How Coolsculpting Facebook Ads work: Every Question Answered

Own a medical spa? Interested to sell coolsculpting procedures? Coolsculpting Facebook Ads and more?

You are in right place!

I will tell you How to leverage the power of Facebook to create a flow of new CoolSculpting leads! Also How to convert these leads into booked consultations while you are sleeping 🙂

You don’t have to hire pros When you can become one!

This post will answer all your questions before you start running Coolsculpting Facebook Ads.

So let’s get started without wasting a single second.

Can you advertise coolsculpting on Facebook?

Yes you can advertise coolsculpting ads on Facebook. There is no doubt about it.

Yet this question is asked by every other medical spa owner like you. Ever wondered why?

Because in 2020 alone 278 coolsculpting related ads were banned from Facebook. But Why? “They are sexualizing” said Facebook in response.

Facebook has some strict policies which keep a check on Ads and Content uploaded by users. Facebook bans ads related to nudity or promoting sexualization. Which has nothing to do with coolsculpting.

An Ad or post focused around fat reduction and not sexualization is safe and is allowed by Facebook.

Use male models or female models with proper clothes and you are good to go.

Do Coolsculpting ads work?

NO. They don’t work.

Just kidding mates, In fact they work great.

But I said No for a reason. Direct Coolsculpting ads don’t work very well.

Coolsculpting is a fancy word and many people don’t know about it. It came into popular culture just recently. So what’s the point of this article?

Okay, I will end this question spree now!

Coolsculpting Facebook ads work If they are focused around “Fat Reduction using Automation

There are millions of queries on Google regarding Surgery/Operation to get rid of fat? But only few hundreds about Coolsculpting.

Both of the things intend to reduce fat, But the difference in response is HUGEEEEEEEE.

So To make a working Coolsculpting ad, Catch visitor attention first and then talk about Coolsculpting.

You can educate and create awareness, But Do you got time and resources for it? You decide that! or take the easy way and say: Fat reduction using Coolsculpting (Big NO to Get fit with a Coolsculpting treatment)

How much Facebook charge for coolsculpting ads?

“It depends”

That’s what she said. Haha

These are the multiple factors which affect the price of Facebook Ads:

These are few main factors that influence the cost of your ads:

  1. Your Audience
  2. Bidding type and amount
  3. Objective of Ad
  4. Industry

I will skip how these factors affect cost of ad, Because you are not here to do PhD on Facebook ads.

For a coolsculpting or any professional services-related industry, Facebook charge 1.1$ on average for CPC type ads. And 13.8$ (avg.) for CPM type ads.

CPC means Cost Per Click Ad. That is you will pay Facebook 1.1$ to bring visitors to your landing page. In simpler terms: If Facebook is a person, You will pay 1.1$ to him/her to bring someone into your medspa. This does not guarantee any sales but at least now you can show what you can offer.

CPM means Cost per thousand impressions. That is you will pay Facebook around 14$, So 1000 people look and react at your Facebook Let’s assume Facebook as a poster boy now. You will pay 14$ to this boy to stick 1000 posters in your locality.

CPC or CPM for Coolsculpting ads?

To be honest ‘It depends”

If you are low on budget and can’t afford to bid on CPC ads, CPM ads will work for you.

But! Buttttt! But!

If you don’t mind spending a dollar to generate leads, CPC ads are my personal suggestion. They guarantee that a person will be directed to your landing page.

The average cost for a Coolsculpting treatment is 1800$. So it is advisable to spend 1$ on someone who can generate a sale of 1800$ rather than spending 0.014$ on someone who might be not interested at all.

Coolsculpting target audience for Facebook

This is a big misconception that only fat people are the ones who need a coolsculpting treatment. Anyone out of shape is your potential customer.

In technical terms it’s called audience (Anyone Obese) and look-alike audience (Anyone unhappy with extra fat).

Many med spa intensively focus on bulky people as their audience and fail to achieve enough leads. Because someone fat can be happy with their fatness. Facts! Not being rude to anyone

A person can be happy in their skin and targeting someone happy never work. Because what you offer might not be what they need.

But someone unhappy with body fat like of course someone obese (and wanting to get fit), a pregnant woman (After pregnancy), and people with fat-related difficulties (Not getting married, High sugar, High/Low B.P., and many others) is your prime audience.

Business must boom but respecting the sentiments of customers is also important. So next time you create an Ad to promote Coolsculpting, Make sure you target the right people.

How do you market Coolsculpting?

I will not teach you How to create an Ad campaign, Because Google can answer that better.

Instead I will tell you How to run a successful Coolsculpting campaign. (Which Google has no idea about)

First I need 2 things from you.

  1. Create a landing page. (know-how here)
  2. Get ready with 2-3 discount offers or free consultation.

Now let’s get ready to run a campaign.

Landing page:

Your Ad is always connected to a landing page. Many sellers make their website homepage as their landing page. Which is not the best thing to do!

Create a landing page requesting following fields:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email

You must be thinking why would someone give their personal information. Here your offers will come into action.

Create an ad offering 30-40% discount on coolsculpting or provide free consultation. You can also give a 300$ off on 2 coolsculpting treatments

To avail of any given offer, visitors will have to fill in their required information. Later put every lead into your email list and get ready to follow up on everyone.

Include a video of the benefits of nonsurgical fat removal using coolsculpting treatment. Use this video to communicate with your customers. Display your care before you sell a costly treatment to someone.

Ad Content:

To make someone visit your landing page. Your Ad should be engaging and interesting.

Apart from discount and offers your Ad should include some human touch. Creating a poster or video that focus on benefits of coolsculpting rather than selling it, Is expected to perform better.

Don’t make anything super flashy, Make it eye-catchy but subtle in some sense. Using following ideas can improve quality of Coolsculpting Ad:

  • Create “before and after” ads
  • Include human affection
  • Make customized ads for different occasions ()Mother’s day, Christmas, Easter etc.)
  • Don’t reveal too much skin

Ad Caption:

Your ad caption is advised to be short and readable. Inform readers to fill details in landing page to avail offers.

Creating a SEO optimized caption can be really helpful.

SEO in easy words mean using keywords that visitors want to see and can make them stop at your ad. Here is the list of keywords that can generate easy leads for coolsculpting treatments.

Using above keywords in your Ad caption can give a CoolBoost to your CoolSculpting Ad.


The final step to complete a successful campaign is to get back to customers, who are unable to book a appointment at time of running of ad.

Retargeting your latest ads to previously interested audience is evident to be more beneficial.

At least 560% of retargeting ads generate successful lead in second time.

So follow all these steps to run a successful Coolsculpting ad campaign.

Working Coolsculpting ads

Learning from good and using it to create best is our aim.

Let’s look at some Working Coolsculpting ads and understand why they worked and generated leads in their run time.

Ad #1

This ad literally checks every box as a successful ad.

  • It shows “before and after” images
  • Include a good offer
  • Tells directions of medspa
  • Lists benefits of coolsculpting
  • Involves human touch

No surprise this ad generate 27016 leads in just 2 months of run time. Leads here refer to people who redeemed the offer and filled details in landing page.

Ad #2

This image was used by clients of This ad was purely created to direct visitors to landing page.

On landing page there was a video which explained the details and benefits of Coolsculpting treatment.

You know what makes this ad so special? That smile!!!!!

The image itself is very welcoming and gives happy vibes. This Ad explains how sometimes just a smile can generate 126 leads in just 7 days. Their target was to collect 50-60 leads in 2 weeks time. And they achieved their ad in just one week.

Ad #3

This ad is included to help my readers understand power of GOOD CAPTION.

Ad image is very simple and includes a very basic discount. But the caption can make you click on Get offer and boom! Mission Successful!

Caption is very charming and makes visitors curious to visit the landing page at least once.


So it’s time to put all the given knowledge to use. Go Go Go!

I answered all the hot questions related to Coolsculpting Facebook ads. And now I expect you “med spa owners” to share this article with anyone who has same questions.

Create a creative landing page, focus on your ad content, write a solid caption and use retargeting ads to seal the deal.

Incase you want to get knowledge about med spa Facebook ads visit this article by me.

Wishing you luck and signing off!

Drop a comment to resolve any query.