Google Geofencing Ads: Secrets To Target Your Audience Precisely

Sometimes you need to target people based on specific locations. Maybe you thought of targeting the customers who visited your store. Right? This is where Google Geofencing Ads comes into play.

If you want to target people under a few miles or target people in a specific location. Geofencing Ads are helpful in all such targeting ads.

But to run these ads you need to know few things about them. We will be discussing the same in this article.

To start with Geofencing Ads. We first need to know what actually are they. So without further ado let’s get started –

What is Google Geofencing Ads?

Geofencing uses technologies such as GPS or RFID. A boundary was created around this place. So every time a mobile device crosses this fencing, it can be targeted by the software or API. Geofences associated with advertisements target users in specific geographic areas.

In other words, Geofencing is an activity that triggers an action when a person enters a virtually defined area within a certain range of variables (such as date and time), such as when a cafe wants to offer coupons and discounts to people working nearby in the morning.

You can use geofencing activities to set the number of days (days of the week), hours (4:00 AM to 7:00 AM), and only target people driving or walking within their geographic area (in this case, Assuming 0.5 miles) of your store location. So that people can see offers when they browse the web, check email, or their social media.

How does Google Geofencing Ads work?

According to Google, sometimes users want to use a specific application when in a specific location, such as an airport or supermarket. However, the user needs to navigate to this application and then perform specific operations in it when approaching the location of interest.

The Geofence API allows you to define the boundary around an area of ​​interest, also known as a geofence. When the device crosses the geofence, your app will receive a notification. Thus providing a better user experience when the user approaches the area.

Geofencing API intelligently uses device sensors to accurately locate devices while saving battery life.

Let’s know learn how it is beneficial in Google Ads –

Benefits of Google Geofencing Ads

Target individual buildings…not just the ZIP code.

Think about how you can be more effective in targeting specific buildings and business areas compared to the 1 or 2-mile radius of your desired location. A custom billboard in a specific location you know is usually your ideal customer. Consider an injury lawyer who wants to reach accident victims. Visiting hospitals and emergency centers are the ideal place to display advertisements, learn about your legal practices, and get a direct response.

Locate users when they arrive at their destination

Geofencing allows you to locate users when they arrive at their destination. They can play applications or browse websites on your smartphone or tablet/laptop, and then may see your ad. This is how you can point them out and talk to them when they are there.

Locate users after they leave their location

Geofencing allows you to serve ads to them after they leave the geographic extension. Our platform sets a 30-day limit for people who can see your ad, but once they click on your ad and visit your website, that person can be allowed for a long period of time (in some cases up to 1 Year) was recommended.

Return on investment

Due to the specific circumstances of the campaign you initiated, geofencing is expected to provide you with a higher return on investment compared to other brands and direct response campaigns. You may be wondering how to measure the return on investment of geofencing activities. ? We have more answers to this question below.

Better data

Data is more important to marketing than ever. Brands with the best data can easily outperform their competitors. Geofencing enables marketers to generate high-quality data.

Higher advertising expenditure ROI

Can we say that geofencing provides at least 97% coverage of your budget than simple targeting methods (such as zip code targeting)? Even if you choose to target within 1 mile of your location and compare that location to 10 buildings that can be geofenced, your ad spends coverage will increase by at least 99%.

Improve customer relationships

If used properly, geofencing can also help build customer relationships. As you continue to provide relevant news and advertisements, consumers will gradually connect to your brand and wait for your updates.

Improve efficiency

Marketing can not only increase sales but also minimize the workload. Through geofencing, marketers can do more with fewer resources.

Track natural participation until event participation

Through geofencing and, of course, our platform, you can track the number of people who visit your storefront naturally and the number of people who visit your storefront after they see the ad. We call it geographic height. We calculate this by observing the percentage of increase in natural visitors to the store and the percentage of increase in advertising for store visitors.

Marketing geofencing is cheap and effective

If your marketing team is using the Google Ads platform, your company already has the tools needed to run an effective geofenced marketing campaign. Google enables companies to set location-based options for their sponsored advertising and business data. There is no additional charge for this feature. You can customize your sponsored ads to appear in the international territories of your choice, the United States and Canada, specific regions, states, or regions.

Tactics to Use Google Geofencing Ads

For marketers, geofencing provides many opportunities for target audiences who are more likely to convert due to location advantages. When a person crosses the virtual threshold, the company can provide compelling advertising and supporting materials.

In addition, brands and agents can extract valuable data from these activities, such as consumer thinking, shopping trips, and general data analysis.

Examples to use Geofencing Google Ads

The restaurant can use geofence. Like targeting people within 2 miles of their location and offers them free snacks on slower days of the week.

Auto dealers can offer significantly lower car rates comparable to the rates with competitors. With whom your customer has just taken a test drive. You can do this by running geofencing ads targeting your competitors’ location(s).

If you want to advertise to customers who have visited your store and want to redirect them with special discounts and offers for that specific audience, you can do this by selecting store locations and using geofence ads for each audience visited within a month of a time period.

Speaking of the audience. Find where your audience may be present. You can also target events. You can use geofence ads to target audiences at such places. For example, if you are an interior designer, you can reach the audience at the event of the furniture and decoration.

Similarly, you can locate Apple iPhone users who visit the Apple Phone Case Store. They can be targeted for accessories for mobile or portable devices. If you sell animal-related products or services, this might even include targeting a veterinary clinic. Overcrowded gyms can be used as the target location for new gyms or even companies that sell fitness products.

Google geofencing ads can help you attract anyone by cleverly thinking about where your target audience would be present.

Let’s now look at the costs to run such ads –

How Much Does Google Geofencing Ads Cost?

As mentioned above, Google Geofence ads can be cheap and effective. Though you can add geofencing ads to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. There is no additional cost to add a geofence to your event, you only pay for the basic cost of the Google advertising campaign.

These types of advertisements allow you to choose the amount that best suits your business. You choose the budget of your advertising plan.

However, it’s important to note that display and social media bids for geofencing ads may be slightly higher. Other competitors may try to bid on similar placements, which can increase click costs.

Now let’s finally learn how to create your Geofencing Ads –

How Do I Create Google Geofencing Ads?

To create Google Geofencing Ads you have to follow the following steps –

Create an Ads Account

If you don’t have a Google Ads Account. You have to set it up first. Those who have one can skip to the next step. For those who don’t have one can quickly set up with this reference video that will be really helpful –

Choose An Objective

From the given objective which suits the best with the ad campaign, you are going to run. Following are the objectives provided in Google Ads Account –

It is recommended to choose Brand Awareness/Reach or Local Store Visits.

Geofence your ads

As you will enter in the ad campaign. You will find the location. This is where you can use Geofence Ads. All you have to do is enter the advanced option. Here you will find these options.

  • Add – Adds that location in your targeted locations list.
  • Exclude – Excludes the location you don’t want to target.
  • Nearby and Located Locations – Lists of nearby locations which you can use to target.

You can use zip codes or use the radius to target locations or your competitors’ building by manually pinning it or you can also search them.

This is how you can run a Geofence Google Ads which will help you show ads to people who enter a specific location.

Ad Copy

Create a relevant ad copy to show to the audience of a specific area. This ad copy should be relevant only then you will see the benefits of these ads.


This is it! You now know everything about Google Geofencing Ads.

Also, You have successfully learned the step-by-step process of how to run Google Geofencing Ads. Google Ads has some tricks to increase your ROI. But they only work if you use them correctly.

In addition, you have to run Geofencing ads creatively to see an increase within your Ads Account.

Hence, geofencing ads have potential which is still untapped by many marketers. Therefore, share it with more people to also use it to target people around their businesses. You can also learn about running Geofencing Facebook Ads.

If you feel it is too much work for you to run the ads with such complex and details methods.

We got you covered! We at Ads Consultant provide you with full Google Ads expertise. All you have to do is drop a line below and we will contact you to help you run Google Geofencing Ads.