Wedding Photography Facebook Ads Guide That Will Make You An Ad Expert

Are you looking to advertise Wedding Photography through Facebook Ads? This article will be really helpful for you as a guide.

“Sixty percent of couples announce their engagement within 24 hours of saying “yes,” on social sites. 26 percent share within the first week. 

It’s practically impossible not to post a gorgeous ring selfie or a sweet couple’s pic ASAP to show off your new sparkler, love story, and amazing news”

The Knot

Planning a marriage was all about the phone book, referrals from others, and wedding planners.

Nowadays, it’s Google searches, Pinterest boards, and Instagram discovery. Social media has become the go-to resource for brides and grooms designing their weddings.

Do Facebook ads work for photographers?

I know you are not using Traditional Methods still, right? Or are you? 

And if you are and still you have profits sustaining your photography business. My friend, imagine how much strength your business will get coming on Facebook or any other social media platform. You will definitely see the results from these platforms. 

To make you see your results even quicker. I am here for your rescue. 

Say Cheese! and Smile! 

Because you are going to say it more. As after using tips from this article, you will have more and more clients.

Let’s get started!

How do I advertise my wedding photography on Facebook?

Advertising your wedding photography on Facebook comprises the following steps –

Facebook Page

Being in the photography business. You must already know how much your work matters to get a client. So, setting up a Facebook page is equal to that. This right here will be your showcase. To be authentic to your ads, this will work. So go on and fill your page with the amazing work you did. All the photos were emotional to your earlier clients. Let us get everyone on board emotionally, looking at them. This will make them share your posts and will help you build engagement with your audience.

All this will be helpful when we will be running ads.

CTA (Talking about we running ads, We can run your ads if it is a difficult process for you. All you have to do is mail at —)

Ad account

Now as our showcase page is ready. Let us set up our Ads Account. This will help us to show ads and customize them. To set up an Ad Account we have to follow the following steps –

  • Go to Business Settings.
  • Click Accounts from the left side menu. Then, click Ad Accounts.
  • Click the blue Add dropdown menu.
  • Choose one of the 3 options: Add an Ad Account, Request Access to an Ad Account or Create a new ad account.
  • If you choose to request access or add an ad account, enter the ad account ID.
  • Follow the prompts to select people and access levels
  • Voila! Ads account is set up.


So now as we have set up an ad account. Now we have to Create An Ad. As we create our ad we are being asked to choose an objective.

Choose an Objective best suits your business. Following are the objectives to choose from

Ads should also follow a S.M.A.R.T Goal!

These are as follows 

  • Specific – Your goal should be direct, detailed, and meaningful
  • Measurable – Your goal should be quantifiable to track the success
  • Achievable – Your goal is relevant and you have resources to attain it
  • Realistic – Your goal aligns with your company mission
  • Timely – Your goal should have a deadline

Following these goals can help you set an ad that is powerful and impactful for your target audience. 

Now our goal is set. Next, is how to target the people getting married? Here it is,

How do you target someone who is getting married through Wedding Photography Facebook Ads?

Facebook has so much information on us that it knows what we are interested in. So let us now use this information from Facebook data sources and put it in our use.

Interest and Behaviours

The interest of an audience comprises of what they search for. What kind of videos do they like? What is type of similar posts are liked by the person? Etc. Compiling all these Facebook gets the interests and behaviors of the audience.

Now using this information. We can target ur audience which is Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Places, etc. Targeting these people will help us show only the ones who will take action.

Behaviors can include Engagement within a month, Engagement within 2 months, or Engagement within 3 months. Targeting these people tells us that they must have got engaged and are now getting married in a few weeks. Targeting them will help us niche down our audience. 


It depends on the geography you deal in. You can target people of your locality or if you deal with a whole city, you can even add that to it. You can target areas and can even exclude areas where you don’t deal. It can be a part of your city. 

Age Group & Gender

Just like we targeted the Interests and behaviors of our audience and where they reside. Now let us target our audience’s age group, which will reside in the age bracket of 23-50 years. There is also an option to target gender-specific. Choose what aligns with your ad.

Now as we have set an audience to target, let us prepare the ad. 

Wedding Photography Facebook Ads Ideas

Ad Image

Facebook allows us to create an ad in various visual formats. So leveraging this, we can show a single photo which is more preferable. But a carousel ad can also help portray different images in one ad only. Check this ad which will give you an idea of the posts.

Video ads

To display your work. I would suggest you make a reel video. In this, you show the wedding photographs you have taken. Put your best shots in this one. This is how your audience will know more about your work in a short period of time. Also, a result shows that ads with videos have a high engaging rate and this will help you both ways.  


Now let us give it a last clearing shot. Content is with which you can swoop all these attracted audiences to back o your page or make them take the desired action. It can be a call or it can be a landing page where you have made a portfolio of your work. The ad copy consists of the main body of your ad. In this, you type about your business with a line that markets your work. With the action button lies your link to the website (if you have chosen). Below this will be the headline which shows what will result if you click the call to action button. 

Make your offer as inspiring as it could be. Remember if you are chosen by the audience it is mostly on the basis of your work. 

But you won’t like to lose them on an offer which is not powerful.

Now as we have set up an ad. Before shooting it let us see some examples and model them into ours.

Wedding Photography Facebook Ads examples

These are the ad examples that I think you should go through. But I know you have different styles of pictures and some really great captures. But let us see the basic model and we will build over it with the guidelines provided to you.

Jason Oliver Photography

This amazing ad by Jason Oliver is a testimonial video with the bride and groom telling how they felt about their photoshoot. Along with the voice, they showed the images and it can be a perfect ad example for you.

McKinley G. Photography

A Carousel Ad. You can see different images. By doing this you can show various images in one ad copy. The content of this ad is also really attractive that completes the whole process of ad beautifully.

Anne-Marie Photography

A photograph that will be a dream photo can help you. This will stop your target audience and will look for your work.

Freas Photography

Be creative with your ad. This ad shows a funny picture from a wedding. The caption of this ad is also worth reading.

Tolman Media

An urgency in the offer helps you get clicks faster. The amazing photo followed by urgency of fallen price. You surely can get profitable with your ad if you incorporate such points.

Conclusion of Wedding Photography Facebook Ads


I heard the sound of your DSLR clicking photographs. Yeah! Because you are applying these guides in your ad account. So listening to the shutter sounds is obvious.

Now go and practice this art over and over again. Play with the ads and you will find amazing ways to market your business. 

I hope you benefit from this post and you will further share to your friends. 

Because growing together is what we believe in.

And if you feel unable to grow with this. Don’t worry we are here to give a helping hand to you. Mail us at — and we will help you get the best out of Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers!