Local SEO NYC: Defeat Your Competition Hiring These SEO Companies

Do you want to Dominate Local SEO in NYC? Do you want to crush your competition with the best SEO Companies in New York City?

Well, all the answers are packed in this article. Today, I will tell you about NYC SEO Companies you can hire to beat your competition.

Also, we will talk about how to compare two or more SEO Companies. Summing up with affordability of the Best SEO Companies in the USA.

So without further ado. Let’s get started!

The Top Local SEO NYC Companies

Tell Me Your Goal – SEO Agency

Tell Me Your Goal - SEO Agency website

Found in 2007. Tell Me Your Goal – SEO Agency in Brooklyn, New York.

Based on more than 50 5-star Yelp reviews, tell me your target SEO Agency is the best SEO company in New York.

Certainly, they provide a full range of SEO services for small and large companies, whether you are a plumber, lawyer, or electronic technician. Therefore, they help you increase website visits and increase sales.

Here is their Yelp Profile –

yelp Tell Me Your Goal - SEO Agency yelp

Media Saga Social SEO

Media Saga Social SEO website

Media Saga Social SEO is in Manhattan, New York, NY is a digital marketing company that provides a full set of online marketing services.

At Media Saga Social SEO, their advertising, marketing, web design and search engine optimization teams’s mission is to take advantage of opportunities to improve your online business by specifically implementing digital and online marketing techniques from social media to search engine optimization and website design.

Certainly, their SEO service can help you see your Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings attracting more customers. Therefore, providing local SEO services (maps, locations, etc.) and organic SEO. These services cover the on-page and off-page needs of your specific business and market segments.

Here is their Yelp Profile for their contact and other information –

yelp Media Saga Social SEO yelp

Spooky Digital

Spooky Digital website

Spooky Digital is a digital marketing company that is committed to provide cutting-edge marketing techniques.

In addition they uses creative and original strategies to promote companies that try to scare away competitors. They use the new automation tools that makes your marketing simple and automated.

As their name their thoughts are also a little weird. They believe that businesses are half dead (like a creepy zombie!)

To make the business fully alive. They provide services like search engine optimization, conversion optimization, email marketing, automation, Facebook and Google advertising, public relations, social media and content marketing.

To check their reviews. Here is their Yelp Profile –

yelp Spooky Digital yelp

SEO Services New York

SEO Services New York website

SEO Services New York is a Web Design and Marketing Agency found by Jason Berkowitz in 2010. Headquartered in New York, NY.

They have been helping clients gain a leading position in popular search engines. Using best practices and technology.

They strive to ensure the persistence of search results for all their clients. Hence, you can check what these people who got ranked say about them on Yelp –

yelp SEO Services New York yelp

Geek in NY

Geek in NY website

Founded by SEO geek Zvi W Zidon in April 2008.

Geek in NY has been awarded two awards for their business areas: Internet marketing, web design, web development, video editing, marketing, and reputation management by Google.

Their mission is to become the most respected and trusted digital marketing agency in New York City. Therefore, they want to change the way companies talk, listen, and share on the Internet. The digital age is developing steadily. And they are making their clients catch up this speed.

Hence, they are a company that not only provides high-quality website design at reasonable prices, but also values ​​all Internet-related services.

Here is their Yelp Profile –

yelp Geek in NY yelp


eBrandz website

eBrandz is serving customers since September 9, 2003. Their team of 350 employees is responsible for managing some of the largest brands in more than 40 countries.

In a short period of time, eBrandz has achieved tremendous growth. Digit Magzine named the company “one of the best suppliers for global SEO.”

They started with one reason, that is, to become a one-stop solution for all your searches. Therefore, eBrandz is committed to providing customers with complete network marketing solutions, including PPC, SMO, CRO, design and subsidiary services.

Hence, they understand the needs of small businesses and provide entrepreneurs with simple and smart solutions.

Check their Yelp Profile for reviews and contact information –

yelp eBrandz yelp


Oraiko website

With more than 15 years of experience. Oraiko is headquartered in NYC, NY.

Oraiko is a leading software development company that provides services to customers around the world. They provide various specialties in Internet Marketing, PPC Campaingn, Web Development, Software Development, Online Marketing, Web Design, Web Sites, E-Commerce, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and Application Development.

They promise to implement your ideas on time and efficiently. Hence, here is their Yelp Profile –

yelp Oraiko yelp

Is SEO in USA affordable?

Finding the cheapest SEO company in the United States is not easy. People often confuse cheap with affordable. You will find that many SEO companies trick you into offering “cheap” prices. But when you see it, your business will pay a heavy price for it.

Choose an affordable SEO company. They are in the mid-range and can be used by brands and companies looking to invest in reputable SEO services.

In short, Yes! SEO is affordable all over the world. Remember! not to fall in love with “cheap” SEO providers. rather than look for the best in local market.

How to compare two or more Local SEO NYC Companies?

For comparing two or more companies, you need to understand the basis for comparing them. Here are some grounds for comparison:

Core Obligations

When comparing agencies, please ask: “What guarantee do you have for my return on investment?” From an agency that promises to work hard to ensure that search traffic continues to grow organically each month . Quick fixes and cuts are not worth it, because search engines become smarter and retaliate. So you should look for someone with slow and steady growth. You don’t need someone bringing quick results with Black-Hat Techniques. After all, this is the matter of your online reputation.

Social Media Integration

As a comparison, you should ask: “Does your SEO include social media?”. Good SEO experts use social media and they keep a positive attitude when retweets, tweets and posts are used to improve link building and traffic. Social media is a great tool to help you grow your business integrating it with SEO.


To compare ask: “How often do you report progress?” A monthly reporting or worst, no reporting at all is not acceptable. Look for companies that release updates once a week and share analysis every month. If they have low frequency of sharing and mentions of not showing you the data. They may have nothing to report, or worse, Google’s best practices are not being followed by them. Beware of this.

These basis will help you choose the best SEO company for your website over scammers.

Concluding Local SEO NYC

Hence, SEO is a long term process. You will hire a company from the ones mentioned above but the actual results will be seen over months.

So in this case you have to look for the free consultation of shortlisted companies. Then focus on customer support. Their communication of complex data in a simpler way to you. All these are factors determining the best SEO Company.

To defeat the competition, you first need to defeat the bad SEO companies while hiring one. Then only you can dominate your industry with this evergreen marketing channel of marketing.

This was it from my side. If you liked this article and was fruitful for you. Make sure you share to others for whom this article might be a help.