International SEO Agency: Improve Conversions By Going Global

Are you looking for an International SEO Agency? Do you want to see an increase in your traffic? Are you looking to go global?

Well, who is not?

By optimizing the website with SEO for different languages and different parts of the country. In short, it means going international!

The global market is huge and consists of different languages which have a massive number of users. So you have to keep in mind that not everyone speaks English.

If you target only English-speaking regions or audiences. You might miss a large market share.

I believe that international SEO is rising and will continue to rise. With increasing interest because of globalization is an ongoing trend.

Cross-border e-commerce is booming, and Facebook and Google are looking for emerging markets in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, where more and more people connect and shop online easily.

But what actually is International SEO? –

What is International SEO?

International Search Engine Optimization or International SEO is simply optimizing your website for different countries and targeting people speaking different languages.

You can create a multilingual website in a separate domain in a specific country or a subdomain or directory of an international domain (usually .com, .net, or .org).

Most multinational companies face the challenge of copying content for the right audience and serving websites in specific countries/regions.

Google and Bing hold around 93% of the global share. After this Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex stand with more than 150+ languages.

This is the global audience you have to tap with the help of multi-lingual content.

The main question arises why?

Do you need to go international?

When you know that most website visitors are from other countries. They use different languages ​​or use two languages ​​at the same time.

It may be time to make some changes to your website to make it more user-friendly for your international visitors.

International search engine optimization may seem like a completely unknown concept at first glance. But in fact, you may know it better than you think.

Think of international SEO as geotargeting, rather than optimizing your website to attract traffic outside the city limits. In short, you will optimize it for different countries and languages.

Here are some advantages of International SEO that will help you to take a step ahead to opt International SEO –

Advantages of International SEO

Increases Sales

The ultimate goal of any business is to improve sales and conversions. Whether you want to support your marketing through SEO optimization in international e-commerce or increase direct sales.

You can maximize profits and achieve the highest possible return on investment going global. As you are open to the world and your content is optimized in all languages. This turns out to increase your sales.

Improve Search Engine Ranking (SERP)

No matter where you are looking for companies in your market, whether it is Google, Yandex, Baidu, or other search engines. Getting your website at the top of the international rankings becomes a top priority.

Search results can not only increase your visibility but also build more trust with potential customers. So you don’t only need more traffic but the targeted potential customers.

If you carefully evaluate your target market to find the best way to reach them, these potential customers are more likely to convert.

Build your authority

The road to better sales begins with building trust and credibility. If customers believe that your brand provides value, they are more likely to contact you and purchase your product or service.

Without this trust, your time, money, and energy will be wasted.

Therefore, you have to ensure that every page of your website is authoritative and build trust in your brand.

The more you get reviews from different parts of the world. The more people will show trust in your offerings.

Attracting and engaging your audience

Dominating search engines is meaningless without content that appeals to your audience. This is a serious SEO problem. Agencies flood their clients’ websites with uninterested traffic distracted by clicks.

This not only leads to low or no conversion rates, but also to high bounce rates, which in fact will quickly destroy your continued ranking.

This is why you have to make multilingual content and design. A strategy that meets, attracts and ultimately transforms the needs of the audience into customers. Without losing leads anymore.

The best website structure

Your website should achieve maximum performance at home and abroad to achieve maximum visibility.

With AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)you can generate maximum sales and conversion rates. By using SEO best practices, including appropriate language and country/region settings, HREFlang tags, Google Search Console settings, content duplication prevention in multiple locations, etc.

It will help you to bring your business the international success it deserves.

And to do this you need help. Why? you ask! Here is why? –

Why International SEO needs an Agency?

Having complex and detailed best practices is difficult to understand by oneself. It is better to use the expertise of an agency that knows how to do International SEO.

This will not only save your money but also time. Because of the diverse languages used over the globe, there is a need for translators.

Hence, SEO and translators work hand in hand to make your site optimized for every language and region.

There are many reasons for doing this. Some of them are:

  • The Google Webmaster guidelines are not clear and understood by many related to international SEO and its ranking & indexing.
  • Guidelines of different search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google are different.
  • The policies are really dynamic and change over time. It becomes difficult to keep up with them.
  • As there are many technical and strategical difficulties. It becomes hard to maintain best practices. Also to compete with the companies in the niche. It requires a lot of testing and analysis which becomes challenging for a website.

So which agency then?

What is included in our International SEO Agency services?

Following are the services provided by us in our International SEO service –

International SEO audit

We analyze your company’s entire website structure in multiple languages, and our experienced SEO team will check the website structure, navigation, content, internal links, current search rankings, backlink profiles, website speed, and mobile devices, and will make a clear optimization plan.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO for optimized structure, traceability, and speed. A fast, fully functional, and well-designed loading structure is more important than ever to make crawl-ability and SEO overall competitive. The complete structure of the multilingual website and clear instructions for developers.

International SEO Startegy

SEO analysis of your company’s website leads to the formulation of an SEO strategy. After thorough research on your website, keywords, and competitors. Our team can prepare an SEO strategy and process that suits your structure and budget allocation.

Landing Page Optimization

Don’t just translate your content!

We work to optimize and create attractive and keyword-related landing pages for your services and solutions around the world. Pay attention to cultural nuances and make sure that your brand uses a truly global voice for local search engines.

International Keywords

What keywords should your team use for each market on your company’s website? To attract a wider audience through your website, our SEO experts conduct keyword research in multiple languages ​​and implement a process to help create better content using keywords that potential customers are looking for.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a way of increasing traffic seamlessly. We work to create compelling content for your inbound marketing strategy. Blogs, partnerships with third-party providers, associations, public relations, or product pages. We make sure to take the voice of your brand into account and optimize your content internationally.


It’s no secret that language is one of the biggest obstacles companies face when entering new markets. Not only should your content be written in the local language, but it should also be rigorously optimized with a multilingual SEO page and provide interesting information about it.

We provide you with this so that your content is top-notch for every language or location you want to target.

Conclusion and FAQs for International SEO Agency

SEO is no longer about placing your website in one country or only in English-speaking countries. You have no choice but to think from a global perspective.

Not only is it more affordable, but it also reduces competition and allows you to see results faster.

Of course, in the common market where there are only a few competition is only a small part of the US market.

Hence, with the boom of eCommerce in different parts of the world and the adoption of online shopping by nearly every part. Going International becomes the need of the hour.

This is why we are here to help you out. We are an International SEO Agency to meet your global SEO needs.

All you have to do is drop a line below and we will reach out to you with your Free SEO Consultation!

Here are some frequently asked questions which must have come through your mind related to International SEO –

Can’t I ask Google to translate my website into other languages?

Yes, but this is a mistake. When Google translates your content into other languages, the grammar and scripts are not always translated correctly. For example, some words have different meanings in different languages. Due to this your potential audience can quickly get them to leave your website. This may reduce your website’s performance in search results and sales to overseas visitors.

Do other countries use other search engines?

Although Google is the main international search engine, Bing, Baidu, Qihoo 360, Yandex, Naver and DuckDuckGo are popular overseas search engines. We have experience with major search engines and can improve your performance and perform follow-up analysis for each search engine.

Is it expensive to enter the international market?

The level of competition may vary, but attracting customers from other countries is not more expensive than attracting customers from local or national.

Do I need a new website for each destination country?

No, but you need a unique login page in different languages. We can help you create custom pages for each region so that Google and other search engines can provide the right page for the right audience.

How does Google know which areas I want to target?

We use regionally targeted keywords and internal ratings to accurately tell Google which area we want to target. Whether you want to cover the local area or the entire country/region. We have the experience and understanding to make it possible.