Jewelry Facebook Ads: Secrets For Getting The Best Results

Some question Jewelry Ads can’t go live on Facebook.
Others say it is a waste of the money put in.
Some even say why run ads when you can retail them from stores?
While others are confused with these questions and I guess you are in this category.

But don’t worry. I made this whole post to help you out with these questions. To help you run ad campaigns that don’t only go live but also bring results.

So let’s answer the first problem-related Jewelry Ads

Does Jewelry Sell Through Facebook Ads?

Why not? Facebook is a platform you can sell anything (unless you are looking to sell illegal stuff. Beware!)

Facebook is a marketplace with billions of users. You can target them. You can build trust with them by building a community. And in the end yes, you will surely make a sale.

To back all my words let me show you a success story of a business that scaled its sales with Facebook Ads.

It was a Jewelry Business only. Did you saw the power of Facebook Ads now?

They scaled with increase on return on their ad spend by 27.5X

1.1 Millions of visits on website within a month

I think these two statements are motivating to run ads with mind-blowing numbers backing it.

“But not everyone can achieve such a number, right?”

Yeah. True. Not everyone will. But you, you are here my friend and you will surely get the best out of Facebook Ads.

And you will see how your online store outperforms the retail store. So we have to make retail and online stores work together to bring better results for your business.

So to get the best results, we need to learn how to promote our Jewelry Business on Facebook.

How to Promote Jewelry Business on Facebook?

To promote a business online or offline. The process is almost the same. Let me ask you this?

What you do when a customer walks in your shop?

You greet them nicely. Try to build their trust as you talk to them making a conversation. Right?

The same is the process with Socially Marketing your customers. You don’t straight forward sell the jewelry.

Firstly, you make them like it. You make them trust the quality. You do it all.

In the same way, you have to build the trust of your audience when posting about your Jewelry. You have to assure them about your quality and how genuine you are? It must look like a hard-to-do task. But if you are looking to scale your business. You have to lay the foundation of your Jewelry business.

You can do this all by –

Posting 3-5 times a week

Post regularly so that people know you are active and stock is fresh & trendy.

Tell them about your shop

Where it is located and where they can reach for your products? Giving a shop tour can help you entice them to visit once.

Show them your staff

Making your audience familiar with the staff helps them to have trust in you and your staff. They know them online and when they will meet them in the shop. It will be easy for them to recognize and get their help.

Interacting with your audience’s Comments

Don’t let the comments of your customers hanging in the comment section. You have to reply to them to make them feel important.

Reply to the DMs

Just like you don’t want the comments hanging loose, you don’t even have to let the DMs left unread. Talk to them. Guide them if they are asking something. Do the best possible you can.

Now you have the blueprint of trust-building. I hope you remember all these points and incorporate them into your Facebook Strategy.

Let us now advertise our Jewelry with Facebook Ads and answer your question of –

How Do I Advertise Jewelry with Facebook Ads?

To advertise your Jewelry Business. You have to open an Ads Account if you don’t have one already. It is a simple process. You are asked for your company name, address, email, and number. It will take around 2-3 minutes.

Now as you have set up your Facebook Ads Account let me tell you about how to run an Ad!

Create an Ad

To start an Ad Campaign. Click on “+Create”

Choose Campaign Objective

As we start the campaign. We are asked to choose an objective. Now see what kind of objective aligns to yours. These are the following objectives –


This is the ad spend you will like to run your ads with. It can be as per your budget. Make sure you show your ads for at least a week to see results. Spend your budget evenly according to that.

Target Audience for Jewelry Facebook Ads

Now let us select the audience. These will be the people who will be your prospective customers from the billions of users. The more niche down your audience the better. Meaning that your audience should be specific and not too broad if you want to get the dollar back from your spend.


The area in which your audience resides. It can be near your shop or if you deliver it. It can be a broader area. Based on the type of Campaign you are choosing it with. If you want store visits, the location will be specific. If you want awareness and choose it as a campaign. It can be as wide as a city.

Age and Gender

As a Jewelry Business. You must be solely targeting females. But if your campaign is related to Males gifting Jewelry to their Females. You can choose accordingly. The same goes for the age whichever you feel is apt to your stock.

Demographics, Interests and Behaviors

These three will help you to target people.

Targeting based on their Demographics. That can be their area or if they moved recently or the profession they are in. All comprises in this.

Targeting according to interests. These include the interests of the person. If he/she is looking for Jewelry. It can be specifics even. You have to try what you deal in and what is available in the drop-down menu.

Last is Behavior. This includes the behaviors of your audience buying online or shopped online within the previous few months. This can help you show such people ads more.

This will all make up your audience.


This feature is used to place your ad. Facebook gives you two options to either choose yourself i.e. Manual Placements. Or you can hand it over to Facebook i.e. Automatic Placements. It is recommended to use the latter.

Ad copy

Visual Format

This is the Eye-Catching part of your Ad. If it is attractive. People will stop and read it. If the visuals are not eye-catching. You will be scrolled away and that is what we don’t want.

The different formats provided are –

  • Image ads – a single image showing the product
  • Video ads – Video of the product to be sold
  • Carousel ads – different images in one ad copy

You can also use the already existing post and use it as an ad.


It is the part where you sell with words. After the viewer stops because of Visual. We have to make sure we compel them to take the desired action by helping them to pursue through our words.


It shows the Call to Action of your Ad. It is along side your Call to Action Button. Keep it short.

Now you know how to run an ad campaign. And you also know how to make your ad.

Before I sign off. I would help you with some tips that will be helpful for your future ad campaigns.


#1 Different Ad Campaigns for Different Objectives

Use different Ad Objectives and run different Ad Campaigns. This helps you make a funnel and target people in them. A funnel looks like this

#2 Facebook Pixels

Adding Facebook Pixels to your website can be really helpful. It gets you the data of your customer visiting your website and is helpful to target and retarget on the base of their position in funnel. To add Facebook pixels you can either use a plugin in WordPress or Wix. You can also manually upload it yourself to the root file or can get help of your Developer.

#3 Facebook Likes

Buying a good like Jewelry needs some recommendations or credibility. You can use the Engagement objective in your Ad campaign to get Facebook Likes. This will help you as to when the friends like a certain post. It feels it is authentic and people buy faster.

#4 Custom Audiences

Facebook gives an option of creating your custom audience by uploading the data you have of your customers to Facebook. This will help you get a specific audience with whom you have already make a sale. Create your audiences here.

#5 Commerce Manager

Create your Catalog or shop displaying your products. This will be inside Facebook and the customer won’t be redirected to a third-party site. This stands helpful and easy for you as a Jewelry business page owner to leverage this. You can create your shop or catalog by uploading your products here.


Now you are ready to be in one of the success stories because of the Facebook Ad Platform. If you use the following tips and guidelines mentioned in this post. You will definitely reach the masses of the audience. Don’t be hesitant to use it more often. It is the investment of all the ad spend in your business that will show you results sooner.

CTA (And if you feel like it is too much for you and you can’t do this all. Don’t worry. Let us handle your Ads Account and we will help you become a success story.

Because your products are needed to be shown so that you can enhance the beauty around.

Just like we will help you enhance your business. Mail us at