selling them your product or getting their contact information.

No, this is what will be provided to you by Freelancers. What you need is something which is actually Advertising and Marketing –

Why Fiverr Facebook Ads Are Not The Best Option?

Fiverr Freelancers uses Facebook Ads to earn quick money. you will see there are gigs available for the short term. Ever wondered why?

Because they are mostly college students and they want money for their petty expenses. To be straightforward with you. Anyone can learn Facebook Ads from I don’t know how many sources for free to get a quick buck.

But you as a company shouldn’t be looking for the short term unless you want to do business for a year or two.

Short Term Results with Fiverr Facebook Ads

No business starts in the short term. So there shouldn’t be marketing or advertising that is done for the short term. Wow! that should be a quote! LOL!

That being said. Facebook Ads follows a process with which Freelancers are not aware. It is called a funnel.

Usually, you can not sell your product or service without first telling about what you are selling. Right?

That’s how online marketing and advertising works too. There is a funnel through which your audience will pass through to become a customer.

A funnel follows the path of AIDA. Let us know what is this about –


AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action, and is one of the basic principles of modern marketing and advertising.

  • Attention of your customer and to make them aware of your business
  • Interest of your customer that they like your products
  • Desire of your customer to buy you over your competitor
  • Action to come to visit you and have a haircut from your salon

To do this, you need to attract the attention of your audience. Once you get their attention, it’s best to keep them by adding something interesting or memorable in your ad.

So your next goal is to create desire. This step is sometimes called the “solution”. The message you convey in your ad must be highly relevant to your target audience.

Then you must make a proposal that your potential lead cannot refuse.

After all, you need to find a way for people to take the action they want, whether it’s visiting your website, subscribing to your blog, or making a phone call.

For more information check this image

This is the process that is not followed. Some must say they do but you cannot provide it within few days. This tactic takes time to show results.

And to have customers for one purchase is not customers. So you need to have long-term and loyal customers.

Here is a quick story about Fiverr Facebook Ads that will speak for itself of why not to choose Facebook Ads from a Fiverr Freelancer –

Fiverr Facebook Ads Story

A guy named Marshal was looking to run Facebook Ads through an expert advertiser at a low cost. From recommendations and Google searches. He landed on Fiverr.

He found a 4.7-rating expert who was running Facebook Ads for 3+ years. Does this show that he must know what is Advanced Facebook Advertising? Right?

But as they made a deal and payment was made to let him run ads. But it was seen that he didn’t ask any questions about what is the goal of advertising. He just ran the ads straight for a two-week period.

My friend who didn’t know much about Facebook Ads let him proceed.

He ran Store Ads for his Insurance Services. And he had 3 years of experience.

This is how they make fools of innocent people to earn quick bucks. Anyways, getting back to the story.

The campaign was a failure and cost him more. It was this costly that if he would have hired an agency or an Ads Consultant. he would’ve been in Profit.

And many people wanting to advertise for their products and services for cheap prices fall in the trap of these people.

They will mention their experience which is not legit as they do not know about how to actually run Facebook Ads. They want to earn quick bucks so they are on this platform.

But the real question is that if not them then who?

If Not Fiverr Facebook Ads then Whom?

For the long haul. You need an agency to help you out with your Facebook Advertising. As it is a whole process from making people aware of your business to selling them your product.

You should choose us. As from the name we are Ads Consultant. This tells that you should consult us for your Facebook Advertising.

As we follow the process of making your prospective customer know about your brand. Then we make them aware of the products and services you provide by enticing them. Then we convert your potential customers to your customers.

These customers will be loyal to you as they have followed the process of the marketing funnel.

There are many companies that we deal with who were dealing with Freelancers. but as soon as they shifted and started working with us. They have seen considerable differences between growths with both parties.

But to make you more sure why to not choose Fiverr Facebook Ads Managers and why us? Let us move to the next section –

Why Choose Us Over Fiverr Facebook Ads

We have the experience you need

If you hire an employee, freelancer, or intern with less experience to manage your Facebook ads, you are at great risk (and you are likely to make mistakes!). Due to limited knowledge, experience, and expertise in Facebook advertising, millions of dollars are wasted on Facebook every year. You need a Facebook advertising agency with years of experience in developing successful revenue-generating campaigns.

We have information to help you grow your business

Using limited data to develop and expand your business is tough. For each of our advertising campaigns, we make sure that you get the most important metrics that ensure tracking your return on investment. We also provide reports to help you make the most of this information.

We are a full-service advertising company

Our full-service Facebook advertising agency can help you meet all your online advertising needs. If you need advanced graphics or email communications to attract new customers, we can help. Promote your business on other social media platforms by managing ads on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. We firmly believe that our advertising agency can become a long-term partner to meet your business needs.

What We Provide!

Free Audit

We provide a free consultation to know your needs and your companies history on Facebook. This not only helps us but also to you. So that you can also know what you really need with total transparency. As we show you what we can provide you and what results in you will get?

Competitor research

We do competitor research to know more about your industry. With the competitor’s knowledge. We can keep you one step ahead of your customer.

Target ideal customers

Advertising means nothing if targeted to the wrong audience. Showing ads to the right audience at right time is the major principle of advertising. We niche down your target audience by precisely choosing detailed targeting metrics.

Persuasive ad copywriting

A strong ad copy helps you to get more customers. We write persuasive copies for your ads. So that your lead can take the desired call to action.

Conversion-focused landing page

Landing pages need to be created in such a way that your lead has to make the least effort. Hence, we provide you with converting landing pages.

A/B Testing

Not every ad creative and ad copy works. It needs to be tested with different versions tweaked. This is why we run A/B Tests for your ads. So that the best ad can bring the best results.

Facebook Pixels

Your website traffic can be targeted on Facebook. By adding pixels to the website helps to get more precision in targeting.

Retargeting ads

Once a customer made a purchase. He is not to be forgotten. Targeting them again with retargeting ads.


After running ads, we report them to you on monthly basis. As there should be transparency and you should know what we are doing. We report it to you.

We are ready to work with you, Are You?

See, I have completed my research and provided you with data from which the results can be drawn. After this, you too would also be willing to work with me, right?

Now that you understand why you should not choose Fiverr Facebook Ads. This article has provided you with all the important and minor details you need to know.

I believe in the transparency of the relationship between customers and service providers. Therefore, this is the vision of my organization which we are committed to achieving.

You can provide your email address below, and we will contact you to provide you with loyal customers with a method that doesn’t scam you. But only moves around your brand’s growth!