ClickFunnels Shopify: Boost Your Sales By Adding Funnels To Your Store

When you have two amazing platforms that can do wonders for your sales. Why not use them together and see the magic? Yeah! I’m talking about ClickFunnels Shopify.

One is used as an eCommerce store while the other helps the store to have sales funnels. As Shopify doesn’t support having funnels easily. ClickFunnels is a must.

Both are beneficial for your online business and make it easier to sell. But still, I have seen many of our customers and even businesses in general use these platforms but they don’t use integration.

Well, this is why the inception of this article. I’m Ads Consultant and I’m here to help you out with the problem.

So without further delay. Let’s get started.

Does ClickFunnels work with Shopify?

Yes. ClickFunnels work with Shopify. They both complete each other. With the set of problems, they both have and face.

Working together leaves those problems at the door. Though they are amazing platforms in their field. But still, something lacks which can make the selling online process more easy and efficient.

Shopify doesn’t have easy sales funnel support whereas ClickFunnels don’t send customers about their shipping etc.

By integrating them both you have the best eCommerce store platform working with the best sales funnel builder.

But what to start with?

Requirements for ClickFunnels Shopify Integration

Before the integrations process. Make sure you have the following with you –

How do I use ClickFunnels Shopify?

To connect your ClickFunnels with Shopify you have to follow the following steps –

Step 1 – Open Shopify and ClickFunnels

Open Shopify in one tab and ClickFunnels in the next one. You will be needing both simultaneously.

Step 2 – Integrations

Now in the ClickFunnels account go to account and “Integrations”. Click on “Add New Integration”. Search for “Shopify” and click to choose this integration.

Step 3 – Link Shopify

They will ask you for your Shopify Store URL. You can either type it or paste it. Click on “Connect Integrations”.

Step 4 – Install Unlisted App

After you finish the above steps. You have to open Shopify where you will see “Install Unlisted App” and click it. You will receive a message of successful integration on your ClickFunnels account.

If you feel even this is a tiring and lengthy process. I have something which will ease your integrations and will help you with your ClickFunnel orders.

Remember – If you did not create a product with an SKU in Shopify, the integration will not connect properly and a “Confirm Credentials” message will be displayed. Before attempting this integration process, you must create an SKU product.

Funnel Orders

Funnel orders help you get Funnel orders on Shopify which helps you have easy management. It provides you with more automation and less error.

Taking off the job of CSV exporting for a seamless and turning it into time saving and hassle-free job.

Welcome Page

You can get this app on Shopify. It even helps integration with WooCommerce. Visit Funnel Orders for more information.

Connect your Shopify product with ClickFunnels

You can use Funnel Orders for connecting your Shopify products to ClickFunnels. But to add manually without any app. Here are the following steps you can follow –

  1. Open Orders Page in ClickFunnels, Click on Products.
  2. Enter the necessary data for your product like Payment Gateway.
  3. Click the shipping tab under the Product Settings and toggle it on.
  4. If it fails. You have to go back to your product page to edit your shipping address.
  5. Under Integrations add shopify account.
  6. Type Product SKU for selecting your product and click save.
  7. Click Create Product to end the process.

Here is a video that might be helpful to learn more –


ClickFunnels and Shopify when integrated can make your operations easy. You can even use Funnel Orders to make your whole process automated.

Using ClickFunnels and Shopify can help you get the best funnels platform and the best online store to come into play together. So that you can make extra dollars and save your time.

If you want any help related ClickFunnels or Shopify. You can drop a line below. You can also send us a mail at

We will contact you to help you out with your ClickFunnels or Shopify-related problems.