SEO Birmingham: 8 Ethical Companies That Can Drive Your Sales

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What are we waiting for then? Let’s start with the top SEO Birmingham Companies –

The Top SEO Birmingham Companies

Here are the top 3 SEO Companies in Birmingham according to me and my research work –

Intermark Group

Intermark Group website

Intermark Group is the largest psychological marketing agency in Birmingham, AL.

They are shaping success by applying persuasive psychology to the imagination and communication of groups.

Certainly, with having unique insights into brand building. They know with changing world, brands are also changing.

Therefore they develop further to find new channels, target groups, and offers. And as the brands cannot change themselves. Intermark Group is providing that to businesses.

Here is their Yelp Profile –

yelp Intermark Group yelp


SocialSEO website

SocialSEO is a versatile digital agency for companies of all sizes. It adopts a holistic team approach and uses the power of organic search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, web design, and conversion optimization.

Therefore, to provide local customers in the United States and surrounding regions with an online world of success. They bring more traffic, potential customers, and conversions to your customers.

With more than 18 years of SEO practical experience and have worked with some leading Internet brands. Having offices in multiple cities, including; Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Austin, Raleigh, Naples, and Charleston.

To check their reviews and to reach them. Here is their Yelp Profile –

yelp SocialSEO yelp

Uptick Marketing

Uptick Marketing website

Found in 2014. Uptick Marketing is a Birmingham, Alabama-based digital marketing agency.

Certainly, they strive to provide clients with strategic and results-oriented digital marketing strategies. Also, with an effective way to grow their business based on honesty and continuous pursuit of value.

Hence, they develop digital marketing strategies to achieve clear results by attracting ideal customers, increasing sales and profits, and maximizing return on investment.

Here is their Yelp Profile for more information –

yelp Uptick Marketing yelp

Nick the Marketer

Nick the Marketer website

Nick The Marketer Inc. is a digital advertising agency found in 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Specializing in lead generation and full-service digital marketing services. They focus on converting clicks into customers.

Also, they provide a comprehensive overview of their customer’s business and how it works. Their mobile-first approach takes customers to where they are most appealing.

Hence, doing all this with a combination of digital services.

Here is their Yelp Profile for Contact information and Reviews –

yelp Nick the Marketer yelp

Redmont Media Handling SEO Birmingham

Redmont Media website

Found in 2017. Redmont Media is a Birmingham, Alabama-based internet marketing and web design agency.

Therefore, providing services in web development, logo design, brand promotion, internet marketing, and search engine optimization services.

To know more about them through other people’s reviews. Check their Yelp Profile –

yelp Redmont Media yelp


Visuex website

A 2004 founded web design and digital marketing agency based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Visuex is focused on creating effective websites and unique SEO campaigns. They use a multi-step process to ensure a continuous commitment to your customers from beginning to end.

Therefore, this strategy is the basis for inspiring their award-winning team to design and develop world-class websites, brands, search engine optimization, and social media activities to be successful.

Certainly, their previous clients have ranged from recruitment agencies, stylists, apartment hunters, film companies, and restaurant suppliers.

Check their Yelp Profile for more –

yelp Visuex yelp

Cayenne Creative

Cayenne Creative website

Cayenne Creative Group found in 2004. It is a strategic full-service branding, advertising, and design company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Using a unique process to establish excellent, efficient, and seamless communication with the brand for various customers through various media. They provide help in advertising, social media marketing, public relations, crisis communication, interactive online advertising (A Certified Google Partner Agency), website design, search engine optimization (SEO), online strategy and application creation.

Although they have specific expertise in healthcare, finance, real estate development/brokerage, hospitality, tourism, and industry.

Therefore Cayenne believes in innovative creativity. To be great, creative messages need to be targeted. Being thoughtful and dynamic in nature.

If done well, creative communication will motivate people to take action. Hence their goal.

This is their Yelp Profile –

yelp Cayenne Creative yelp

TechNola Visual Communications

TechNola Visual Communications website

TechNola Visual Communications is found in 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama. With 10 years of experience, it connects companies with their “right” customers.

They focus on brand marketing and lead generation through SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, social media advertising, video production, mobile apps, and services.

Certainly, a well-defined brand is an important part of any marketing goal. And, TechNola can help you increase your visibility and attract customers.

Therefore, the key to success is to cultivate an attractive brand personality and persistence. You can contact them through their Yelp Profile –

yelp TechNola Visual Communications yelp

How A Good SEO Birmingham Company Can Drive Your Online Sales?

Uses Keywords

SEO keywords are used differently now than in the past. But they are still an important part of the equation. They are the cornerstone of an SEO strategy.

Suppose your company sells handmade fly fishing baits. The obvious tagline you want to rank for is hand fly fishing bait. However, customers will definitely use other keywords and phrases to find products like yours. A Good SEO Company will decide what possible keywords can be there. After that, they will start embedding them in your products, content, web page, URL, title, image description, metadata, and Email.

Also, they will use long-tail keywords, because half of all searches are made up of four or more words. These phrases face less competition and have a higher conversion rate. Using the right keywords in your toolbox can help them find your potential customers who want to buy the products you sell.

Creating high-quality content

However, keywords without high-quality content are nothing. On the contrary, they are just a collection of words. But content is not just a keyword tool. It is also a tool that can be used to convert potential customers and attract new audiences.

How content can help increase sales?

When potential customers search the Internet for information about products or services that are similar to the ones you provide, they will find social media posts, blogs, websites, and other tailored products optimized by your SEO Company. They will make sure the content is approachable. Also, they will answer questions, provide information and make the customers buying decisions easier.

When you strive to have the best, most relevant, attractive, and authoritative content on the web, potential customers will find your brand earlier than others. This gives you the opportunity to build relationships and turn potential customers into customers.

Certainly, good content comes in many forms. The forms of content companies provide are – Blog, Video (can increase natural search results by 50 times more than text content), Infographics, Podcasts, Guest blogs, E-books, How-to List, and Product Reviews.

Hence, Content is the core of inbound marketing. And all the SEO Companies implement a reliable inbound strategy and excellent content, that will open the door for more sales of your products.

Local and mobile

The two biggest changes in SEO best practices in recent years are the emphasis on mobile and local content, which complement each other. As more and more consumers use mobile devices to find businesses, local SEO becomes more and more important because 30% of all mobile searches performed today are local.

In addition, more than 70% of users visited the nearest business after conducting a local search. Therefore, if you want to transfer your business to your physical location or e-commerce store, your SEO Company will focus on local content (including local keywords and landing pages) and will make sure that your website is fully responsive to mobile devices.

On-Page Optimizing

There are many reasons why on-page search engine optimization is critical to your success. Therefore, if you want to increase sales, your SEO hire will pay attention to page skills.

Here are some brief reasons why it is done – On-page SEO makes your website easier to use, makes it easier for search engines to index your pages, improves your search rankings, and helps you focus on optimizing basic elements such as images.

To optimize on-page SEO for driving sales your SEO Company will –

  • Create descriptive and unique title tags
  • Improve page loading speed to reduce bounce rate
  • Write descriptive alternative text and Image optimization
  • Use relevant keywords and descriptions
  • Optimize the title
  • Links between website content and internal links to improve navigation and indexing
  • Creating responsive, easy-to-read URLs
  • Writing meta descriptions to improve visibility and relevance on search engine results pages (or SERP)

Reputation management

Managing Reputation is about monitoring what people see when they search for information about your company on the Internet. For example, If you are a restaurant that receives multiple negative reviews from Yelp in a row, and you have an immature argument with a customer on Facebook. After that, any potential customers who use the Internet to decide whether to dine at your restaurant will mainly encounter negative reviews and social media arguments. This is the reputation of your restaurant.

Reputation management means that when customers are looking for you, you do your best on the Internet. Your SEO Company will do it for you by always dealing with customers professionally on the Internet. Checking online reviews regularly and responding to negative or positive reviews quickly, calmly, and professionally. Encourage Positive reviews and satisfied customer reviews.

Wrap-up For SEO Birmingham

This is how the “right” SEO Company will not only help you to rank higher in SERP. But will also help you increase your sales.

You have to Consult the companies listed above and ask for a free consultation. Because no matter trust you have in me. You must try the company yourself which will be “right” for you and not generally everyone.

This was it from my side. You can also learn about more Best SEO Companies in the USA.

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