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Tinder Ads: Here’s What You Don’t Know That Could Help Your Business Grow

Using Tinder to show Ads, if your product or service is suitable for the age group of 18-30 years. It is a great option which most business owners are not leveraging.

Hello Everyone! I’m your Ads Consultant and I’m here with another advertising platform you can use to target a specific age group.

Tinder has been a platform for people to find dates. It has grown over time and has a massive audience of about 6.5+ million users.

So why aren’t you using Tinder to target this audience which is mostly young for your product or service?

Well, I got you covered with this. Let us know how Tinder Advertising can be beneficial for your business. How much it really costs? Lastly, I will take you through the processes of running Tinder Ads.

So without further ado. Let’s get started –

Tinder Ads for Business

According to stats, a tinder user spends an average of more than our on the app every day.

As long as the platform has the ability to help people establish romantic relationships, advertising will not be a problem for many users.

Other social media platforms have always been a gold mine for marketers to find customers, and Tinder is no exception.

If anything, Tinder provides marketers with better deals than most other social media platforms. As mentioned earlier, Tinder’s user base is dominated by millennials. The reason for this interesting observation is that these people are most likely to use mobile devices. Also, they can lie in your targeting age group.

Many companies and organizations have run ads on Tinder promoting their products, and the results have been impressive.

Given a large number of platform users, business owners who choose this application will have easy access to a large audience.

According to Statistics from GWI, most Tinder users like to try new products, are interested in brands, and regularly introduce new products and services to friends. They also considered themselves better than ordinary people.

As a marketer or business owner looking for a suitable market for the products and services. This is music in the ears, Right?

So as we know it is a platform to tap for the products and services that are made for the platform audience. Does the next question arise what are the benefits of advertising on Tinder Ads?

Advantages of Tinder Ads

Targeted Advertising with User Participation

Tinder ads tend to be more targeted than most other advertising campaigns, which makes them more effective.

Basically, users can focus on advertising while viewing possible matches. So when a brand profile appears, it will attract the attention of all users because it fills the entire screen.

This has a greater impact because the user must see the ad in some way before swiping the screen or pressing the “X” button. Many social media platforms have not reached this participation rate yet.

Convenient For Both Parties

Most people are very tolerant of advertisements, so if you are one of the lucky marketers whose users see their advertisements completely. There is no hope for them to do their best to find advertising opportunities. See your ad because this is what your screen displays.

More importantly, deciding to learn about your product is much easier on Tinder because you just swipe to the right. This is the step you will know if you have used any dating apps.

Statistics show that nearly a quarter of users will swipe right on the brand, showing the potential of the platform to allow brands to master the art of marketing to the unique audience that constitutes the Tinder world.

User Engagement Like No Where Else

One of the main advantages of Tinder ads on Facebook is that they provide a more user experience. Tinder has a fantastic user engagement that is not found on other social media sites. This gives Tinder a great advantage.

For example, advertisers who use Tinder can expect users to be enthusiastic about their products and services from other users. This participation should create a viral advertising chain and make your advertising campaign more successful.

Customers That Are Willing To Pay

Tinder has more fans willing to pay for dating services, which is good news for advertisers because they can reach audiences who are willing to pay for quality products.

Even if a website like Match.com is known for providing “deeper” connections than Tinder, not many people are willing to pay for this service.

Hence, if you advertise. It is most likely that the targeted audience will be willing to purchase.

Automated Advertising

The number of automated ads placed on Facebook’s Tinder ads has increased, and since more than 70% of display ads on Facebook fall into this category, Tinder is a very good way to use this type of advertising.

Approximately 4 million advertisers use Facebook, many of which use automated advertising. Tinder provides these advertisers with access to a large and highly engaged market audience.

Swipes That Leads To Sales

Tinder receives hundreds of millions of swipes every day. Typically, one in every 10-20 swipes is related to the brand. Of course, this means that if you decide to advertise on Tinder, you have an incredible chance of being noticed by millions of users.

Since the platform must provide the highest quality advertising, please take this opportunity to promote your brand on Tinder.

When people swipe to the right and get in touch with you, they have the opportunity to provide additional information about your product, which is more likely to lead to sales.

Tinder Ads Cost

Tinder Ads cost based on the way you choose. It can be through Facebook Ads or Google Ads. The cost is determined based on campaign objectives and locations.

Hence, it is dependant on the Advertising Platforms you choose. Therefore, to know what the processes lead to show Ads on Tinder. Let’s move to the next section in which we will first discuss the first method –

How To Run Tinder Ads on Facebook?

To run Tinder Ads you can use Facebook to show ads to the users on Facebook. Here is a process through which you can use Facebook Ads to show ads on Tinder.

Create an Ads Account

You need to have an ads account before you start advertising on Facebook. If you already have one we are good to skip to the next step. If not then you need to have one which can be easily opened in few minutes.

Create A New Ad

The next step is to create a new ad. As you will land in the Ads Manager. You will see a green button as shown in the image below.

Click on “+Create”.

Select an Objective

Choose the objective with which you want to run advertisements on Tinder.

Choosing Audience

You have to choose the location, age, gender, and detailed targeting metrics to select the audience. You have to enlist the behaviors, interests, and demographics. Make sure these are relevant to Tinder Users.

Now Target Tinder Users

The main step to target Tinder Users through Facebook is using Ad Placements. Untick all the other platforms and only choose the Audience Network for Ad Delivery.

As Tinder falls under the “dating category of Facebook’s Audience Network. Your Ad will now be shown on Tinder.

Ad Copy

You have to make sure your Ad Creative and Ad description are relevant to Tinder Users. People use Tinder for finding romantic matches.

Therefore, your Ad should be designed to target the emotional desires of the user. Also, your ad should look like it is actually meant to care for the audience.

Your Ad should be targeting the millennials even though your age group is different. As you are advertising on Tinder you need to be very sure about your targeting audience.

This was it. Your ad will be shown on Tinder to the target audience. Now let’s move to the next process to run Tinder Ads –

How To Run Tinder Ads Using Google?

To run Tinder Ads using Google. You have to follow the following process –

Create a Google Ads Account

The first step to advertising through Google Ads includes having a Google Ads account. If you have one, you can skip to the next step. Those who don’t have an Ads Account can simply fill in their details and your account will be opened in a few minutes.

Create a Campaign

As you will open the Google Ads after creating your account. Click on ” + New Campaign“.

Campaign Objective

Now you have to choose the objective with which you are going to run Tinder Ads. Therefore, the following options provided are –

You have to choose Display Ads to show ads on Tinder –


Targeting an audience based on Location can help you show the ads to a specific location where you are working. You can target your location by manually typing yours. You can also use the whole country based on its relevance.


Under the Placement section, you have to choose “Apps”. After that, you have to type “Tinder”. You will see the following options.

Tick the Apps of both Google Play and Apple App Store. This will allow you to show ads on both devices.

This is it. You have to set up the rest of the ad according to your details. This is the hard part that I took you through.


This is how you can run Tinder Ads with the help of Facebook and Google. You have to make sure that you target the right audience with the right creatives and ad descriptions.

Tinder can be a great platform to advertise as it has 50% of the audience under the age group 18-25 years.

Marketers and business owners who have leveraged this platform have seen results in their sales. And you can too.

But if you still feel this easy guide is hard to perform for you. You can drop me a line down. I will contact you so that we can talk about working on your Tinder Ads.

Signing off! Your Ads Consultant. 🙂