12 Health Insurance Facebook Ads Examples with Tips for Amazing Ad Copy is here

To target a 55+ year audience for Health Insurance via Facebook Ads is not possible? Well, I think it is. 

And you too will agree with me if you stick till the end of this article.

According to Statista, around 24% of the US population are from this age group. And this number can help us collect leads.

As Insurance needs to be considered before buying. Conversation matters. So, the basic outline of this ad guide will be to collect leads for you and build trust. 

Then you as a master of your art will give a personal touch and will close the deal.

So let’s now solve the most frequently asked question. How to advertise Health Insurance on Facebook?

How do I advertise Health Insurance Facebook Ads?

It is always advisable to be omnichannel when marketing online. To get the best out of your marketing strategy, choose different platforms. Where the prospective customers are spending most of their time.

Facebook is the most used platform by people of the age group of 55 years and above. 

So we should leverage it and get the best out of it. Right? 

Then let’s dive right into it!

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Health Insurance Facebook Ads

I am going to give you some points to keep in mind while running ads related to Health Insurance. These will help you attract viewers to your ad copy and can lead them to the landing page. Here it is –

1. Eye-Catching Visuals

Try to include a picture of a person that relates to your demographic chosen. This will make your ad more appealing and relevant to them. A photo of a family helps people to relate more and take action. The idea is to make it personal and visuals do it at first sight only. Before the audience even reading the text

2. An Offer That Can’t Be Ignored

Scrolling down their feeds. Ads’ motive is to stop people and tell them about our business. To ensure this happening the headline of the ad copy should be making an offer. Giving an offer helps people stop and take action. The use of Actionable verbs and urgency of the offer can also be helpful.

3. Awareness

The name of your Insurance should appear 3 – 4 times in the ad. This helps with awareness. As people will be more likely to remember the name and when next time you will target them. They will be trusting and will majorly take action. As people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

4. Call to Action for Mobile

40% of mobile users expect insurance agents to be as near as 3 miles of radius to them. Using a “Call Now” button in your Local Awareness Ads is also a simple and effective trick. Now you get the calls directly and have person-to-person communication with them.

5. Hassle-Free Experience

People these days don’t have much patience, and your ad should recognize that. A hassle-free experience at the landing page. So that they can quickly register themselves.

Health Insurance Facebook Ads for Agents

Use Interests and Behaviors to Target Your Ads

This right here will help you to niche down your ad targeting. The more the ad is shown to the “right people” is more beneficial than when shown to a random audience of masses. Interests of people who are looking into buying insurance can be helpful for you to target them. 

Lookalike Audience 

If you have your audience already with you. You can upload it on Facebook. This helps you to build a Lookalike for your existing audience. They will be having similar Interests and Behaviors as your audience. This helps target the right people. 

Recall Ads

If you show just the ad of your business without any Call to Action added. If an ad is seen by customers around 4-5 times. They are likely to have trust in you and will make a buy if made an offer. This feature of Facebook ads under “Brand Awareness” increases ad recall by placing ads in Feed and Stories.

A/B Testing

Why try a single ad when you have an option to show different versions of the same ad. The benefits you ask? You can know what kind of visuals and text is engaging people. It will also be a great help for the next time. Test your Ad copy with A/B testing and choose the date with the highest click-through rate. 

But REMEMBER do not completely change your ad. Focus on one or two changes that will help assess which one is working.

Facebook Chatbots

With many new features Chatbots are helpful for people advertising. As we all know, you cannot always be online at the same time as your customers. In the case of Insurance Agents, people expect instant gratification. As soon as they fill in their details, chatbots can help you to keep up with the customers until you take back the control. It is an optional feature but it helps to keep your lead happy on quick service.

Let us now lead to Lead Generation through Facebook ads for Health Insurance providers.

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How do I generate insurance leads with Health Insurance Facebook Ads?

Let us now jump straight right into the Ads Manager. You are aware of what you were missing with the points mentioned above. Now if you are new and running ads the first time or think you were doing it wrong. Here it is. Let us now learn How to generate insurance lead ads –


By far you know, we have to target the right audience. So it better should be niche down to Interests and Behaviours. Using the Lookalike audience feature and targeting them to broaden the bracket of your “Right Audience”.


Choosing the 3 to 5 miles of radius to target ads. As these people will likely contact you majorly. Shoot the local ads with Call to Action for Mobile users. The whole idea is to first and foremostly think about locals and then outside this area. 

Creative Visuals

The main part that will make your customer stop to look at what you are providing while scrolling their feed. So make it look personal. The image should be a person or person smiling. It can be a funny image if you want to try out new things.

The Offer

To make an offer compelling to direct customers to the Landing page. It should be irresistible and creates urgency. Keep it short and bold. Do not write too many characters that the person is not even interested to see your offer. No matter how eye-catching the visuals.


It is all up to you to set the budget of your ad but let us start with a minimum budget that can be spent in a week. A considerable time of showing ads helps to get the worth of every dollar spent. 

TIP – To cut your cost, Facebook Lead Forms offers to get information about leads. As Facebook charges more for redirecting to another site. 

The Lead

If you like my tip to get information about your lead through Facebook only and not direct them to your site. Go on and set it up. Facebook makes the experience of your lead easier by auto-filling the information. A great user experience plus you getting your lead at a low cost. It is a win-win situation.


Now if you opt for the Chatbot feature. It will take the follow-up as soon as the person fills in his information. Otherwise, you can yourself or your team can follow up and do the work you are best at.

And I will tell you about what I am best at. How Health Insurance ads can look. The good and bad examples. 

Health Insurance Facebook Ads Examples

Best Health Insurance Facebook Ads – 

These are some of the best Insurance Ad examples and let us know why they are?

1. Small Business Alert Network 

This ad shows a smiling couple. Remember the point of smiling photos. Yes, this one is related to the same. These kinds of ads capture our eyes while scrolling down our feed.

2. Conrad Health Insurance

This ad shows reviews and that is why it catches the attention of the user. Also, they have made this ad niche down for Truck Drivers. The use of emojis in the content makes it look more personal. Giving a chat support option also makes this ad amazing.

3. Healthnetco Insurance Agency

A photo of a family is warm and welcoming to the user to stop by. Using such images in your ad is extremely beneficial. With an offer hard to resist. This ad is also a good ad you can model to run your ads.

4. Health Insurance Ninja 

This was a really funny and compelling ad copy I saw.  It shows why health insurance matters and what you should do. It is a video ad and these are helpful. They are the most engaging ones. Over the last few years, these ads have shown more engagement than other types of ads.

(click on the image to see the ad)

5. Healthnetco Insurance Agency

This is another most engaging ad visual. Carousel Ads have been performing well over the past few years after the video ads. You can show different plans and quotes with different images.

6. WPS Health Insurance

 This ad shows a picture of an old age couple. They may be checking out the insurance plan for themselves. WPS played around made it link to their webinar. If one doesn’t know about ads. They will educate you. You too have to play with ads in such a way.

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Health Insurance Facebook Ads Don’ts –

Some ads don’ts help you to have better ads and clearer messages. Most important not doing these will help you to stop the customer and look at your ad. 

1. Healthnetco Insurance Agency

This ad is great with visuals and when you will be scrolling. This can be one of the ads which will catch your eye (if you fall in these three categories). But the main problem is that the content written is too long and not engaging. The use of emojis and line breaks could’ve helped. Also keeping the word limit short would’ve worked.

2. Easy Affordable Health Insurance

This ad is also the same as the previous example. The visual might have stopped you. But such a long content. People do not have time for it. Keep it short and concise.

3. IGH Insurance

This ad copy lacks in Call to action placement. If you want someone to do something specific, it should generally go in the headline. Headlines grab our attention. Overall, this ad is a bit jumbled up with no clear message and no clear ask.

IGH Insurance Ad

4. Insured American Family

A visual matters in an ad. This ad does not show any effort in making the ad creative. Just one line and done. You have to put some work in and make creatives with photos. Follow the tips given above.

5. National Consumer Alert Network

Now, this ad is the opposite of the first example I gave of Ad Don’ts. This ad has great content with stats and compelling offers. But the visual is not so attractive. It can be similar to News Channel Posts and that is why you won’t be viewed.

6. Health Plans

With a short link in content and an offer made with the least amount of words. This is also a great example. But using a visual which is too serious and at which no one wants to engage is used. An ambulance can surely depict relation to health. But as a health insurance advertisement. We should use happy faces and better visuals.

The Best Out of Your Insurance Facebook Page

Now you can go to your ads account. Try these tips and tricks. Make your ad compelling. 

I can guarantee you that now you will see better results than you previously were getting. 

And I hope now you agree with me that you can target people above 54 years with Facebook Ads.

I wish this article would have brought help for your Facebook Ad queries. I hope you will share it with your friends and other insurance agents.