Plastic Surgeon SEO: 6 Amazing SEO Secrets That Work Like Magic For Your Business

Wondering how your competitors are growing and you are not? You might be the best in town, But someone else is bagging most of the customers? (Plastic Surgeon SEO)

Let me reveal the secret: Paid ads or SEO.

Paid ad is like a doped horse, It will win you a short-term race but will be useless in long run. I know plastic surgery is a one-time thing and you must be thinking of paid advertisements on Facebook and Google. But after reading this article you will know why SEO is better than ads.

Cut, Fix and Sew that’s what you do! If you can cut with knife why to hew?

Eh, I am not good with rhyming but I swear I am good with SEO. I will reveal SEO-related secrets that will multiply your customer count organically! It’s not enough to be the best man in town.

No doubt this is a slow process but we don’t hew, right? So Let’s jump into learning about SEO for plastic surgeons.

What is SEO for plastic surgery?

I don’t expect you to know anything about Plastic Surgeon SEO. So, Let’s begin with basics and climb our way to optimizing the content of your website to generate traffic.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This basically means, To explain to Google what does your website offers and what is it all about.

Google ranks every website and content to present the best and most relatable search results to its users. And SEO is the technique of telling Google “Yes people want to read me”. When Google gets a clear picture of your Content, Location, and Services, It will show your website to people looking for it.

Google’s algorithms are known to work very effectively. Online, If you can make Google understand that you are a Plastic Surgeon in Texas, USA who offers the best services in his/her area. Google will show your website to anyone looking for plastic surgery consultation or appointment or surgery in Texas, USA in your area. (or The USA itself, depends on your SEO and target audience will discuss in detail)

This is where SEO for Plastic Surgery comes into action.

Why Plastic Surgeon SEO is better than Plastic Sugery ads?

I don’t criticize ads at all. They are a great way to upsell your services instantly. Plastic Surgery ads can help you sell 5-10 procedures for around 300-400$ (On average). It is good value for money for Plastic Surgeons.


Ads don’t run forever. And ads don’t guarantee any sales. If you post a mediocre ad then you can even expect no sales at all through them.

Also, plastic surgery is not a product that you can sell and will go stock out. You need a loyal customer base and recognition. That’s why I advise SEO to Plastic Surgeons.

SEO for a website is important for the long term success of your practice. SEO acts as a link between you and your potential customers, searching for plastic surgery on Google. If someone Google “Plastic Surgeons near me” and your website SEO is done right, Google will display your website to the user.

If your SEO is done really well then you can rank on 1st page which takes away more than 81% of online traffic. And just adding oil to fire, If you can rank #1 on Google, You will direct 60% of users (looking for plastic surgery) to your website which will further convert into leads and potential customers.

Watch this video to know detailed comparison between ads and SEO:

Fired up? Then let’s learn how to do SEO for Plastic Surgery.

6 plastic surgeon SEO strategies [Work like magic]

There are hundreds of strategies to improve your website for Google. But you are not here to be a full-time SEO writer. So here are the top 6 SEO strategies for Plastic Surgeons to sell procedures and grow your practice.

They work like magic because once everything is done you will just enjoy the show.

Some say ‘Hard work is the key to Success” I would rather say “SEO and Hardwork are the keys to Success”.

1. Optimize your website

Very obvious point. But a really important one. Owning a website is one thing but optimizing it for SEO is very important.

As you must know, People are a knowledge deficit regarding Plastic Surgery. So they tend to do a ton of research before booking a consultation or appointment. Here comes our friend SEO writing for Plastic Surgeons.

Optimize your website with everything a user wants to know about plastic surgery. Use familiar words and keywords to bring people to your website.

Use ‘before and after” photos for reference to your new customers. Create or hire someone (can be me ) to write blogs about the pros and cons of Plastic surgery. Publish multiple blogs on your website to incorporate everything a customer would be curious to know before getting surgery. This way you can generate organic traffic and a high ranking on Google.

People ask questions like, Is Plastic Surgery Safe? Is it costly? Is it painful? and so on. Create headings that answer these questions and that’s what basic SEO is.

You can also add a FAQ section to display the most asked questions and answer them for everybody. In business language “Create a hook that fish will definitely bite”.

2. Local Plastic Surgeon SEO Strategies

It is imperative for you to optimize your website for your local audience. Because most people don’t look for plastic surgery outside of their local areas (Not talking about ultra-rich people).

Make sure you insert the name of your city or area in your website’s content and blogs. Use a title and heading inspired by your locality to immediately attract every local customer.

Google My Business

List yourself on Google My Business to allow your business to show up on Google maps and attract local customers. Every time anyone says “Plastic Surgeons near me“, Your company name and location will pop up on the map, and then users can visit your website which is already optimized.

3. Mobile friendly plastic surgery website

This is a part of SEO. Hire developers to create mobile friendly website.

More than 68% of Google searches are done on mobile phones. Google will answer these searches with mobile-friendly websites.

As the name suggests any website that opens easily on mobile is a mobile-friendly website. You cannot expect people to open their laptop/computer to search about Plastic Surgery.

Sometimes people look at a good butt while walking on the road and would feel a need to know about plastic surgery. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you missed the chance and XYZ surgeon will take your piece of the pie.

4. Backlinks

Backlink in layman’s terms means, How many sources are directing users to your website. Google is very smart and has hundreds of variables to determine relevant things for its users. And backlink is also part of SEO.

To achieve quality backlinks:

  • Create your social presence on popular social media like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Reddit. Upload videos of your work, before and after photos, Plastic surgery facts, or anything that catches user attention.
  • Upload a link of your website in all these social media handles, and if people visit you from these social handles, Google believes this is a quality link and is ranks it better.
  • Take care of the image/video quality of your content. People get attracted to good quality content.

5. Keywords for plastic surgeon

The keyword as the name is self-explanatory: Important word. For Google, a keyword is like a query or google search that the user performs. A website that includes that search or keyword (appropriately, incorporating keyword multiple times don’t work if it is irrelevant) is shown at the top.

It is important for Plastic surgeons to know what their potential customers are searching for online. So it is essential to research your keywords to bring maximum customers.

E.g. If you live in Texas and people in Texas are majorly interested in lip-job, Then advertising liposuction doesn’t make sense. And won’t help your pockets to be heavy.

Take help from keywords researchers to help you find relevant keywords. This is a very cheap service and you can visit ahrefs, Keyword planner(Google), and other keyword research tools to create only essential content.

Here is a list of popular keywords for Plastic surgery:

6. Proper CTA button

Last but not the least, Install many C-T-A call to action button on your website and other social medias.

This is a common mistake many beginners tend to do. They don’t provide effective c-t-a buttons. It is imperative to install buttons that can book a consultation, inquire about price rates, claim discounts and pay directly for a procedure on desired date and time.

Having all these features on your website can make a visitor stay longer on your website and that is something Google notices, every time some visit your website.

Here is an example of popular c-t-a buttons for plastic surgery website:


This is a very important component of installing a c-t-a button. You collect personal data like email or phone numbers and then use this data to retarget the audience. If you will stick to potential customers, someday they will come to you for plastic surgery.

Give freebies like small discounts or combo deals in trade for this data. Having this data can be very beneficial if you plan to advertise someday.

Wrap Up

I hope you have understood everything required to improve your website for SEO.

Competition to rank on Google is high. But if you can create useful content for the audience and optimize with SEO for plastic surgery, You can expect magic like results. Very Pleasing!

Create solid blogs for your website and upload engaging content on social media handles. Also, make sure your website is responsive and fast. A slow website is a deal breaker.

Ads are like gold nuggets but don’t underrate SEO. SEO optimized website will grow forever and will generate leads as long as you keep it optimized.

Good luck and Ciao adios.

Drop a comment for any query related to this topic.