Geofencing Facebook Ads: Cheatsheet For Detailed Targeting

Targeting your audience based on location or by running geofencing Facebook ads can be very effective. You can target an audience you think will be in a specific location or visits a specific area.

Well, most businesses want to get the benefit of geofencing Facebook ads. But some complications arise when it comes to precision targeting.

So to make you know more about geofencing Facebook Ads. The benefits it will provide you and how you can run them for your business?

Without further delay let’s learn what it is Geofencing Facebook Ads?

What is Geofencing Facebook Ads?

Geofencing uses technologies like GPS or RFID. A boundary is created around such a location. So that whenever a mobile device enters this boundary it can be targeted through softwares. Geofences related to advertisements will target users in specific geographic areas.

Geofencing enables companies to reach specific audiences. For example, if you are an injury lawyer, your potential clients are more likely to go to an injury hospital or car dealership after their vehicle is damaged in an accident.

Or for people participating in an event show, you can create an environment, hot spots around the venue. You can also provide your target audience with special offers that are only available at your booth.

Geofencing has potential which can be used but some people ask the question that –

Can you Geotarget on Facebook?

Yeah! Obviously. Geofencing targeting or geotargeting is available on all the advertising platforms like Google Ads, Snapchat, Linkedin, and especially Facebook.

Though Facebook gave the options of targeting based on age, gender, demographics, interest, behaviors, and locations. In addition to location, Facebook allows advertisers to advertise by targeting audiences on basis of Geofencing.

This has benefited many businesses and marketers to get results. Talking about benefits let’s see what advantages you will get if you run Geofencing Facebook Ads –

Advantages of Geofencing Facebook Ads

The biggest benefit of geofencing advertising campaigns is a higher return on investment. On average, marketers saw a 20% increase in conversions. In addition, marketers can expect –

Better data

Data is more important than ever for marketing; brands with the best data can easily outperform their competitors. Geofencing enables marketers to generate high-quality data.

Improved efficiency

Marketing is not only to increase sales but also to minimize effort. Geofencing enables marketers to do more with fewer resources.

Higher participation

Geofencing activities also encourage more participation. why? Because you will only reach people who have a lasting interest in your product. Therefore, I definitely want to know more people.

Improving customer relationships

If used properly, geofencing can also help build customer relationships. If you keep sending relevant advertisements and messages, consumers will gradually connect to your brand and wait for your updates.

The concept of geofencing has been around for several years. But with the proliferation of mobile devices, their capabilities and abilities are also expanding rapidly.

Therefore, we will discuss how to use this feature to market your business and how you can setup Geofenicing Ads for your Facebook Page in the following next sections –

How do I use Geofencing on Facebook Ads?

The increasing popularity of mobile devices has led to the emergence of geo-fence advertising. There are many effective ways for companies to start using geofencing to get results. But using Facebook has the majority.

Geofencing can be used in the following ways –

If you want to show ads to the customers who visited your store. You want to retarget them with special discounts and offers for that specific audience. You can do this with the help of geofencing ads. By choosing your store location and using the audience who visited within a month.

Also, you can target the locations which can be places where your audience can be. It includes your competitors’ stores. As you both are selling the same niche of products. Your audience will also have the same interests and behaviors. This can be a Lookalike of your audience.

Talking about the audience. Finding places where your audience can be or a similar set to yours can be present. You can use geofencing Facebook ads to the target audience at such events. For example, you are an Interior Designer then you can target an audience at a furniture and interior expo event.

Similarly, you can target Apple iPhone users who visit Apple Store for Phone covers. It can be related to mobile or laptop accessories. This can even include targeting vet clinics if you sell animal-related products or services.

I have seen marketers and business owners targeting audiences with some amazing geofencing ads. Like a marketer ran ads for an irresistible offer targeting customers visiting nearby restaurants. This got them more footfall which made the ad campaign a high ROI ad campaign.

Geofencing Facebook ads can help you target anyone who steps you think where your audience should be. Using gym locations that are crowded can be used by new gyms and can be even be used by companies selling gym-related products.

This was a guide for you to use geofencing ads creatively. You can use them with more tweaking.

How Much Does Geofencing Facebook Ads Cost?

You can add geofence ads to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Adding a geofence to your event does not incur additional costs, you only pay for the basic cost of the ad campaign on Facebook.

With these types of advertisements, you can specify the most suitable amount for your company. You choose the budget of your advertising plan.

However, itโ€™s important to note that bids for display ads and social media ads for geo-targeted ads may be slightly higher. Other competitors may try to bid for similar placements, so click costs may increase.

Let us now start setting Geofence Facebook Ads for your business –

How to Setup Geofencing Facebook Ads?

After learning that how geofencing can be beneficial for your business you really need to run these ads and try out the amazing ROI it gives you. To advertise Geofencing Ads you have to follow the following steps –

Create an Ads Account

To start running any ads campaign you, first of all, need an Ads Account for your Facebook Page. You can set up one really quick.

Create an Ads Campaign

You will land on this page. Click on the green button which says “+ Create”

Choose your Objective

You can run the ad with any predetermined objective you have to get the results of your geofencing ads. In my point of view, you should choose Brand Awareness or Store Traffic. As these works well with geofencing Facebook Ads.

Set Details for Targeting

Next up, fill in the age, gender, budget, demographics, behaviors, and interests of your audience. This will help you niche down the exact target audience. It can help you exclude store workers and any people you don’t want to show your ads to.

Using Geofencing to Target

Now, this is where it starts getting interesting. I want to target people in the area of New York Avenue in Washington DC.

But my target audience should lie in a place smaller than the area Facebook provides me to target. So to target a specific audience in the area of my chosen location. I excluded the areas around it. This helped me to leave with the area I wanted to target. See the image below –

You can also choose multiple locations where your stores are. Or it can be your different competitors’ store –


Use placement to place your ads in stories. As these are quickly biteable when someone is outside. You can use feed as the placement too. It totally depends on your ad and its ad copy.

Write a relevant ad copy with attractive creative

As you are showing your ads to a specific audience that is in this specific location. You have to make sure that your ad copy and ad creative are relevant to your ad campaign. If this goes wrong, your ad can be a fail. So keep this little hack in your mind.

Wrap Up for Geofencing Facebook Ads


You have successfully learned how to run Geofencing Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads have the potential which is yet to be discovered by many. You have to use them creatively and your ROI can see an increase with your Ads Account always shining bright.

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