Do Lawn Care Facebook Ads Work? – This Is The How-To Guide You Need

“Wait what? They are not even… not even once… but why?

Ok. Let me talk to them.”

Lawn Care-ers that was your Facebook Ads Account!

It seems like you are not utilizing a platform that can help you grow.

Or you are using it but not the result-providing way.

Don’t worry! It is not your expertise. I get it.

And your expertise is nothing but, Wow! You make the lawns look so amazing.

Don’t you feel you should provide your jaw-dropping services to all the people living by?

This is why. This is exactly why we need to get your Facebook Page set up. Ads running. We have to invest in these wow services. And I’m telling you. This will help you go big in your business.

But how to Advertise these eye-catching services of yours. Let’s Learn!

How Do I Use Lawn Care Facebook Ads?

Advertising is what every business does to spread the word out for the goods and services you are providing. And it’s common to assume that you too must have tried traditional ways to advertise your business. You too have given ads in the newspaper. Pasted a poster around, stating services provided by you and many more like these.

But why these and not online?

Even my Grandma is on Facebook. Do you get this?

This is why advertising should be not limited to all the methods you have tried. You have to go and try different things that are working.

And Social Media is a growing and populated place of your target audience waiting for you to post about yourself and tell them about you.

The statement I just stated about My Grandma being on Facebook tells that how many different age groups are there on Facebook with a wide audience.

Now we have to learn about Social Media Advertising or Marketing for your Landscaping business.

Social Media Marketing for Landscaping

Social Media is a place where we all get social. And that is what we are looking for right? We want people to come across us. This will help us make our audience know about us. We will build a community. People will interact with us daily and we will sell them one day. The chances? Higher because we have built what is needed to be made.


Ok. I have said too much but let’s make it easy and assign steps.

To build trust, so that we can be the first and only choice while looking for Lawn Care. It is the Facebook Page we are going to set up (if you don’t have one by now) and I will help you with some post ideas.

We have learned the fundamentals. Now let’s act!

Landscaping Social Media Post Ideas (Organic Reach)

Posting on social media as a business plays a key role. Before we sell them through our Ad Campaigns. We need to have a page with which our relevancy and verifiable can be checked. To do this we have to post different posts. Engaging them with our daily lawn care updates. This is what we are going to do. Here are some post ideas to help you to make a planner for posts.

Before and After Pictures

As these show a difference between what you were given and what you made out of it. This is an amazing way to show people the work you do and what kind of services you provide? This attracts customers and they are really interested to get your services.

Make sure you add this to your list, As we move to another idea


Post a Lawn Mowing Image or GIF. You can also post doing any lawn work which is in progress. Tell people whatever work you do is with so much joy. It can help you make an audience base that knows you are not about all the serious stuff.

Share Lawn Care Tips

Talk about what should and what should not be done when caring for one’s lawn. Post a video of you describing such tips to your audience. This will make them aware that you have expertise in the area. Whenever they will look for a Lawn Care Expert. You will be the first one to contact.

Mower or Equipment Choices

Inform your audience about the best mowers in market and what type of mowers should they buy. Give them specifics and show them if you own some of them. Make a video about it to make it more engaging.

Customer Stories

Post your customer stories. What did they feel about your work? Why you can be the best pick if someone is looking for lawn care? If a customer addresses this question, you will have credibility. Your work is really good that not only your Facebook page but customers themselves speaks about it.

Now let us target our audience to take decisions as we have build trust with them

Lawn Care Facebook Ads Manager (Paid Reach)

Facebook Ads Manager helps us to target audiences that reside on Facebook. But we don’t have to everyone. Then whom to target? I will tell you in this section.

Create Ad Campaign

To start with targeting people. We have to create an ad campaign. To create an Ad Campaign.

Open Facebook Ads Manager. Click on Create Ad Campaign.

Choose Objective for your Lawn Care Facebook Ads

Now we have to choose an objective for our Ad Campaign. Facebook provides many ad objectives to choose from. Let me help you to narrow them down.

As a lawn care business, all we need is that people know about us. They can contact us or can visit our website. They can even fill forms and enter their information. Right?

If you feel like you have more wider objectives, you can always choose those options too.

We will choose Brand Awareness, Traffic and Lead Generation as our objectives with different ad campaigns.

  • Brand Awareness – This will let your audience know about you and will also be aware of your name. It will help us in getting messages and calls too.
  • Traffic – This objective helps us to redirect the audience to our website. It is SEO based objective and helps us to get more visitors.
  • Lead Generation – This will help us to generate leads. We can either send our audience to a landing page or we can use Facebook forms to get information about our lead.


Next up is setting up the budget for our Ad. You can prefer a “Daily Budget” or “Lifetime Budget”. Along with this how much we have to spend can be filled.

This Ad will also be scheduled to run from one date to another.

You can also show ads for a specific time of the day. This will help you get the best out of follow-ups.

Tip: No matter how much your budget is, run ads for at least one week.


Let us build up our audience. This will be our potential audience out of thousands of people in the area.


The area in which you are providing your services. You can choose the area and the miles away from your office. It can be even a whole district. Choose the one suitable for you. You can even exclude areas you are not providing services from the selected region.

Age & Gender

Choose the age of people you are targeting. People above 30 and below 70 can be the age gap of your targeted audience. You can even target gender if your ad is Gender-specific.

Detailed Targeting

Now let us target the audience on the basis of Demographics, Interests & Behaviors. You have to choose what type of people wants to see your ad. What type of audience wants your services?

You can choose people with kids. As people with teens usually give the lawn mowing work to them.

So make sure you choose specifics like this.

You can even target people interested in lawn care or landscaping. Targeting such people will help you build a potential audience and you can then easily sell them.

After setting all of the above. Save this audience for future use.


Placements tell where your ad should be placed. It can be done by you which is called Manual Placement. You can also take the help of Facebook’s intelligence which is called Automatic Placement.

Tip: Prefer Automatic Placements as it put your ads at the best places. You will get the best out of your ads.


You are provided with different formats in which you can show your ads. These are an Image, a Video or a Carousel. Make your visuals strong and attractive. This is the first stop of your audience. When they will be scrolling down feed. Your ad should stop them and make them read about what you are providing.

You can also use Full Screen Ad Experience for mobile users. In this you can show the lawns you have worked with. Your happy customers in their lawns smiling. This puts a positive impact on your audience.

If you don’t have an image you can even use Stock Images provided by Facebook. But it is still recommended to use your images so that you can show realness.

Primary Text, Headline & Description

This area is where you tell them about how you can be a help to them? What services you provide?

It should be enticing that your audience take the desired action.

In the Headline section, you can tell what will they get by clicking the Call to Action button. Always try to make them get something out of your ad, otherwise, people do not click unless they are benefited from it.


Now you can choose a Call to Action button. From tens of options you can choose a call to action that is suitable to your ad. As you are in Lawn Care Business, I would advice you to use the following Call to Actions.

Contact Us, Learn More and Get Quote. These three will help you align with the objectives chosen.

Lead Forms

Now as you have targeted audience and made them click on you desired call to action. You can either send them to a landing page. A better way is to use Facebook Forms. As Facebook has all the data like Name, Number and Address of everyone. This will be really helpful and easy experience for your audience.

Checklist all the information you want. You can even navigate them into easy 2-3 pages and show your work as well as get the information from them.

Now you know how to have a trust building page and clever marketing ad campaigns. Incorporating these both in your marketing will scale your business.

To give you better clarity on what different type of images can be used or what type of headlines to be used. I am providing you with different ad examples in Lawn Care business.

Let us see what has worked for advertisers.

Best Lawn Care Facebook Ads

These are the following ad examples that will help you to create an amazing ad for yourself.

Jeannie’s Lawn Care

A video ad of a Lawn care professional taking care of the lawn can be engaging. Use VIDEO ADS these are the popular and helps your audience get interested.

Click to watch the ad

ExperiGreen Lawn Care

Carousel Ads Example. This business has used it in really witty way. Showing a BEFORE and AFTER photos can show the quality of work and can be used by you in your ads.

Click to watch the ad

Loyalty Lawn Care

Showing your work is the real deal in your ads. Lawn Care is all about the work. The better it looks. The more people will turn into your customers.

Click to watch the ad

Revive Organic Soil Treatment

As people might have dogs or any other kind of pets. A bad lawn can harm them with the insects in it. So this can be a really great way to advertise your Lawn Care business.

Click to watch the ad

Weiss Lawn Care Inc.

A before and after image with amazing Primary Text and Headline. I think these are the types of Ads you should create and target your audience.

Click to watch the ad

Conclusion for Lawn Care Facebook Ads


You were successful in making your Ad Account happy and engaging.

As you have learned how to use Facebook Page and Facebook Ads Manager. You are ready to make the best of the news on your advertising platform.

As you will be working on it over weeks. You will get even more insights. You will master the art of Facebook ads.

And what if you couldn’t?

I get it you are amazing at Lawn Caring and it can be hard for you to be amazing here.
But why you worry. I have guided you through all this process.

(I will be happy to do it for you. Just Mail Us at

Until then Happy Advertising! 🙂