What is PPE Facebook Ads? – Hacks To Make Your Advertising Effective

There are being many queries made about What is PPE Facebook Ads? Well, I’m here with a solution and some hacks.

Usually, advertisers don’t know how to leverage PPE for conversion ads. And some are new to advertising that they don’t even know what is PPE Facebook Ads.

In this article, I will try to cover most of the topics and you will leave with the knowledge of how to use PPE Facebook Ads like a pro.

So without further delay, let us first know what actually PPE Facebook Ads is –

What is PPE Facebook Ads?

For all experienced advertisers, this may already be known to you, but for those who are new to the Facebook world, let us briefly explain what PPE Advertising is.

PPE Facebook Ads stands for Page Post Engagement Ads.

When you run a Facebook PPE Facebook Ad campaign, Facebook will provide your ad to the people who they think are most likely to interact with your ad. This means likes, reactions, comments, shares, clicks, etc.

By launching a PPE campaign on Facebook, Ad account holders can make posts popular on social media. This is not only to let more people see your posts but also to encourage activity around your post.

Plus, the data from these advertisements will provide a good plan for your audience’s future interactions. Hence, you can curate your content according to it.

Now as you know what PPE Ads are. You need to understand how to leverage them for optimum ad performance –

What is the way to leverage PPE Facebook Ads?

If your goal is to make more purchases, then targeting PPE Objective will show your ad to the people most likely to interact with your ad at a low price, and these people may also buy your product.

How to leverage PPE Facebook ads? –

  1. They are very suitable for building specific interested audiences to deliver your conversion ads.
  2. PPE ad campaigns usually result in a large number of replies, comments, likes, and clicks. You can use this participation to gather feedback on new products or to gather new audiences’ opinions on your products and services in comments.
  3. Using low-cost PPE ad objective to retarget the people who will interact with your ads, and then initiate conversion campaigns for that audience.

When you combine these strategies, magic happens. I have tried the following methods many times and got some very impressive results.

But why to run PPE ads when there is an option for Conversion ads? –

What is the Difference between PPE Facebook Ads and Conversion Ads?

PPE ads are usually for engagement but can be used as affordable Conversion ads. This is the major difference between them both. You can get a lower cost of conversion for running Page Post Engagement Ads than on Conversion Ads.

But you have to test to distinguish the difference between them both. As it might work for some and not for others based on products and services. But they majorly work for everyone.

So it is worth to be tested to get a low cost of conversion.

To know what actually PPE Facebook Ads cost, let us move to the next section –

What is the Cost of PPE Facebook Ads?

Facebook Engagement Ads usually cost between $0.05-$0.08$ per engagement and $0.01-$0.02 per engagement on Instagram.

Though it is hard to take out the actual cost for engagement as not everyone is optimizing them for conversions. I will advise you to test them yourselves and measure how much they cost?

Now you know about Facebook Engagement Ads and everything about them. Now let us learn some hacks that can be handy to make you an advertiser pro –

Hacks for getting the best out of PPE Facebook Ads

1. Test Different Products and Creatives

If you run a PPE campaign on Facebook to improve multiple posts at the same time, you can test it. You can create multiple version of ad copy with different elements. After a while you will see how they work, or you can even find out what is wrong with any one of them.

In addition, based on the effectiveness of PPE advertising on Facebook. You can determine whether there is a demand for a specific product or service. Facebook is trying to show Engagemnet Ads to its most active users, who are statistically more likely to like, react, comment, and share than others. Even if these people are not interested in posting, it means potential buyers are very intereted.

2. Collecting data for other activities

In addition to testing promotional products and materials, PPE ad campaigns are also used to find the most interested Facebook audience based on demographic data collected during the testing period.

In addition, once the conversion activity starts, we will not stop the PPE Ad Campaign, at least for the most successful ad groups. We only reduce the daily budget to $5, but never close it. Instead, the campaign will continue and collect more data, which we can use to adjust our targeting.

3. Building user trust

As mentioned earlier, PPE advertising on Facebook can drive engagement. As a result, posts will receive hundreds of views, comments, reposts, and likes. This builds a social proof within the audience.

Later, when we use the same information in conversion activities, potential customers will see highly engaging video ads. The more one likes a post, the more likely people are to watch it.

You can yourself answer this. Which product will you choose? One with 1000s of likes or one with 10s of likes?

This is what Engagement Ads helps you to sell on.

4. Make conversion activities cheaper

Have you ever wondered why some Facebook ads are cheaper for advertisers than others?

Facebook’s algorithm not only shows people ads for money but the system treats these ad copies as content. If less people or none engages with it or interacts with the ad copy. Facebook shows it to less number of people because it receives no engagement from people. Therefore then it will charge more money.

But if the audience likes the content. Facebook will often show it to more users. These ads will win less cost of advertising as more people engaged with this ad.

In addition, the more people interact with your posts, the more data Facebook collects. So you can target your ads more accurately. This will help you promote attractive posts more effectively than promoting new ads without interaction. Which makes your advertising cheaper in the end.

5. Testing PPE Costs

The hype surrounding PPE advertising has resulted in lower conversion costs for PPE target purchases than conversion targets.

To test this for yourself, select the three most popular converting audiences. At the beginning, there are two things to note:

1. Track the purchase cost (or expected conversion) of each ad. Ensure that your conversion campaign is lower than your cost-per-conversion in PPE Ad Camapaign, if not, stop it.

2. Track your purchase price at the ad group level. If the total cost of buying in an ad group is higher than a conversion campaign, increase your budget.

These two strategies will help you get the best out of Page Post Engagement Facebook Ads or PPE Facebook Ads.

PPE Facebook Ads: A Hack for your Facebook Advertising

People like to tell you what works and what does not work. But in the world of Facebook advertising, there are too many variables to rely on just one method.

Unless you keep trying to set other goals and diversify your methods. You will be on a path of failure and disappointment.

However, make sure you can split everything and never stop trying new things. Facebook PPE Ads have potential and you need to tap it.

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