ClickFunnels vs Keap (formerly Infusionsoft): Which One Is The Best For You?

Tired of looking for the best sales funnels for your website? Finding the best on between ClickFunnels vs Keap? Which one is best for your E-Commerce business among ClickFunnels and Keap (formerly knowns as Infusionsoft).

Don’t worry. I, your Ads Consultant is here to help you out in choosing the best out of these.

Both providers give endless features to help you out in many ways. Both are right and wrong at their places.

But which one to choose? Let’s do a ClickFunnels vs Keap!

So let us first start with ClickFunnel.


ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder that enables ordinary people with little or no technical experience to create their own sales funnel without all the steps, services, purchases, etc. For a monthly fee, ClickFunnels will handle all the complex aspects of creating a sales funnel for you, eliminating the need to purchase website hosting and domain names, and supporting the company to promote its sales funnel.

Of course, these are all important steps in building a successful sales funnel, and ClickFunnels is a very comprehensive tool that allows companies to manage everything they do online.

It is very suitable for startups and small businesses.

ClickFunnels strives to eliminate marketing and management work from your sales channels so that you can maximize its potential. Users can take advantage of the two-week free trial period of ClickFunnels to familiarize themselves with their software and understand how it works.

This tool includes various marketing and management solutions for your online business. ClickFunnels is an ideal choice for beginners and online professionals. It has a large number of funnels and site templates. ClickFunnels also allows you to link popular payment processors directly to the checkout page.

Create a professional-looking landing page to easily track conversion rates in the sales funnel. Everything is controlled by a simple drag and drop function. Business owners can easily track the entire life cycle of any sales.

The function is very advanced, but the interface is very easy to use. The platform is friendly and clearly explained, and is perfect for fledgling entrepreneurs who are still looking for a way out in the industry. This software makes the sales funnel creation process more rigorous.

Now we know what is ClickFunnels all about. Let us know about Keap (or Infusionsoft).

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

Keap or Infusionsoft is a service similar to ClickFunnels, where you can track all potential customers, send automated email campaigns, host web forms, and collect contacts for you. The price depends on the number of contacts a company has. It helps to improve the competitive environment for those whose startups do not yet have many followers.

Infusionsoft is Keap-branded software that provides CRM, marketing, and sales tools to help you grow your online business.

It does require some training, but for large companies, it is a powerful media marketing platform. Infusionsoft/Keap is ideal for companies seeking to capture customer behavior, predict their needs, and market accordingly. Infusion’s work makes it a reliable system for customer loyalty and long-term advertising campaigns.

You can track your performance over time and use this data to optimize your marketing efforts to increase conversion rates. It is a bit more expensive than Clickfunnels, which makes sense considering that it is designed for larger organizations.

To differentiate them both. We will start with the features and where both of them are different?

ClickFunnels vs Keap – Features

Landing pages and forms

Infusionsoft and ClickFunnels have great landing page templates that you can use to create your own landing pages. The landing page template can be easily customized to meet your design and conversion needs.

ClickFunnels landing page generator is easy to use. Drag and drop not only makes the program easier to use but also makes it interesting. This function allows you to add many different elements anywhere in the stairwell, such as the Title image. Other drag-and-drop elements you can use are autoplay videos and real-time countdown timers to increase your conversion rate. ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder focuses on simplicity. Whether you know web design or not, you can easily use it. By turning it into a sales page, you can easily add a shopping cart button to your landing page.

Keap or Infusionsoft’s landing page generator is powerful and flexible. It also has a drag-and-drop function, which is ideal for beginners who want a professional landing page. Like ClickFunnels, this landing page builder comes with various templates. You can easily customize various long templates, short pages, and other layouts.

Automation and email delivery

Both Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft have excellent email marketing automation features. Infusionsoft provides you with email marketing features that many other channel platforms cannot match. It does not have a lot of email marketing features and is easy to use. This makes it an ideal choice for newbies in Internet marketing. Infusionsoft’s email marketing automation function is very powerful. You can easily create a blank canvas campaign and then add automated rules to determine how, when, and to whom the software should send marketing content.

Sales Funnel

With Infusionsoft, you can create an effective and powerful sales funnel. But compared with ClickFunnels, this is not easy.

ClickFunnels comes with a pre-made funnel, which is perfect for small businesses and aspiring marketers. It is suitable for offline mainstream enterprises that want to attract potential customers and increase personal traffic.

Real Stuff Funnel-It is designed for companies that sell physical goods through their website.
The perfect webinar funnel-designed for companies that want to attract a large audience to their promotional and informative webinar.
Product launch funnel – This funnel is designed for marketers who want to successfully launch new products to their target audience.
Bestseller sales funnel: It is designed for writers looking for e-books or physical books for their target audience.
Network Funnel: It is developed for network marketers who want to generate potential customers and expand their sales network.

These were the differneces between them based on Features. Now lets talk about Integrations

ClickFunnels vs Keap – Integrations

ClickFunnels provide the following integrations –

  • GoTo Webinar
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Maropost
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ShipStation
  • Stripe
  • WebinarJam
  • Ever Webinar
  • Clickbank
  • OntraPort
  • Twilio
  • Sendlane
  • Infusionsoft

Keap integrations –

  • HappyFox
  • Mavenlink
  • Help Scout
  • ion Interactive
  • Direct Mail Manager
  • 3CLogic
  • Bitium
  • ppSD2 Membership Software
  • WebMerge
  • Velocify
  • Marketplace
  • GroSocial
  • CustomerHub
  • Sync for Outlook
  • Sync for Gmail

The pricing is the main point which helps a company to pick the one in budget.

ClickFunnels vs Keap – Pricing

ClickFunnels Pricing –

Basic plan

$97 per month and supported by a 14-day free trial.

Premium plan (Etison Suite)

$297 per month, including all basic plan features and visual email editor, email management, email mailing lists, Open and click tracking, email transfer options, unlimited partners and commission plans, automatic response series, and more features.

Infusionsoft Pricing Plans –

Essential Pack

It is the perfect choice for basic automation tasks and costs $199 per month.

Deluxe Sales Pack

It is designed for companies looking for advanced CRM options. $299 per month.

Luxury E-Commerce Pack

It is designed for sales teams and online stores. $299 per month.

Full package

This package costs US$379 per month and is available again to online and sales teams. It has everything you need to start a business.

Team Pack

It includes CRM, sales automation, and marketing automation. At $599 per month, each department has its own stuff.

Now we know the difference between the both. Let us understand their Advantages and Disadvantages.

ClickFunnels vs Keap – Pros and Cons

Pros of ClickFunnels

  1. If you have a small business or are a solo marketer, ClickFunnels has almost all of the tools you need to promote your products, collect leads, and create funnels. in a separate toolbox.
  2. ClickFunnels includes shopping carts and payment tools, which means you can make sales without having to integrate with a third-party eCommerce platform like Shopify.
  3. Just minutes, using drag-and-drop video and other rich media to improve conversions and campaign performance.
  4. The pre-made funnels included in ClickFunnels are extremely handy for small businesses that don’t want to create a funnel from scratch.
  5. It provides email marketing automation through the Actionetics module and also integrates with a variety of email and SMS marketing automation tools. You don’t have to switch tabs, but everything is easy to manage from a single interface.

Cons of ClickFunnels

  1. More expensive subscriptions
  2. Not suitable for selling hundreds of products and opening mature online stores
  3. No mobile apps
  4. The basic plan does not have access to some nice features, such as tracking channels, and is limited to domains, users, and payment gateways.
  5. ClickFunnels’ landing page builder is easy to use, but not as powerful as Infusionsoft’s landing page builder. If you spend a large portion of your marketing budget on PPC advertising, you may feel limited by compact features and design options.

Pros of Keap

  1. Infusionsoft or Keap is a one-stop platform that includes everything from email marketing automation applications to CRM tools. If you are a medium-sized business and need a tool almost related to sales or marketing, then this is a good choice.
  2. Keap comes with a variety of email templates, all of which look great, easy to customize, and 100% customizable.
  3. You need to develop a large number of landing pages, sales pages, and registration forms. If your company has a dedicated sales team, the sales and customer relationship management tools included in Infusionsoft can be very helpful. If your business relies heavily on email marketing to generate potential customers and generate revenue.
  4. Keap or Infusionsoft’s wide selection of options will be very convenient.
  5. Keap includes a complete affiliate program management platform, which means you can track affiliate sales and manage your affiliate program without using any third-party tools.

Cons of Keap

  1. Keap has the steepest initial learning curve of any marketing automation tool on the market.
  2. To use Keap or Infusionsoft, you must purchase a Kickstart training program for $699 or more. This can be a big problem for small businesses with disabilities.
  3. Although this is not common, some users report that Keap emails cannot reach their intended recipients due to delivery issues.

Can ClickFunnels replace Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft provides an excellent platform for organizing customer relationships. Every customer receives a personal profile that they can open. You can view the emails you sent to them in order, as well as any other notes you made yourself, etc. Everything is on an attractive and beautiful platform.

ClickFunnels have its own domain name and many pages. This means that even if you use ClickFunnels as a service, visitors to your sales channel page will not immediately notice the direct connection between your sales channel and ClickFunnels.

So the answer is No. When we compare these two services, we will find that each service has many different unique characteristics. It is unfair to assume that one of these services is better than the other. In fact, they are all high-quality services that can help you build channels and get more sales. To illustrate this point better, let’s take some time to figure out why each of these services is actually better than the other.

Conclusion for ClickFunnels vs Keap

If you have a small business and need a versatile tool to increase your sales, then you will like ClickFunnel. If you work for a large company, you will love Keap (or Infusionsoft).

Both ClickFunnels and Keap are high-quality services. They help establish sales channels, landing pages, and general online sales. Both exist to eliminate the tricky part of online business and simplify the online sales process.

ClickFunnels is very suitable for small businesses, and Infusionsoft is very suitable for medium and large enterprises.

You can think of these two software platforms as a set of integrated marketing, sales, sales, and communication channels, even though they both have their own niche areas.

So my final verdict. If you are looking for a more complete online business management tool, I recommend Keap. However, ClickFunnels did an excellent job of establishing a stronger sales method. The option you choose should depend on your business and strategy.

So this is the Clickfunnels VS keap review. ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft each have their advantages and disadvantages. Which financing platform you want to invest in depends on the specific requirements of your company.

I hope this article was helpful for you to decide to choose between the two.

Dropdown a comment if you are still unclear about anything. Happy to help.

Signing off, your Ads Consultant!