Free SEO Consultation

Free SEO Consultation: Optimization Hacks to Rank you Higher

Free SEO Consultation: Optimization Hacks to Rank you Higher

A Free SEO Consultation can help you understand the current performance of your website, the required changes, and where to start. However, the analysis will be based on How good is your consultation agency?!

SEO is a very time-consuming and confusing process. Google keeps updating its algorithm constantly and it can be a pain to make changes according to it.

Free SEO Consultation is a trick for digital marketing companies to collect more customers. Companies will just tell you what’s wrong with your website and then ask you to fix it. Easy Money!

I cannot complain about it because SEO has more than 10 components. Perfect optimization means checking the most boxes. And you cannot do it yourself every time.

It is best to get a Free SEO Consultation and then hire pros to optimize your website to rank it higher.

Today, I your Ads Consultant, will help you optimize your website by fixing some basic SEO mistakes. In return, you will rank higher than usual and increase your profit.

Also, We will provide SEO Consultation to all the readers. Click on this link to book your Free SEO Consultation now:

Let’s talk SEO.

Is SEO free of Cost?

Is SEO free of Cost?

SEO is not a commodity you can go and shop online. It is a process that requires expertise and a lot of effort. This should answer your first question, No SEO is not free of cost!

To do complete SEO, you will require content writers, SEO pros, and analyzers. Everyone will charge the cost of doing what they do!

If you are willing to do it all yourself, I am sorry to say it will not be enough! Without proper SEO tools and keywords, you will not yield optimal results.

You will be amazed to know that the top 3 websites take away 72% of traffic from Google. And top website gets the biggest pie. 57% of users click goes to #1 ranked website. Imagine you rank on the second or third page, It is practically useless. You will hardly receive 5-10 leads in one month which is not enough!

However, A good SEO company will make sure that you rank at least on the first page. Furthermore, to stay ranked for a long time, you will be required to regularly update new keywords, content, and metadata.

A good SEO cannot be free of cost because the experts will invest a lot of resources to rank you higher, which costs money.

How long does SEO take to work?

How long does SEO take to work?

SEO rankings are greatly affected by the competition of keywords. To explain it better, let’s divide keywords difficulty into 3 levels. Low, Medium, and high.

Keywords with low competition mean that there are only a few articles with that keyword on Google. It is always a good opportunity to target keywords with high search volume and low competition. Keywords with low competition usually take 2-6 months to rank stably on Google.

For medium competitive keywords, you can expect 4-12 months to rank. This is backed up by Google itself. That it takes 4-12 months to achieve stable rankings on Google.

Keywords with the high competition are a tough nut to crack. It can take you 1-3 years to rank with such keywords. Even after the long wait, if your SEO is not perfect, you will probably not rank. Because high competition keywords require deep knowledge of SEO to rank.

We have ranked in the #3 spot in less than 2 months for a medium competitive keyword. Not a flex, just a reminder that pros can help you rank a lot faster than you try yourself.

Can I do SEO myself after Free SEO Consultation?

Can I do SEO myself?

Once you know the problem it seems to be an easy solution to fix it yourself. But what if the Free consultation reveals that: Your website is not indexing on Google, that the robots.txt file is missing, that its canonicalization is not working, or whatnot.

Do you expect to fix it yourself? Because I doubt it.

Hiring a specialist is the only wise choice. No doubt you can learn SEO and then do it yourself but it will require time and devotion to learn all the new stuff. You cannot run a successful business and learn SEO and do other important things in life at the same time.

Learn basic SEO here.

How much does it cost to hire a SEO specialist?

How much does it cost to hire a SEO specialist?

After the free SEO consultation, it is important to follow up on the reported problems. SEO prices are volatile and vary with the location and experience of the company. Also, how much you are willing to optimize, the more you ask, the more you pay!

SEO experts usually charge according to 3 models. Monthly, Fixed, and Hourly. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Monthly SEO Cost After Free SEO Consultation

This is the most popular payment model. As SEO is a lengthy process, It is only wise to partner with an SEO agency for at least one month.

Usually, SEO companies in the USA will charge 500$ – 3000$+ per month for optimization. This cost depends on the type of your business, size of your company, extent, and expertise of SEO required.

If you own a small business and looking for tiny changes on your website, It will cost you a lot less than to launch a new SEO-optimized website.

We provide professional SEO services at very affordable prices. Click on this link to book your Free SEO Consultation now:

Fixed SEO Cost After Free SEO Consultation

Free SEO Consultation can prove really helpful. Because once you know what’s wrong, you can pay specifically to fix the encountered problems.

For such situations, Fixed SEO services are the best deal. If you lack the technical side of SEO, you can hire a technical SEO company to fix things for you. Similarly, If you don’t have quality backlinks, you don’t need a technical SEO team. You just need to pay to integrate your social media with your website.

Following are the average Fixed SEO price in the USA:

SEO ServiceCost
Content writing0.15$ – 0.5$
Website Audit300$ – 2500$
Social Media Integration250$ – 2000$
Local SEO 300$ – 3000$

All the above prices are an average of what a decent SEO company will cost. If you choose a high-end SEO company, you will end up paying more than double of listed prices.

Hourly SEO Cost After Free SEO Consultation

This payment model will be beneficial only if you have good SEO knowledge. Else, Individuals or companies can charge you more hours for trivial work.

You can expect to pay 150$ – 500$ per hour to SEO experts for hourly consultation. This mode is more expensive than the monthly model and is not advised to people new to SEO.

Individuals or companies that cost less than 100$ can be a scam or not worthy of your time. Quality SEO is neither free nor cheap.

How much should I spend on SEO?

SEO is like fuel for your website that keeps it running. So, the answer is clear. Going full throttle will require more fuel, thus more spending on SEO.

An average SEO firm will charge 500$-3000$ per month for optimizing your website. It is not necessary that a better company will rank you higher every time. A local SEO company with expertise in your business can help you rank a lot better.

So, fix your aim and budget before selecting an SEO company.

Also, do not pay in advance. Pay in small installments (monthly or weekly) and pay only if you can notice the delivered results. You have every right to question what and how your company is doing SEO for you.

Save yourself from scammers that ask for big investments early on and later make excuses and waste your time.

Watch this video to budget your SEO:

Is SEO worth the money?

This is a default question that will cross your mind when you start knowing SEO.

The Internet has advanced and complex reasons explaining the importance of SEO. But performing SEO has 1 major reason that It helps you rank higher on Google search. A high ranking further gives business advantages.

A successful SEO can result in the following benefits:

  1. Higher SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Ranking.
  2. Increase in Local Visibility of your business.
  3. With increased visibility, you can expect more inquiries and potential customers.

I am not here to attract you with my words and give you high hopes. Because the competition to rank on Google is gruesome. You cannot expect a fancy website without SEO to rank on Google. But If you can rank on the first page in your locality your sales will triple in no time.

Can you do SEO for free?

This is a funny question I am asked a lot in online comments. But if you have read this far, you must have figured out the answer.

It is a NO. We don’t do SEO for free and no one will.

SEO is complex and time-consuming work that cannot be done for free. In fact, cheap SEO companies are also a scam or not worth it. Therefore, it is advised to stop wasting time on cheap SEO companies and look only for experts.

Also, stay conscious of SEO scams. Keep an eye on red flags before choosing an SEO company. There are many companies that provide Free SEO consultation at first and later promise you better rankings and scam you.

Always research your SEO partner, because they might not be faithful to you. (Don’t follow this advice in your relationship)

What we can offer after Free SEO Consultation?

What we can offer after Free SEO Consultation?

By now you must have realized that you should hire an SEO expert after your free SEO consultation from any company. We provide professional SEO services with visible results.

Like I said earlier, SEO has more than 10 components and complete SEO means checking the maximum boxes. We can do the following things for you:

Website Audit

We provide free SEO audits for all new customers, including in-depth reviews of your website, keyword analysis, current rankings, internal and external SEO metrics, and competitive analysis.

This audit can cost you 300$ to $2500 depending on your requirements. If you hire us for full SEO optimization of your website, this audit will cost you less than 100$.

So, what are you waiting for book a session with us now!! Click here.

Loading Speed

It is necessary to have a high-speed website that loads faster and is responsive to every device. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to open, your website needs optimization.

An average user will not wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load. You can lose a potential customer just because your website is slow.

We will increase the loading speed of your site and increase your chances of ranking higher in various search engines (especially Google). With fewer people bouncing out because of slower page loading speed, you can enjoy more traffic thus more leads to your website.

Keyword Research

If you don’t target the right key phrases, SEO will be useless. Keyword research is absolutely imperative. We research keywords for you based on search volume, competitiveness, and relevance.

We provide valuable keywords for your business based on the keywords that your target audience is actively looking for. This strategy is 100% tailored to your company and your goals.

Our keyword review includes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your website
  • Understanding of your business and goals
  • Determining the best keywords for your target audience

Content Creation

We add new and optimized content to your website every month to help you rank for specific keywords. This helps you to attract potential customers to your website.

Search engines such as Google will look for websites that can reliably provide users with valuable content. If you add new and optimized content from time to time, your website’s ranking will only rise.

Our Content creation SEO service includes –

  • Content development so that you can quickly rank for your specific keywords.
  • Our team of professional copywriters can create interesting and valuable articles and optimize them precisely for your keywords.
  • More than 1000-word high-quality articles per month

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO is very important to the ranking of your website. Our on-page SEO service can fully optimize your website to achieve maximum coverage.

We optimize individual websites to achieve higher rankings and generate more relevant search traffic. Including positioning. And keyword density, meta tags. , Sitemap, identification of duplicate content/tags, etc.

Local SEO

We use special local SEO optimization strategies to help you find people looking for you on local sites, including Google Maps/Google My Business. Yelp, etc.

Start to rank higher than competitors with help of citations. This will lead to an increase in phone calls and visits to your store(s).

Link Building

Backlinks are the core of SEO. This is why we create high-quality, targeted backlinks for your website to get better rankings and more traffic.

By creating pro-link-building strategies for trusted links, content distribution, social media marketing, directory listings, etc. This helps you to get credibility in the eyes of Google crawlers.


Beware of SEO companies that don’t tell you what they are doing. If you don’t know what adjustments are being made, they can be using a black hat strategy to lower your ranking instead of increasing.

Therefore, we provide you with high-quality reports, allowing you to understand what happened to your activities in real-time. Know what you are paying for.

Partner With US!

With everything said, now is the decision time!

Are you ready to partner with us and optimize your website to get a higher ranking?

If Yes, then click here to schedule a free strategy session with us. If not, I hope you don’t make a bad SEO investment and lose your hard-earned money.

Make sure to research your SEO partner beforehand. Because SEO takes a long time to deliver results and you might waste your resources and time on a bad company.

Signing Off!

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