Upwork Facebook Ads: Cheap Services That Will Cost You $1000s

Hiring Gigs from Upwork for Facebook Ads? You probably should stop doing this!

Upwork is a platform for Freelancers who use it to earn money fast. They are usually college kids who learn Facebook Advertising from YouTube or Google.

But the gist is that it costs less but if you look at customer acquisition and loyalty. You cost more than you pay to a full-time agency.

Yeah! that is true. That is why you have to change your Facebook Advertiser. But before you know the next option.

You must learn what Facebook Ads is and how as a business you should leverage them? –

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you connect with the audience which wants your product or service as it has a large audience. Also, it is the world’s largest social platform. To be precise, Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users which is a pretty good number.

Of course, this is an impressive number, but Facebook ads are designed to convey your message to the right people who may need your product or service.

This can be reduced to thousands. As we have to target those who are ready to make purchasing decisions, right?

Facebook Ads are used to advertise your business. But at the micro-level, it is making people aware of your business. Making them interact with your content. Making them aware of the offers and discounts. Finally, converting them into your customers by selling them your product or getting their contact information.

No, a freelancer will not do this for you. What you need is what advertising and marketing really are –

Why Upwork Facebook Ads Are Not The Best Option?

Upwork freelancers use Facebook ads to make quick money. You will see there will be concerts soon. Have you ever wondered why?

Because most of them are students, they need money to cover their small expenses. Be honest with yourself. Anyone can study Facebook ads, I don’t know how many free resources can make money quickly.

But as a company, unless you plan to run the company for a year or two, you should not focus on the short-term.

Here is a story from one of my acquaintances who used Upwork to run Facebook Ads. The story speaks for itself. So let us know what happened –

Upwork Facebook Ads Story

So there was this girl. Due to privacy reasons, I will not mention her name.

She wanted to get more sales for her new makeup products. Finding a low-cost Facebook Ads Expert, she landed on Upwork.

With a 4.5 star freelancer, she finalized the deal.

Due to the running of ads, she was asked for payment in advance. After that, the freelancer started running ads on Facebook for her makeup products for a week.

He used Conversion from the Ad objectives straight on her products. This resulted in costing her a high conversion rate. With no warmed-up audience, the ad campaign became a fail.

She was promised a boost in her sales and more recommendations and whatnot. But what she got was more advertising cost of around $1000. Got the only two converting customers after all the costs incurred because the wrong audience was selected. The ad placement was not right and the landing page really sucked.

When she tried to contact him. He blocked her and left her with costing with negative return on investment.

This is why I am warning you to not get the help of Upwork Freelancers to run Facebook Ads for your business. It might cost you more than you can earn.

These platforms are used by college students who want to earn money quickly. So they fool people by running ads with “expertise” which is just for good Upwork description.

You must be thinking that who to choose if not these freelancers?

Upwork Facebook Ads Alternative

Due to the story and cases like one mentioned above. I recommend Ads Experts or Ads Consultant Agencies to run ads for you.

To be in the business game for a long haul. You need to invest in marketing and advertising and not in gigs. Providing you with Full-Time Marketing and Advertising Services.

We at Ads Consultant help companies with their advertising on Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms.

We focus on helping brands with their online awareness and engagement of their posts. By running ads in a manner so that people fall in the marketing funnel.

Boosting sales and reporting everything is what we provide which you won’t get in short-term gigs.

There are many companies that we deal with who were dealing with Freelancers. but as soon as they shifted and started working with us. They have seen a considerable difference between growths with both parties.

But to make you more sure why to not choose Upwork Facebook Ads Managers and why us? Let us move to the next section –

Why We Over Upwork Facebook Ads?

These are the following pointers why to choose us over freelancers from Upwork –

We have the experience you need

If you hire an employee, freelancer, or intern with less experience to manage your Facebook ads, you are at great risk (and you are likely to make mistakes!). Due to limited knowledge, experience, and expertise in Facebook advertising, millions of dollars are wasted on Facebook every year. You need a Facebook advertising agency with years of experience in developing successful revenue-generating campaigns.

We have information to help you grow your business

Using limited data to develop and expand your business is tough. For each of our advertising campaigns, we make sure that you get the most important metrics that ensure tracking your return on investment. We also provide reports to help you make the most of this information.

We are a full-service advertising company

Our full-service Facebook advertising agency can help you meet all your online advertising needs. If you need advanced graphics or email communications to attract new customers, we can help. Promote your business on other social media platforms by managing ads on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. We firmly believe that our advertising agency can become a long-term partner to meet your business needs.

What We Provide in our Facebook Advertising Service?

Here are some of the services you get if you get Facebook Advertising done from us –

Audit + Discovery

To help you do business with Facebook ads, we need to learn more about you. In this way, we can determine how your potential customers want to see your brand in their messages, and how you can use our ads to target them. Understand what makes your business unique and what your overall advertising goals are. If you have run ads in the past, we will analyze your past campaigns to see which ones are effective and which ones are not. Our in-house advertising experts will complete our opening process by suggesting a comprehensive strategy that outlines our next steps.

Ad Development

The next step is to design your Facebook ad. Our ads will write the Facebook ad copy, headline, and description that appear in your ad. We will also incorporate creativity into your ads, such as high-quality pictures or simple graphics, to attract attention to your ads. You have the opportunity to review all the results of our Facebook advertising agency before publishing.

Facebook Ad Optimization

Once the ad is approved and activated, the real magic begins. Our digital marketing agency usually starts your campaign with up to 10 ads, and we will continuously monitor the progress of these ads through A/B testing. Over time, we have discovered that your ads show a trend of distinguishing between high-performing ads and low-performing ads. Our experts will analyze your performance data and make changes to your campaigns to improve performance over time.


One of the main advantages of working with a Facebook advertising agency is that you can rely on an extra pair of eyes. As a business owner, you may not have time to monitor your activities, minimize errors and optimize. We manage your Facebook ads for you and continuously monitor your activities. We monitor your advertising budget and minimize errors.


Our Facebook advertising company will provide you with a complete report every month. This report highlights your overall results and helps you understand the status of Facebook advertising campaigns. You can also choose to discuss your activities with us every two weeks or every month to make sure we are on the right page.

We are ready to work with you, Are You?

Look we have provided you with knowledge of why not to choose to hire Upwork Facebook Ads Experts. Instead, we provided you an option that will help you to grow your business.

Now, all we wait for is your mail dropdown. So that we can start the process of growing your business with Facebook Ads.

With an increase in sales, brand reputation, return on investment, and transparency of whatever happening in your ads account.

Because why not choose an Ads Consultant for advertising?