Google Ads for Attorneys: 5 Hidden Tips Only Pros Know

You own a law consultation website but it is not helping to fill your pockets? You are the best lawyer in town but still, your client list is always empty? heard about Google Ads for Attorneys?

This might happen when you ignore your digital marketing efforts.

As a lawyer, it is very important for you to create an impressive online portfolio to reach prospective clients. Google ads can help you achieve this with the least risk and maximum returns. With Google Ads, you can increase your online visibility in no time. And later expect hundreds and thousands of clients.

But Is running Google ads enough? No, its not.

Because every smart lawyer runs Google ads and you will compete with professionally handled campaigns. Imagine a high school student fighting a legal case against you. What are the odds of your winning? Probably 100% because you are a professional.

Similarly, if your Ad and a professionally curated Ad will pop up in a user’s search, your ad will obviously lose this online battle. and you might lose a potential customer.

But But But!

You don’t have to worry. I will teach you how to launch Google ads for attorneys and win against marketing pros by using their tricks against them. Nothing is out of the box. Just tips & tricks that pros learn from their experience.

Let’s start by answering some general questions!

Why l need Google Ads for Attorneys?

I kind of explained this in the introduction. But it was a vague explanation.

Given image benefits of Google ads for lawyers:

Your law firms need Google ads for the following reasons:

  • Massive reach

Google is the biggest search engine on earth and advertising on Google means to advertise on digital earth. No mode of advertisement can reach people like Google Ads. You can advertise to a global audience.

  • Allows Targeting

Google ads are designed to target specific users you wish to target. This means if you want your ad to be seen by people between 30-50, Yes you can do that. Hyper targeting can allow you to advertise for people that can be your potential customers thus saving money and ensure only quality leads.

  • Low Risk

Advertising costs money and there is always a risk. Even with physical ads like billboards, pamphlets, and wall paintings, there is no guarantee whether your investment will bring results or not. Google ads have a super low risk which means they are evident to bring prospective customers.

  • Quick Results

Google ads can deliver super-fast results. Google intensively shows your ad to your preferred audience and helps you get leads in no time. In just 1-2 days you can expect a massive inflow of queries and bookings for consultation.

Does Google Ads for Attorneys?

Yes, Google Ads works for Lawyers. They work for pretty much everything.

This is just a fictional answer. If they worked so well why don’t every company is a millionaire or billionaire? Because only good and planned campaigns work. (use of proper keywords, working landing page, etc.)

Google can just display your ad to whomsoever you will tell it to. But it’s not important that a person will respond to your ad. Google cannot make them click on your ad.

In many cases, they work wonderfully. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Macy’s have generated revenue of billions using Google ads.

Checkout this video to know how do Google Ads for Attorneys works?

After reading this post you will get to know all the professional tips you will require to advertise your law firm.

How much do law firms spend on Google ads?

Over the years justice system has evolved very little. Same punishments, Same hierarchy of court, Same uniform, and Same mode of marketing. (word of mouth and law firms)

Law firms spend 6-7% of their revenue on advertising. Out of this only 1-2% of investment goes for online ads. Roughly a good law firm spends only 2000-5000$ on Google ads.

I believe lawyers earn good money and investing so little on Google ads is not worth it.

As for you, I would suggest spending at least 10% of your monthly revenue on Google ads. You can target local customers and build a brand simultaneously. (As more people will see your ad more people will recognize your law firm)

How do I advertise my law firm online?

I am not here to guide you on how to launch Google Ads for Attorneys. You can find it anywhere. I am here to give you useful tips on how to enhance your Google ads.

Follow this tutorial by Google to get familiar with Google ads:

Visit this video to know how to launch Google ad campaign.

Using a metaphor, the Technical process (Google’s guide for ads) tells you how to cook food step by step, But I will explain how to cook food that everyone will eat.

This was a weird metaphor. But let’s ignore it and move on!

6 Professional Tips on Google Ads for Attorneys

Let’s talk business now!

I hope you have learned how to create a campaign. Now let’s discuss how to run it successfully. I will share some insider tips on marketing only pros use.

Tip 1: Target audience for lawyers

Many beginners don’t research their target audience. This leads to hollow leads and ineffective marketing. Many advertisers lose a major chunk of their ad investment because they target the wrong audience.

I will tell you how to find your target audience in your locality. Providing data is not enough for you. Data change every year from region to region. So I am explaining the process in easy steps. Analyze your region and find customers in need of a lawyer.


Setting up an audience is a crucial part of starting an ad campaign. You have to know what your audience will be like or you can upload your audience. Audience can be based on these parameters–


Choose the radius in which your audience should reside. It should be within 5 miles of radius of your law firm address. Make it specific this will help you to target people by location.

Age and Gender 

Choose the age group in which your audience lies. Try to make it more specific to get the best out of your ads You can make the ad gender-specific too if your ad target a single-gender.

Interest and Behaviors 

Choose the interests and behaviors of your audience. Make it related to whatever law expertise you are giving in. For example, if you are an immigrant lawyer. Type for the immigrant who recently moved, which will help you show the ad exactly to whom it will be beneficial.

Use these analysis tips to find your target audience. Then complete your Google ad campaign by filling in results from research.

Tip 2: Keywords for Attorneys

Keywords are the backbone of digital marketing. Every successful campaign is backed up by a quality collection of keywords.

Keywords are the words from user searches that match the description of your ad. Professionals collect before launching an ad campaign. It helps you target users more effectively.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to see the keywords with less bid and more volume. You have to target that low-hanging fruit that will be beneficial for your Ads Campaign. Following are the different type of keyword types –

  • Broad Keywords – These are the keywords that will target the audience no matter what they add with the main keyword. For example, our keyword is Lawyers in California then if a person types “Best Lawyers in California under 600$” then also your ad will pop up. To use broad Keywords use the “+” sign in front of your keyword.
  • Phrases – Using phrases will help you get the results related to the exact phrase match. Like in the above example if I keep the phrase “Lawyers in California” using the parentheses. My exact phrase will be used and the audience who will type the keyword including this keyword will be shown my ads.
  • Exact Match Keywords – This is the exact match keyword which means the audience should type exactly the keyword then only the ad will be shown. This is used for making sales to those audiences who are ready to buy. To use exact match you can use {Lawyers in California} in syntax.

Collect some solid keywords and use them wisely to gain maximum customers. Don’t use all the keywords in one or two ads. Use them in ratios like 3:2:1 for Broad:Phrases: Exact.

Tip 3: Quality of ad

Yes this seems to be obvious. But 34% of Google ads are bad. This is my personal observation.

A quality ad doesn’t only mean high-quality graphics and fluent English narration. A quality Google ad is the one that can compel users to click. Following are the components pros make sure to include in their ad campaign:


Data from California state reveals “The State Bar of California licenses more than 266,000 attorneys to practice law in California, with 190,000 licensed attorneys on active status.”

What makes you different and unique? If you know the answer make sure to mention it in your ads. A prospective customer will definitely click on your ad If your USP is truly unique.

Irresistible Offer

You might be a new lawyer and don’t know your USP yet. Don’t worry!

Launching Google ads with an offer or discount is evident to be more successful. Many new advertisers simply mention the discounted rate on Ad. This is not smart. Use the following offer templates to create engaging offers for your Google ads for lawyers

Give a 30% discount for filling a simple form.

Offer 1 session free on 3 prepaid lawyer session.

Give discounts to labors and workers on labor day.

Giving a discount also helps as your keyword. Imagine your ad giving 25% to women and a lady in your locality search for “Affordable Law Firms in California”, Then there is a high chance your ad will appear in her search result.

Tip 4: Monitor And Collect Data

Don’t relax yet. When you post your Ad, Your real work begins.

Pros follow up on each and every lead and use retargeting to further connect them. You can create a local landing page to collect user data like Name, Location, and Email. (Many people are not comfortable with sharing their mobile number).

You can ask for this data in return for a free call consultation or redeeming through a discount. Make sure to tell that this data is secure and will not be shared. Once you have details of probable customers (they shared their information which means somewhere they need YOU!) use the following tips:

How to use user data to improve Ads:

  1. Observe which page of your website is regularly visited
  2. Note down which lawyers are viewed by most users
  3. Observe which type of law services are required by most users

Using this data create your next Ad and incorporate the following:

  • Create special ads for the most viewed law practice.
  • Directly link the most visited page of your website with your Ad.

This might seem time-consuming but retargeting is equally important as a fresh Google ad.

Tip 5: Ad Extensions

Experts say you get a 15% higher click-through rate or CTR if you put Ad extensions to your Google Ads. There are three options given by default –

Site Extensions

These help you to make the ad personalized for your audience. You can give them different site links to your website where they can choose the lawyer in the budget they are looking for.

For Example, You can use 250$ or less500$ to 750$ or 750$ and above. Now when they will choose any of them. You can make specific landing pages where they can find a listing under these prices.

Callout Extensions

You can use these extensions to make your audience take the desired action. These are the default actions given by Google Ads. You can also add your own.

Call Extensions

Call extensions help you to get direct calls to your contact number. To get leads is an amazing way if you use this extension.

By applying proper extension you can also collect data and use it to further retarget your audience.


Our today’s session has come to an end.

I hope you gained value after reading this post. I bet if you can dedicate 1 whole day to understand the mentioned tips properly. You can consider online consultations as your primary source of income.

Potential of Google ad is humongous and who knows if you are next big name on Google!

Use all these tips to create Google ad campaigns for lawyers and launch pro-like ads.

Signing Off and Google luck. I hope this article serves you justice. A final law joke was worth it!

For any queries drop a comment.