YouTube Video SEO Services: The Unbelievably Easy Way To Get More Views

Uploading your videos to YouTube and waiting for views? Well, It doesn’t happen that way. You need YouTube Video SEO Services for your channel and videos.

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine. Also, it is the largest video platform on the planet. This means a mass of potential clients is waiting for you to have your presence.

You need to optimize your videos for your audience to find you out. And you need YouTube SEO Services for this purpose.

But before actually hiring Video SEO Services. You need to know what video SEO or YouTube SEO is and how it works?

Does SEO work for YouTube?

Yes, SEO works on YouTube. As YouTube is a video search engine. SEO is required for it to be visible to the potential audience.

YouTube SEO is an evolving practice for optimizing YouTube videos. This includes titles, descriptions, and other content to achieve higher rankings on YouTube’s internal search engine and Google, in general.

Best practices include adding keywords in the title and description and finding the best video length. Promote your video on other social channels and pay attention to your metrics.

It’s easy to make a YouTube video, but making a video that people click and watch is completely different. Through SEO and YouTube optimization, your business can get more page views, likes, comments, subscribers. You can even get more website traffic and online potential customers.

I believe that strategic methods and SEO strategies should be more than just Google and Bing. With the expertise and experience required. I can optimize YouTube videos and your content. So that you see the results immediately without worrying about your YouTube account.

Tactics To Rank Higher On YouTube Searches Using Video SEO?

I have provided you some tactics that are the metrics to help you rank in YouTube Searches –

Optimizing File name to Improve YouTube Video SEO

It is one of the minor metrics which may or may not dramatically affect your ranking. But it is important.

This includes saving your file with the title or keywords helps YouTube to know what is it about.

A file name should be how_to_tie_a_tie.mp4 instead of 20210715.mp4.

Closed Captions Can Also Help

YouTube has an option of closed captions for deaf or hard hearing people. But it can also be used as a metric to get ranked higher.

Search Engines Bots read the Closed captions. This benefits you if you turn on the closed captions for your YouTube Video.

You can also use YouTube’s Auto-Generated Caption service. But they miss some words which makes them imperfect. So it is advised that you add your own.

Comments and Subscribes for YouTube Video SEO

The more the comments, the more it indicates to YouTube that this video is getting popular. It should be shown to more people.

The same goes for the Subscribe button. The more subscriber a YouTuber gets means it has added value to the user. Therefore, it is shown to a larger audience.

Hence, the more the views, the higher you will rank for keywords you have optimized.

Embedding Video

Embed your videos in your blog and show people the visibility of your video. You can embed videos anywhere.

But embedding on your own blog becomes helpful to get readers a more detailed answer to their questions. This forces them to subscribe to your channel as you solved their problem.

Create YouTube Playlists

YouTube playlist can help you rank for many keywords and boosts your YouTube SEO.

As playlists are easy to access and are helpful. This turns out to be a metric to get ranked.

YouTube SEO Services playlists for ranking

Share on Social Media

When you share your YouTube video through social media. The boost it gets is tremendous. Within few hours you can get so many views if applied right.

YouTube itself is a social channel. To get the best out of it you need to share it on different social channels.

You can post your videos on Facebook and can even give it a nudge by using Facebook Ads. Facebook has a large population that is interested in video content. Leveraging this can help you get more views.

You can also use Twitter which has more amount of YouTube Video shares than Twitter native videos.

Using LinkedIn and Quora can also help you to be seen to the audience which is yet to be discovered by your videos.

Send an Email to Your List About New Upload

Mailing your email list about a new video upload can help you get many clicks within a short period of time.

Getting more eyes on your video will help you get more views which turns out to be a good metric for YoTube SEO.

Interact with Other Audiences by being a Guest

Many channels can complement your channel and don’t compete with yours. Leveraging this can help you tap an audience totally new and fresh to your content.

So you can pick a channel that is closely related to your niche. They must be having a good amount of subs and views.

It is like guest posting. So send out some requests for video features. You can land to a feature or an interview which is both valuable for your channel.

As you will provide value to viewers. It will promote them to jump on your channel and its a chance of you getting subscribed.

What are YouTube ranking factors?

Although the official ranking algorithm is strictly protected by Google and YouTube. But through research on SEO and the contribution of SEO experts. It is found that YouTube uses the following signals to determine the ranking:

  • Channel keywords – These are the keywords that should be on there relating to your niche.
  • Video Title – This includes the video title entered when uploading your video.
  • Description – Does your description include keywords you are ranking for?
  • Keyword tags – Tags that are added to your video which should be keyword-centric.
  • User Experience Metrics – The number of times your video has been viewed or clicked on is stored as Data for analysis.
  • Watch Time – The length of time the viewer watched and the total number of views compared to the bounce rate.
  • Video Views – The total number of video views from individual visitors.

Some of the other factors are the same as website SEO strategies can be applied to YouTube SEO also.

What is YouTube Video SEO services?

YouTube SEO Services includes optimizing your videos, playlists, and channel to get ranked in YouTube Searches. By providing your channel with relevant keywords and optimizing major and minor areas that affect ranking.

We at Ads Consultant provide YouTube SEO Services that can help you rank higher and get more audience which is most likely to convert for your product and services.

Providing you with affordable and effective YouTube SEO Services at $1000 to $3000 per month to increase your ranking and get you more views.

If you’re hesitant. Don’t worry! Take the Free Consultation for your YouTube Search Engine Optimization from Ads Consultant today!

What We Provoide In Our YouTube Video SEO Services?

These are the following areas we focus on to make your videos and channel rank higher –

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of content optimization, and it is also important for YouTube SEO.

To determine which keywords users search for on YouTube. I conduct keyword research for you.

By obtaining information about other phrases that the user is looking for related to the phrase you are trying to rank for.

But what do keywords have to do with your SEO success on YouTube?

Your target keywords should appear in the video title, video tags, and video description. Optimizing your video for your target keywords allows you to expand your position for the terms you want to rank for.

Video Thumbnails

Did you know that the clickthrough rate (CTR) of a video depends largely on the thumbnail you choose?

Unless it is funny or inspiring, users are more likely to click on another video. Thumbnails are the photos you choose to use as the cover of the video and the images that users see when scrolling through search results.

I will provide video thumbnail optimization as one of YouTube SEO services to increase clicks and views.

Video Titles

Optimizing your video title is an essential YouTube Video SEO service that can increase or decrease your ranking.

After all, you want the title to encourage people to click on your video and include your target keywords.

If this sounds overwhelming, this is where I can help you. By optimizing your video titles to make them interactive and optimized for rankings.

Video Description

The video description is as important as the video title.

To ensure that your description reflects the best quality of the video, I will optimize your description for target keywords and make it long enough.

Therefore, making sure that all small details are framed, such as your keywords appearing in the first 25 words of the description.

Optimizing Keyword Tags

You can add tags when posting videos on YouTube. Tags can help people who have never heard of you, will find you. They are similar to Instagram hashtags.

Hence, by making sure that your first tag is the keyword you ultimately want to rank for. Then adding different variations of this keyword and some general terms related to the topics you are covering.

Why You Need YouTube Video SEO Services?

So the question now comes why you need YouTube SEO Services in the first place? Let us know why you really need SEO Services for your YouTube Channel –

Higher Ranking = More Clicks

As with Google search results, it’s easy to understand why videos that appear at the top of search results tend to get the most clicks and thus the most views.

Like Google’s algorithm, YouTube’s algorithm uses a variety of ranking factors to determine the ranking of YouTube videos.

However, users are unlikely and should not scroll through the video results to find what they are looking for.

Using YouTube SEO can help you reach the top of the YouTube search results page and get more clicks and more views.

More Engagemnet Leads to Higher Ranking

As mentioned earlier, like Google, YouTube only wants to provide users with the best content based on their unique search queries. When determining which videos are the best, YouTube will consider comments, likes, and dislikes, and even store the videos as part of its algorithm.

This means that the more time you spend optimizing your YouTube channel for interactions such as comments and likes, the more YouTube will treat you as an informative and reliable source of information, thereby improving your ranking in search results.

Hence, doing this might be a tough and tiring job for you. So we provide this in our YouTube SEO Services to take the load off you which is necessary for ranking.

A lot of people are YouTube Users

One of the main reasons to choose YouTube SEO Services is the large number of subscribers on YouTube.

Did you know that more than 1.9 billion users log on to the platform every month? There are many of these users, and I bet most of them will be interested in your company’s products or services.

YouTube SEO services are worth the investment because they have a large user base and are a good way to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and conversion rates.

I’m Ready To Work With You! Are You?

See I have done my research work and provided you with data that brings results. You should be ready to work with me too. Right?

After getting the information about what is being provided to you in YouTube SEO Services.

All the major and minor details are being provided to you. As I believe in transparency between the customer and service provider.

You can drop your mail below and I will reach out to you. And this will be the last time you’ll be reading below because as I will be handling your SEO Services for your YouTube channel. You will only see upward growth. 😉