Massage Facebook Ads: 6 Things the Pros Don’t Want You to Know

Facebook is a busy place where millions of active users are scrolling through their news feed to kill time. It is difficult to mesmerize someone through your Massage Facebook Ads when they really hate Facebook ads.

Why hate?

Probably the easiest question to answer: Because Facebook ads are annoying and they pop out randomly in the “interest loop” of users.

Imagine you are having a nice family dinner and a salesman knocks at your door. Facebook ad is a salesman and interesting posts are a pleasure for user’s minds.

But like you know Facebook ads work and many times wonderfully! So how Facebook ads that are not liked by the majority of users generate billions of dollars in revenue to sellers like YOU.

Today I will reveal 6 tips, Pros charge money to advertise content on Facebook.

Massage Facebook ads are known to work and after reading this post, You will be able to make working massage ads for Facebook.

6 headings, 6 tips that will change your life through Facebook ads.

Let’s begin our session!

How to advertise my massage parlor on Facebook?

To advertise your massage parlor on Facebook, You will have to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

To create a Facebook Business Manager Account:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Create new account”.
  • Enter a name for your business, your name, and a working email address.
  • Fill in particulars of your business and hit Submit.

Once your business account is created, link it with your website or Facebook page.

Now create a Facebook advertising account following these steps in order:

  • First, in the left menu, click on “Accounts”, then “Add Accounts”.
  • Now select “Add Account.”
  • Select “Create a New Ad Account” and follow the on-screen instructions.

But if you want to know more in detail follow this blog:

This was no Pro tip right! But I am not done yet.

After adding your business details, There is a section called “About“. Click on “About” and then “Our Story“.

Most of the personal-owned business pages forget to complete this section. However, every organization managed by professionals, Fill Our Story Section.

When anyone opens your massage business page, They will see your story.

In this section, Add a detailed description of your massage parlor services and why people should Like or Follow your Page. Make sure to set expectations. Compel them to stick with you.

Voila! You are ready to advertise now!

How do I promote my massage on Facebook?

Boosted ads and SEO ads.

You got your answer lets move forward.

Just kidding. I am not a big fan of boosting ads. So if you want to boost your massage ad on Facebook follow this:

By now you should know this pro tip is about SEO. But don’t worry I will not lecture you about SEO today.

To get more customers using SEO for massage ads use massage-related keywords. Here is the list of massage-related keywords that you must use in your ad description or post caption.

KeywordAverage Search (Monthly)Use Rate
massage therapy150,000low
couples massage52,000low
sports massage15,000low
body massage13,000medium
massage near me1,000,000medium
foot massage near me53,000medium
foot massage135,000high
body massage near me49,000high
home massage17,000high

Use keywords with a high average search rate and less use rate to get the spotlight easily. Use WordStream (free) or ahrefs (paid) to find more keywords for massage ads.

How to target Facebook ads for massage?

Facebook ads help you boost your business, increase brand awareness and generate leads only if you target the right audience.

To target the audience for massage ads, You will have to analyze your audience. Here is the detail of a number of massage-related engagements on Facebook. (2020 data)

InterestAudienceGenderAge range
massage384,100,130Male 42%
Female 58%

When you advertise on Facebook you can specify different targeting variables to precisely target the massage audience. Pros research and jot down data to bring out the best result.

I present you the best targeting conditions to promote massage ads on Facebook (Will change with time):


The majority of people looking for online massage ads lie between 26-35. Set this range to expect maximum engagements with your ad.


It is advised to choose both gender for general ads. Even though female accounts for major audience.

Relationship Status

A whopping 76% of people looking for massage ads are married or in a relationship. So setting “Couples” as the target condition can bring more customers in less time.


As a local massage parlor or independent masseuse, It is advised to select your respective country (Like my is India) and look for clients in less than 100 km.

Change this criterion as you grow, but for start, be specific. 1000 leads seem fancy but if 500 of them are out of your reach, then you just wasted your 500 leads. and paid Facebook extra money for basically nothing.

I hope this data helps you advertise in your region. But it is advised to do your own research. Because these conditions change with region/country.

How can a massage therapist stand out on Facebook?

The key to stand out on Facebook is to upload diverse content. You cannot pay Facebook every time to advertise yourself. Your content/posts should also focus on bringing customers.

Professionally managed Facebook pages focus intensively on their content to stick users with them. Because 1 Facebook ad won’t run forever. And if people are not compelled to stay in touch, you will have to advertise again i.e. pay again.

Follow these following tips to stand out on Facebook and Compel people to visit you:

  1. Upload shareable content: Facebook Advertisement is very emotionally driven. To connect with your audience. Create Ads that are either sentimental or relatable to connect with your audience. (Offers and discount ads stand out best)
  2. Assure your customers: Massage business is a sensitive industry and many people are very conscious of some random person touching them (That’s not the case with doctors). Assuring 100% safety to women clients in your ad description can help you stand out instantly.
  3. Wordplay: Can you? Do you? That is how! Now is the time! Using these words can instantly stop someone from scrolling and can compel them to look at your ad and read the description. Learn 21 description tips to stand out on Facebook.

Boosting your Ad and SEO writing also helps you stand out. (Explained in detail above)

Promoting massage ads on Facebook: Best Practices

To promote massage ads on Facebook single tip won’t help. So my #5 pro tip is basically a collection of strategies that you can use to advertise massage on Facebook.

Don’t confuse yourself and overdo your ad. Use these tips alone or in combinations but don’t use them all in single ad.

Offer and discount

I have been saving this gem for the end. Without a doubt discounts and offers help you grow in no time. My advise is always give more than one offer or a solid discount. As a massage spa you can give following offers:

(Change numbers as per your allowance)

  1. 30% off + free manicure
  2. 40% off on couple massage
  3. 25% off on home sessions
  4. Buy a subscription of monthly massage for 6 months and get 2 months extra for free
  5. 70% off on foot massage with full body massage

Type of ads

Facebook offers following types of ads:

  1. Image
  2. Video
  3. Slideshow
  4. Carousel
  5. Canvas
  6. Dynamic Product
  7. Lead Based

For massage parlors Image, Video, and Lead-Based ads are considered to be the best ad types. The names are pretty self-explanatory, So let’s move on!

Follow up on leads:

The good thing about the massage business is it is not a one-time thing. Like If you are selling a TV on Facebook, you cannot expect your users to buy another in near future.

But if your massage can relieve someone’s pain, You can expect to see the same face again and again.

So it is important to follow up on every lead you get from Facebook. Mail them your every offer and new additions. Never let go of a customer because it is always easier to retarget existing customers. Targeting new ones requires 6 tips. Haha

Massage therapy advertising examples

This is an effective strategy and the easiest one.

What’s easier than learning from your opponents and it’s even more fun if you beat them. Research your fellow massage parlors and keep a check on their content. Use the smart things they do to advertise your massage on Facebook.

I know this is unethical but I am not telling you to exactly copy any ad. Because then you will never grow many folds. You will depend on a good ad to create an equally good ad.

To make it easier for you, Lets look at 3 examples of massage Facebook ads:

Ad example 1

This ad by serenity spa gave a huge discount of 300$ on the complete spa package. Ad description includes massage and its benefits which is always a good thing.

Ready to be pampered? is an amazing way to catch visitor’s attention.

The human element always works in Facebook ads. This girl is like an Aphrodite (Greek goddess of beauty). Anyone woman would love to look like her, and this girl conveys to the customers to look good and relaxed.

Ad example 2

This is a video ad where the owner explains the benefits of massage verbally.

You will notice how these ads are using many points we discussed today. The caption is very attractive and offers a 50% discount. Personally, I will take it. lol

1st line is very important and always put special efforts into it. A problem, its solution, and the offer in the description made this ad trend over Facebook for 3 days.

One more thing that made this ad work is: It’s short and simple. Easy to read and engaging video helped the ad to successfully generate leads.

Ad example 3

This is a suitable ad for independent masseuse and massage parlors with mobile app.

If we ignore the caption there are various clever elements in this ad. Like the ad shows both male and female masseuse to ensure the comforts of the client.

The caption is also not bad. It says onsite massage in 1hr. That’s pretty good to hear as a client. But a little more wordplay could’ve made it perfect. This is a lead-type ad and takes visitors to download the app.

Conclusion on massage Facebook ads

All the 6 tips are discussed in detail and now I expect you to create a solid working ad.

My only farewell note to you is: Don’t hesitate to experiment and be creative with your ads. People are insane and they instantly like anything peculiar.

Simple living high thinking is a proverb of the past. You got to be creative and smart with your advertising to achieve success with massage Facebook ads.

If you are looking to advertise your med spa on Facebook, Read this once:

Adios! and wishing you good luck and good wealth

Feeling something is missing? drop a comment and let us know.