Roofing Facebook Ads: How Jim Made An Extra $30k Using Them?

If you will be using Facebook Ads for your Roofing Business. You can earn it too.

I have seen people criticizing that Facebook Ads don’t work. It is just because these people never implemented it like Jim.


Jim is one of our clients (Using a different name due to privacy concerns). They wanted to tap their target audience. With Facebook Ads, we helped them to get an extra $30k of their normal earnings.

See this is why I’m saying that people are just criticizing. If they apply these properly. It is easy to get thousand-dollar leads with the optimal budget.

If you want to know how to run ads and do what we did for Jim to grow his roofing business. Keep reading and you will also know-how. (Or skip directly to the case study which won’t get you the full knowledge)

Let us start –

How Do I Advertise Roofing through Facebook Ads?

To advertise your roofing company. You must have a Facebook Page for your Roofing Business. To set up your Facebook Page you have to click here and fill in the required information asked by them. It will only take 5-10 minutes to set up a Facebook Page.

Next, to Advertise you need to have an Advertising Account with Facebook. You have to set up an Ads Account where you will be asked your information and it will ask you to link it with the Facebook Page we created in the previous step.

This is all you need to Advertise on Facebook. Now we will know what kind of posts a Roofing Business should post to build an audience –

Roofing Facebook Posts

Roofing Advice

To get more people to get engaged to your page. To get people to share your posts. This is the best way. Providing the expert knowledge you have about roofing. Convert it to digestible content for your audience. Here are few questions you can be answering –

  • What should you use to clean your roof?
  • What are the most frequent problems with gutters?
  • How do hail storms affect the life of your roof?
  • A how-to guide on de-icing your roof.
  • What are some environmentally friendly roofing choices?
  • How do you care for a living roof?
  • What does a good roof installation look like?


Show a video or an image of Happy Customers. Type their review or record it in a video. You can use these to increase the credibility of your work. People will be ready to give you orders if you have a good track record.

Project Photos

Post the photos of projects you are working on. This will show that you are getting orders and people are choosing you. This also shows credibility and it can be helpful to show the services you provide.

No photo description available.

Roofers Team

Showcase the pictures of your Roofing Team. People often visualize the team they will be dealing with. Posting photos of your members or even posting videos of your employees working is a great post example. Let your audience learn who your company is made up of.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outerwear

Before & After

Show Before and After photos of your work. What will people get if they choose you? What you will transform and what you have? This will show the answer to all these questions. These are really helpful posts as these show the efforts and results you bring as a Roofing Business.

No photo description available.

This how you can prepare a page that people will love to interact with. Now let us tell you what we did for Jim’s Roofing Company –

Facebook Ads for Roofing Companies

For a roofing business, you need to keep few things in mind while running ads. Creating ads is a really easy process. Facebook has made it as easy as uploading a post. All you have to keep in mind while running ads are these –


To target the Age group you should choose a 35-65+ years bracket. Targeting below 35 years is not your real target audience. Showing ads to them will be a waste of your dollars invested.


Targeting on location is what Roofers are bounded by. To Target the audience uses different zip codes you deal in. You can target the audience on the basis of radius. Choose a 5 to 10 mile radius to target locals. Make sure you target the “People living in this location”.


Use the Interests and Behaviors to target the audience you want. You can be targeting “Homeowners” or “Roofing” as an interest of your target audience.

Budget Optimization

Using Campaign Budget Optimization will be helpful as its test and invests in the best-performing ad for each given audience, thereby maximizing ad spend results in real-time.


Make sure your offer is not at all ignorable. You should be offering something they would like to take and get the lead. You can use “Free Consultation” for the first check. These offers are really helpful and entice people to click.
Having low friction offers which says “Only available on purchase of $X”. Such offers are not at all enticing as not everyone is ready to spend that much.

Ad Format

Choose your Ad Format wisely. It is advised to use a Video Ad because of the high engagement rate it has. You can also choose an image ad with one of your roof projects. Carousel Ads can be helpful if you provide other services along with Roofing. Make your visuals eye-catching so that they stop the people from scrolling.

Leveraging Lead Ads

Instead of investing in a Landing Page. Or if you don’t have a website. Using Lead Forms by Facebook will be really helpful. You need to fill in what information you need of your audience. As you will use these you will see how easy an experience it will be for your audience. This will increase the leads you are getting.

Lookalike Audience

Use the Lookalike of the Audience you have already shown your ads. make sure you only use those audiences who have converted. Create a Lookalike of this audience. This will make a similar-looking audience that will also be interested in your services.

Custom Audience

Upload the audience data you currently have. You can show them ads by targeting and showing them offers again. These already know you and it will be really easy to convert them.

This was all that was specifically kept in mind while running ads for Jim’s company. Now let us learn what was the whole case with Jim in the next section.

Roofing Facebook Ads Case Study

Jim and his company are having expertise in Roofing for about 8 years. They are really good at what they do. They have won the hearts of nearly every customer they have worked for. But Jim wanted to expand this and make his business aware to more people locally.

He wanted to get more leads and have awareness in the area. Also, this was there first ever time that Jim’s company is running ads on Facebook.

What we did?

To meet the needs that Jim wanted. We ran Facebook Ads for him. They wanted to target Homeowners who needed a new roof, the higher end, the better. Also, the ones looking for roof repair were targeted.

With the ad campaign, we ran for them. It brought 3 roof repairs and 1 roof installation which helped them gain $30k.

It was a Jaw-dropping result for them and they decided to have an advertising budget from now to sell more through Social Media.

In the Ad we ran, we used a video ad of the time-lapse of roof replacement. This helped us to have trust in the work and quality.

With the Lead Generation Ad objective and “Learn More” call to action. We got 56 leads. These were then followed back by Jim’s Company.
Because of the ease of autofill in Lead Forms by Facebook. Getting this amount of leads was viable.

We targeted people in the area of Jim’s Company under 10 miles of radius. They also operated under some zip codes. So we used these and targeted the audience of 35-65+ years of all genders.

Using Budget Optimization was really helpful for us. As the ads were only shown at the best performing times in real-time. This made the ad campaign cost-effective and had maximum impact.

With all these information we ran ads for Jim’s Roofing Company for a month.

Results –

  • 56 Leads generated
  • $30k more earned
  • 14X return on ad spend

Conclusion for Roofing Facebook Ads

This was Jim’s story. Now what about yours?

Won’t you now leverage it in getting the results you want?

Facebook Ads need to be given time to run to see the best results. With the given information, you can also run ads for your roofing business and get the leads willing to spend thousands of dollars.

Go try them out and make yourself aware among the locals.

CTA (If not. We are here to help you out like we did Jim. All you have to do is. Mail us at And we will help you grow and get more leads. Because you are also getting people covered. We are here for you.)

Signing off, Your Ads Consultant!

Happy Advertising!